A success story with Italian overtones.

Names can be found in a telephone directory. Following this straightforward logic, Klaus Jürgen Möller, who was serving as head of marketing at Brinkmann at the time, discovered the name for his company’s new fashion line in a Milanese phone book. There it was on the first page he turned to: bugatti. Resonant, catchy and unmistakably Italian. After its official registration on 26 May 1978, bugatti began to create and produce its first five coat designs. Success was just around the corner: in 1981, the quilted coats unveiled by bugatti were so popular that they secured the brand a permanent position in the fashion business. 

It was a solid start. More collections followed. Jackets allowed the brand to continue expanding its market position. Licences were granted to professional partners, which led to constant additions to the product range. And bugatti went from strength to strength.

The brand demonstrated its expertise in business wear by launching its own collection of sports jackets and suits. In addition to producing trousers, knitwear and shirts, bugatti is now also active in the womenswear segment. It is a statement, a lifestyle. European. Cosmopolitan

High-end technology for high-end Quality and comfort. Par for the course at bugatti.

The future has already begun at bugatti. Research and science provide the materials and inspiration for fashion that not only looks good, but also offers exceptional properties. Examples include Shape Memory, Gore-Tex and Outlast. The collaboration between bugatti and Gore-Tex in 1986 led to outdoor clothing with active weather protection. As a result, bugatti developed temperature- regulating jackets with the well-known Outlast fabric. Since 2001, the range of technical materials has continued to grow. Nano-Protection was introduced in 2004 to protect against stains, dust and dirt. Following the development of a jacket with in–built heating in 2006, the Active AirCondition system has set new trends. 

In 2008, Shape Memory made ironing redundant as clothes could simply be smoothed flat. This high-tech material recovers its shape even after severe wrinkling. With the highly elastic Flexcity strech material and ultralight AirSeries collection, bugatti once again demonstrates that high-quality fashion can also be functional.

A lifestyle brand shows its feminine side.

bugatti offers fashion for men from head to toe. Expert product quality, workmanship, design, fit and size are outstanding features of its lines. In 2011, bugatti began to expand this recipe for success in the field of women’s clothing. The new jacket collection was exclusive to Italy at first, becoming available in Austria and Russia a short time later. Since 2013, bugatti has provided clothes for women in Germany and other European countries. The first steps have been taken for a successful expansion into the womenswear market. At the same time, bugatti is already represented with licences in the following areas: shoes, bags, scarves, headwear, swimwear and bathrobes.

bugatti - The "Triman" from France

Product labeling for recyclable and separately collected products.

In France, Regulation No 2014-1577 entered into force on 1 January 2015. This Regulation laid down the provisions for the application of a uniform product description with the logo "Triman".

The "Triman" informs the consumer whether a product is recyclable, subject to extended manufacturer responsibility, and collected separately in France.

This manufacturer responsibility comes bugatti with the publication of the "Triman" on our website.