Brown lace-ups boots

Schnürstiefel in Braun

These high-cut lace-up boots are the perfect companions in freezing, wet winter weather. The fur details and mountaineering boot look lacing give these premium quality nappa leather boots a very unusual look that goes perfectly with winter. Ideal for long, active days thanks to "Soft Fit" feature and "Genial" insoles Jeans or slim fit cropped trousers are perfect partners for these boots.

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  • wintery lace-up boots made from premium quality nappa leather with a soft faux fur trim
  • round toe caps with mountaineering boot look lacing
  • soft padding inside the shafts and small metal bugatti logo on the outside
  • loop at the back makes them easier to put on and take off; robust outsoles with deep lug and low heels
  • "Soft Fit" feature for a light and soft sock-feeling thanks to slightly higher shafts as well as "Genial" insoles with integrated high-tech soles and integrated ball of foot pads for optimum shock absorption
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