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The right jacket on top of a suit: what's the choice of outerwear?

Fashion-conscious men often wonder which type of jacket should be worn on top of a suit. Especially if they don't like plain-coloured suits, the jacket and the suit jacket colours should match. Here's an overview of easy and stylish men's outerwear designs suitable for wearing on top of a suit jacket.


Fit and length: What you should pay attention to when choosing your outerwear

One important rule is to refrain from wearing an ordinary jacket with a suit. Outerwear that is normally worn with a jumper or a T-shirt is often too close-fitting to be worn on top of a suit. Instead, you should opt for other jackets that already fit comfortably when trying them on. To find out whether a jacket can be worn on top of a suit, you should first of all try it on. You should then move around as you would during everyday activities. If the jacket feels comfortable on top of the suit, it has the right fit.

The following applies with regard to the length: The jacket can be short, but should overall be cut longer than the suit jacket. You don't necessarily have to opt for a short jacket but could also choose a stylish coat instead. Such an elegant coat has the right length, provided it reaches down to at least the top of your thighs.

A super side effect of this choice: a coat will also keep you beautifully warm in colder weather.

Choose a jacket in a colour that matches the colour of the suit

In terms of the outerwear colour, basically anything goes. However, universal or dark colours that match the style of the respective suit should be the preferred choice. This could be a navy blue, black or grey jacket, for example, although the slightly lighter trendy colour camel is also an alternative to be considered. If you are wearing a waistcoat, though, a muted colour is a better choice for a more business-like image.

Small overcoat guide: which coats can be worn on top of a suit?

Coats are literally predestined to be worn on top of a suit. You just need to find the right design for a successful, well-balanced combination:

On cool days, an elegant, dark navy short coat is the perfect outerwear on top of a suit. What is important is that the colours match. In terms of the fabric is should be made of, virgin wool will keep you warm. It looks particularly striking in the form of a single-breasted, well-crafted tailored overcoat. A luxurious virgin wool or cashmere scarf is the perfect finishing touch for this formal look.

A fashionable duffle coat also goes well with a suit. However, care must be taken with the design, which has to perfectly match the suit as an old-fashioned wool duffle coat can look frumpy. A coat with modern details, on the other hand, is also suitable for formal occasions.

A so-called duster coat is a practical choice for men to wear on top of a suit jacket. These straight-cut coats are generally considered indestructible and a timeless, classic choice. As this design does not have a lapel collar but merely a small rounded collar, it is an inconspicuous choice.

In order to look particularly elegantly dressed, men can also choose to wear a classic paletot or double-breasted overcoat on top of a suit. This is the smartest choice of outerwear. A paletot looks very much like a classic suit jacket, which makes it the preferred choice for a classic business outfit.

Quilted jacket or trench coat? Other garments that look fashionable with a suit

Classic trench coats for men are usually not worn together with a suit, except elegant business trench coats in beige, mid-blue or black. This mid-length type of coat can be combined with a slim fit suit, for example. However, be careful: a trench coat is not a good idea for extremely formal events. The same applies to the popular basic quilted jacket: it is only suitable outerwear for relaxed occasions. Worn on top of a suit, a casual and relaxed quilted jacket simply looks too reminiscent of sportswear.

A raincoat also does not actually go with a suit jacket, although it can be a practical choice in inclement weather. A waxed version can protect the suit from getting wet in the rain. To ensure that this combination looks striking, you should definitely choose a design that is suitable business wear, for example a short jacket with covered buttons and elegantly cut pockets. If you want to achieve the typical British look, you should preferably choose a waterproof cotton jacket with a checked lining. This kind of raincoat should be tailored but not restrict your movements.


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Our conclusion: The best outerwear choices on top of a suit for men

For evening occasions of all kinds, the focus should always be on the suit. To ensure that the jacket does not look too domineering, choose an understated, timeless colour. Thanks to their elegant finish, tailored overcoats look great on top of a suit. On the other hand, you should definitely not choose a casual quilted jacket that looks too sportswear-inspired. Opting for a raincoat is only recommended in exceptional circumstances and if the weather is really bad.