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Dress codes vary from industry to industry, from company to company and from occasion to occasion. However, unlike in the past, they are certainly no longer set in stone and you have far more scope when it comes to choosing your outfit. However, there are conventions

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Overdressed? A question of definition.

In actual fact, you can experience the "overdressed" phenomenon in almost any situation in life, starting with a birthday where all the other guests are casually dressed whilst you have gone all-out. Being overdressed means being dressed much smarter than the people around you. This is often associated with the uncomfortable feeling of clearly standing out from the crowd.

However, whether you'd call yourself overdressed or merely as extremely smartly dressed depends entirely on you and the way you feel. 

Dressing smart is fun and can make you feel good. Many people simply feel more comfortable dressed in smart clothes. Granted, you may look overdressed to others, but you have still done everything right.

Dress codes, rules for dressing and conventions: what's the right thing to wear?

Almost everyone wears clothes to work that are different to those they wear at home. There are of course reasons for this. Even if you are perfectly at liberty to choose what to wear, there are certain standards that are expected and must also be maintained. In jobs where you have a lot of face to face contact with customers, for example, looking neat and tidy is important – what is acceptable and what isn't

varies a lot and depends to a considerable extent on the industry. A banker, for example, is more likely to have to opt for a smart suit than someone who works for an advertising agency or in one of the trades. On your search for the perfect outfit, you'll often come across the terms "casual", "business casual and "business". We explain what they mean.


Casual means leisure time clothing. If this dress code is recommended, you can therefore choose a very informal outfit. Of course, you should still not exactly turn up in jogging pants, as you should still look presentable in your outfit. For men, smart jeans or cotton trousers with a shirt or a polo and a suit jacket are a good choice here. Women can wear whatever they like here, from jeans to a dress or a skirt and blouse . In terms of footwear, a pair of smart sneakers will do just fine.

Business casual

Business casual, or "smart casual", means that your outfit should be a tick smarter. Instead of sneakers, dark business shoes and smart trousers with a suit jacket are suitable here. The range of options for women is very wide; they can wear a fashionable blouse with a pair of trousers or a skirt or also wear a dress .


Business refers to the classic business look. Men wear a suit with a shirt and tie as well as matching business shoes here. In terms of the colours, the suits range from classic black to shades of grey, brown or black. Women can choose to wear wither a trouser suit or a matching skirt and blazer. Fabric trousers in combination with a smart blouse also work well. When choosing the right footwear, you should make sure that the heels are not too high, and that the toes are not exposed.

Suit, trousers or a jumper

Everything is a bit more relaxed these days , and dress codes no longer apply all too strictly . You can therefore never go wrong with a tasteful, sophisticated outfit. When starting a new job, simply look to your colleagues for guidance, or browse the company's website beforehand. If you are absolutely not sure and don't want to turn up either over- or underdressed, you can also just ask the company or your friends beforehand what you should wear. 

You can never be overdressed or overeducated.
Oscar Wilde

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Conclusion: you can never be overdressed

If we have learnt one thing, it is to always go for overdressed, rather than underdressed, if you are unsure. Being overdressed does not only have a negative side, on the contrary. Fashion is a medium of expression and communicates a certain feeling to everyone we meet. If you are better dressed than those around you, this subconsciously communicates power and authority. You can intentionally use this to your advantage in some situations. Plus: clothes can always be taken off. If you feel much to overdressed in a situation, you can simply take off your suit jacket or remove your tie, whereas it tends to be rather difficult to conjure up a suit jacket from somewhere if you need one. bugatti sells everything you need to strike the right balance between casual and business.

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