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European Stories - C'est la vie - the French lifestyle!

C’est la vie! – the French lifestyle

The art of enjoying life, “le savoir vivre”, simply comes naturally to the French. What is the secret of this grand nation, whose people seem to be able to meet all situations in life with style and nonchalance? Maybe, it’s the fact that they start the day with a “petit noir” coffee or a “grand crème” and a fresh croissant. Or maybe, it’s just down to “laissez-faire” - a relaxed, tolerant attitude and the associated mindset of not taking yourself and life all too seriously.

Enjoyment is all. Eating good food, partying and loving. Sumptuous, elegant and always with charm. Joy de vivre and a casual attitude are as indelibly associated with France as excellent cheese and outstanding red wine. What could be more beautiful? C’est la vie! Of course, this season’s men’s collection also includes outfits that are ideal for all kinds of enjoyment. The bugatti casual outfits are particularly perfect for a day by the seaside with oysters and champagne.

A casual suit jacket in combination with sophisticated cotton trousers is the perfect outfit for an exhibition opening in the Marais district of Paris or an aperitif in Marseille’s trendy La Plaine district. Urban cool with charm The new, modern looks communicate a “lightness of being” usually associated with the French: Washed jeans, comfortably light knitwear and uncomplicated, summery sweatshirts. The footwear is also casual: Boots and sneakers are essential. It’s as simple as that. C’est tout. C’est la joie de vivre!

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