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European Stories - The modern gentleman – enchanté!

The modern gentleman – enchanté!

The slightly old-fashioned charm of the Viennese – a cliché? Maybe, yet hardly anyone visiting Vienna fails to be fascinated by this charm. 

You can find it almost everywhere in this city. The kind of repartee that is sweet, but sometimes also leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste, just like the famous local speciality, the Sacher Torte gateau. This special blend of humour and slightly exaggerated politeness flirts with an extremely contemporary, relaxed informality. “It’ll be alright” or “wait and see” are frequently used everyday expressions that perfectly reflect the way Austrians, and the Viennese in particular, tend to look at life. Stress and excessive busyness are frowned upon. Life in the city where the rulers of the once mighty Austrian empire resided has an air of easy-going nonchalance. Nothing can be important or urgent enough to let it spoil the day. Savour the Here and Now.

The look of the autumn/winter 2017 season is as relaxed as this outlook on life. The focus is on modern suit jackets with matching trousers – both slim cut, which results in a smart-casual look that embodies just Viennese elegance. This is contrasted by relaxed looking jersey suit jackets, comfortable jeans, cotton trousers and knitted jumpers that are also worn without a shirt underneath and a suit jacket on top for the ultimate casual look. Casual meets classic!

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