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It all comes down to length – how to find the right shorts and summer trousers

Bermuda shorts are IN and for us one of the must-haves for a hot summer. Find out everything worth knowing now and how to combine the new IT piece!

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The more important the occasion, the more stylish the suit jacket – birthday, anniversary celebration, wedding

We will share with you how you and your suit jacket can be perfectly complemented for stylish occasions, but also for the office and day-to-day life.

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Trendsetter - the all-rounder trench coat

It was never out of fashion and yet celebrates a comeback: the trench coat. We'll give you tips on how to become a trenchsetter!

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Slim jeans meaning and understanding other jeans cuts

What is the meaning behind slim jeans? What makes them different from regular or comfort jeans? We’ll try to answer these questions below.

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How to style socks – down to the finest detail

We will inform you about the unwritten sock rules you should follow - especially in everyday business life!

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First date outfits and styling – avoiding the pitfalls

How do you dress up for your first date? To answer this question and to protect you from absolute styling traps and no-go's, you will be advised here!

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What’s the best way to combine patterns?

We'll show you how to create your own mix of different pattern types and adapt it to your personal style.

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What’s important when it comes to coats and how they flatter the figure

Especially for men, the perfect fit of the coat is very important. We'll give you tips on what to look out for when buying a coat.

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Business Sakko in Marine
Business outfit – do’s and don’ts

We reveal all and explain these dress codes to you, and show you what to wear in which situation at work.

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What to wear with brown shoes – tips and suggestions

“No brown in town“ or “no brown after six”. Do these sayings still apply these days? We are investigating the matter further!

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Wearing a jumper on top of a shirt – a no-go or stylish?

Wearing a jumper on top of a shirt is also a popular wear choice again. We tell you what you should bear in mind when choosing this combination!

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Anzug Knöpfe - Der bugatti Guide
Suit buttons – the myth surrounding the bottom button!

Buttons can certainly sometimes drive us mad. Has this happened to you before?

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Shirt collar types – which collar type is the best one for me?

What are the different collar types? We explain them to you!

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Anzug & Co. - Der bugatti Stilratgeber
Suit etc. – the bugatti style guide

In our suit style guide, we share important tips and tricks for a stylish business look with you.

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Tie or bow tie, after all? What’s the correct choice on which occasion – bugatti explains!

Always impeccably dressed! We show you how to wear your ties and bow ties to impress and what you can combine them with.

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Der bugatti Hosenratgeber für deinen perfekten Stil
Trousers & fits - the bugatti guide to finding your perfect trouser style

From Denims, Chinos, Five Pockets to Flatfronts. Concerning trousers, we have valuable tips for fashion-conscious men

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Anzug in anthrazit von bugatti
What are the differences between a dress suit and an ordinary suit? We explain them to you!

bugatti explains the differences between a dress suit and an ordinary suit to you.

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bugatti Polo Shirt in dunkelblau
Jersey – everything you should know about jersey fabric

bugatti tells you everything your should know about jersey fabric.

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elegantes Jersey Sakko von bugatti
Sports jacket and jeans – a few tips for a casual business look

bugatti shows you how to cleverly combine a sports jacket with jeans!

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Blue dress shoes – what do you wear them with?

For a long time, blue dress shoes were a no-go in the fashion world. No longer!

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The right trouser length for suit trousers

Finding a suit that fits perfectly can sometimes be a real challenge.

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The right way to iron shirts - how to avoid crinkles and creases

Make a good impression by dressing well – regardless of where you are, at work, at university or during your leisure time.

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Black suit and blue shirt - what goes with what?

What young men should pay attention to when buying a suit and how to find the right model that’s perfect for you

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The right, modern suit for young men.

However, what should young men pay attention to when buying a suit and how do you find the right model that’s perfect for you?

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