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The right way to iron shirts - how to avoid crinkles and creases

Many people find ironing relaxing and listen to music as they iron, watch a film or listen to a good audio book. However, especially when you are ironing a shirt, you should concentrate fully on what you are actually doing. Creasing happens faster than you think.

A properly ironed shirt is important, and not only for work. After all, you make a good impression if your clothes look well cared for – whether at work, at university or in your leisure time.

So what is the right way to iron your shirt? Which factors do you have to keep in mind, and which parts do you need to pay particular attention to if you don’t want to ruin it? After all, when you iron your bugatti shirts, you should not only pay special attention to the button front but also to the seams, the side seam or also the cuffs as well.

Therefore, if you do want to iron your shirt the right way, you should focus on what you are doing and follow a set sequence. A T-shirt is easy and doesn’t take long to iron. However, you should take more time for a shirt, which must be ironed more carefully.

Where should I start?

For a start, successful ironing depends on the iron and ironing board, of course. You need a stable basis that must be big enough to allow you to spread the shirt out fully, including the sleeves and the back, rather than just its middle part. If you don’t have an ironing board to hand, you can also iron your shirt on any even surface such as a table, for example.

If you are using an ironing board, you should pay attention to which side the tapered end of the ironing board is pointing towards. If you are right-handed, it should point towards the left; if you are left-handed, the other way round.

You should also use a good quality iron as a faulty one might even burn a hole in your shirt. A steam iron can help you to get your bugatti shirt looking particularly crisp. Steam is especially useful for ironing out those pesky creases.

Creasing can also be the result of a shirt being washed with too many other items of clothing in the washing machine. It is a good idea to wash shirts separately.

Important: Especially shirts tend towards inadvertent creasing when you iron them. You should iron out any creases straight away as they may otherwise be difficult to fix! A spray bottle full of distilled water is perfect for ironing out these creases. 

In any case, you should always fix any creases straight away, rather than later on. That way, you are making sure that the crease doesn’t become even more permanent and can be ironed out without too much effort.

Moisture is a good tip anyway when it comes to ironing shirts. Make sure that the item of clothing you want to iron is never fully dry. If it is still slightly damp, it is much easier to iron – this applies especially to shirts with a high cotton content.

Next – the collar and the sleeves.

As already mentioned, you should iron a shirt one part at a time. The basic rule is: first the small parts, then the larges expanses. It’s best to start with the collar. Although it is comparatively small and usually turned over, it should still be ironed quite meticulously as anyone you are talking to will immediately notice any creases there.

Use your free hand to keep the collar from moving and always iron it from the outside in. You should also make sure that the outside of the collar is on the ironing board. Once you have finished the collar, you can start on the sleeves. 

If you use the right technique, you will soon master this slightly tricky part. Put the left sleeve of the shirt onto the ironing board. The sleeve should point towards the right – the side seam is a good indicator for the correct position. Smooth the sleeve down on the ironing board.

Now you iron only the middle part of the sleeve. Make sure that you ignore the cuffs and seams for now. Once you have finished this step, turn the sleeve around and iron it from the reverse. However, you now also iron the cuffs and seams. It takes a bit of practice but the technique is actually quite easy to master, and you will soon have completely creaseless sleeves! Then iron the other sleeve in the same way.

Alternatively, you can of course also use a sleeve ironing board. They are designed especially for ironing shirt sleeves as correctly and neatly as possible. If the sleeves are the one part that you find particularly difficult to iron, you should consider using this accessory. 

Caution! You should never iron the collar and cuffs on a too hot setting. Especially business shorts also often feature inserts there, which makes these areas extremely prone to ironing mishaps unless you carefully adjust the heat setting.

The button front and the shoulder area

It is usually quite iron the shoulder area of your bugatti shirt. However, the advantages of using a larger, quite stable ironing board again reveal themselves here as you pull the inside of the shirt over the pointed end of the ironing board when you iron the shoulder area. If you really cannot find an ironing board, use the edge of a table. You can now carefully iron the shoulder area.

Ironing the button front, on the other hand, is a slightly more difficult undertaking. It is easier to iron from the reverse. The reason for this is obvious: depending on the design of the shirt, the small space between each button and the next can be quite difficult to reach.


If you want to iron your shirt the right way, you should use the correct technique.

These simple instructions show that the correct ironing technique is not difficult to learn. With a little bit of practice, it soon won’t take you long at all to iron your shirt without being left with creases or crinkles. 

When you iron your shirt, you should also always take into account...

  • the respective condition of your shirt
  • the direction the seams run in
  • details such as buttons etc.
  • the correct “ironing sequence” ensure that you iron your shirt the right way. And don’t panic: if, despite taking the greatest care, you end up with some creases, they are usually – literally – easy to “iron out”. 

You should therefore iron the button front from the reverse to avoid touching one of the buttons with the iron. The heat could easily melt them, and a warped button would ruin your shirt. At this point, at the latest, it becomes obvious: ironing the right way not only saves time but also protects your shirts

The large areas – the right way to iron the front and back

Very good! You have now ironed all of the small and difficult parts of your shirt. Therefore, all that is left now is the front and the back. Start with the front, beginning on the side where the button holes are. Now carefully work your way towards the back. Usually, this isn’t difficult at all.

However, many bugatti shirts feature all sorts of pockets in precisely this place. Pockets are ironed in a similar way to the shirt collar: from the outside in. Some shirts also feature darts that should also be ironed carefully and bit by bit. Here, creasing may occur especially if the shirt is not put on the ironing board evenly right from the start.

Always make sure that you iron your shirt correctly and very carefully – also towards the end, when you iron the larger parts. Although the front and back are comparatively fast and easy to iron, they are also particularly prone to unsightly creasing precisely because of this, which can quickly turn ironing a shirt into a stressful experience.


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