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The bugatti Brand

The bugatti Brand

“One home called Europe”

<h2>One Europe</h2>

Europe’s strength lies in the uniqueness of its different cultures. This results in fascinating and progressive new ideas that continue to inspire bugatti. For bugatti, Europe is like one big family of individual characters.

The brand is proud to belong to this family.

An idea, a symbol

Europe stands for cultural and creative diversity. London, Paris, Milan – three of the world’s most important fashion centres are located in Europe. The bugatti brand is also at home in Europe, and takes its inspiration from Europe’s rich cultural diversity. The bugatti brand logo reflects this.

Each of the leaves of the graceful laurel wreath that surrounds the “bugatti b” represents one of the continent’s countries.

<h2>One Brand</h2>

A telephone book is full of names. Acting in accordance with this simple fact, Klaus Jürgen Möller, then head of marketing at the Brinkmann company, found the name for the new fashion line of the business in a Milan telephone book.

A success story with an Italian touch

It was on one of the first pages: “bugatti”. It sounded great, was easy to remember and definitely Italian. Once the brand name had been officially registered on 26 May 1978, bugatti started to create and produce its first five coat designs. Success soon followed. In 1981, bugatti presented a line of quilted coats. It was so successful that it ensured the brand a firm place in the fashion business. This was only the start. More collections followed. The brand strengthened its market position further with its jackets. The range is steadily increased by granting licenses to expert partners.  bugatti keeps on growing. With the launch of its own suit jacket / suit collection, bugatti proved its business wear expertise. By now, bugatti not only sells trousers, knitwear / wovens and shirts but also women’s wear. The brand has become a statement, represents a lifestyle. European. Cosmopolitan.

<h2>One family</h2>

Especially in the fashion world, personal style makes all the difference. bugatti is no exception. The Brinkmanns are the second and third generation of the family to run the business. The corporate culture is shaped by their long-term commitment as the company founders and owners, and the driving force behind it. It is a culture that relies on continuity and independence. The behaviour towards employees, suppliers and business partners is characterised by a feeling of solidarity.

Reliability and fairness. These values, which the family contributes to the company, are not only appreciated but also demonstrated. bugatti’s success is down to its employees, and they are part of the family. They realise what bugatti stands for: Quality, sophistication and fashion know-how. Around 400 employees translate the concept of manufacturing products that are a combination of these characteristics into reality.

<h2>One style</h2>

bugatti combines the best European trends and ideas in its collections. However, the brand is by no means pretentious or elitist. bugatti stands for stylishly well-dressed.

bugatti has an unerring instinct for quality and style. The brand is cultivated, a master when it comes to craftsmanship and reflects a keen understanding of the urban European lifestyle.

According to the European tradition, “casual” refers to a dress code that represents a well-dressed yet informal look and focuses on the freedom to develop your own personal style. bugatti interprets this style as chic and cultivated.

A feminine side

bugatti sells men’s fashion from top to toe. The collections are outstanding in terms of product quality, finish, design and expertise when it comes to cuts and sizes. In 2011, bugatti started to extend this recipe for success to the women’s outerwear segment.  Lena Brinkmann is the designer who is responsible for the new bugatti collection of women’s jackets.

A lifestyle brand shows its feminine side

Initially the new jacket collection is only available in Italy, shortly followed by Austria and Russia. Since 2013, bugatti women’s wear is also available in Germany and other European countries. The brand has taken the first steps towards a successful expansion into the area of women’s outerwear. By now, bugatti is successfully represented in the following licensed product women’s wear segments: Shoes, bags, scarves, headwear, swimwear and bathrobes.