bugatti's core competence lies in the development and marketing of high quality clothing in the middle to high segment

Product quality, finish, design, sizing and fit are some of the outstanding characteristics of the collections. The historic growth of men's fashion has been systematically extended over the years to include the related segments of business wear and womenswear and has also been transferred to licence products.

bugatti dresses its male customers from head to toe with its core products: jackets, coats, suits, trousers, knitwear and jersey and shirts. Based on current products and production expertise we are confident of future growth in the women's jackets segment. Products from 15 licensees round off the range. First place in terms of volume goes to bugatti shoes, closely followed by mobile cases and headwear.

Blankets/ plaids

Ibena Textilwerke Beckmann GmbH

Industriestr. 7-13
46395 Bocholt

Tel: 02871 – 287- 0
Fax: 02871 – 287- 309

Mattresses/ bedlinen

f.a.n. Frankenstolz GmbH & Co. KG

Industriestr. 1-3
63814 Mainaschaff

Tel: 06021 – 708-0
Fax: 06021 –76479

Bugatti table culture, kitchen & handkerchiefs

Stuco Taschentücher Stuchlik GmbH

Bahnhofstraße 5 / Postfach 1148
94474 Vilshofen / 94471 Vilshofen

Tel: 08541 - 9746-0
Fax: 08541 – 9746-25