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European Stories - 20 ways to order coffee in Vienna

20 ways to order coffee in Vienna

What would Vienna be without its famous coffee houses. There are no waiters here, only garçons (“Herr Ober”).

They are even on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage, and justly so. The enjoyment of coffee is celebrated here as an art form. Thanks to the excellent water quality, the coffee in Vienna is also considered one of the best in the world. The coffee houses are an institution; they are a firm element of the local lifestyle. They are somewhere to meet up with your friends and acquaintances, hold business meetings or go on a date. Some people spend hours over a single cup of coffee whilst reading the daily papers or observing life around them. A visit to a coffee house when in Vienna

is worth it; you simply must have a cup of coffee at the Café Hawelka, Café Demel, Café Sacher or one of the many other beautiful historic coffee houses in the city centre.

What would you like? A “melange”, a “tall one”, a cup of brown or black, or maybe an espresso? In Vienna, a coffee is not just a coffee. It is an inherent part of the local culture, and everyone here celebrates their own, unique enjoyment ritual every day. The new womenswear collection reflects this individuality. Anything goes, from romantic to purist. Trendy wool coats, high-quality fabrics and slim cuts make long-lasting impressions. Smooth jersey adds a touch of Viennese laissez-faire to the jackets and coats. The respective shoes match the individual looks. Not only the boots but also the new sneakers are very versatile – super light, elegant with a fur trim or classically casual to go with a business outfit. So, what would you like? After all, there are not only 20 different ways of ordering a coffee in Vienna but also at least as many choices when it comes to looking good!

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