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Black suit and blue shirt  

What goes with what, and which combinations should I avoid at all costs?

The right business outfit has a considerably impact on how you are perceived and your charisma – because first impressions count! After all, the way you look is the first thing that shows other people and whoever you are talking to what you are like. A confident, stylish appearance is a must, whether at the office, in everyday situations or in the evening. This has inspired us to address the issue of successful business outfits in more detail and to share this information with you. A black suit is certainly the absolute classic of sophisticated gents’ fashion. A suit jacket or – on special occasions – a smoking will certainly always make you look elegant and self-assured. The classic styles are dominated by wide lapels and tailored jackets. 

bugatti gives you practical tips and shows you how to dress to impress – even with just a plain black suit . We also want to show you what to combine it with and the whole range of possibilities.

What occasions actually call for a suit?

A fashionable suit has become a true all-rounder by now that makes a good impression at business meetings or a job interview but also at the theatre or at a wedding. There is also nothing wrong with wearing a suit jacket on a “normal” day from time to time.

There are no hard and fast rules on when a suit would be a particularly appropriate choice. Suits are simply too versatile and available in countless versions.


However, we will nevertheless attempt an explanation of the business wear do’s and don’ts for you to make sure that you don’t choose the wrong outfit or break a style taboo,

because there are some strict unwritten fashion rules in the business segment. For example, your tie must be tied in the correct way, the shirt collar must be the right design and the cut and colour of the suit must be appropriate. Even when you follow the tired-and-tested formula of wearing a black suit and a blue shirt, the various combination options still leave room for mistakes – which we want to prevent, of course.  

Avoid mistakes at the suit buying stage

Everyone is familiar with this: often, the sleeves of a suit someone is wearing are too short or too long. People also tend to go for suit jackets with a cut that is anything but flattering.

You may find striking patterns (e.g. stripes) and colours that positively ooze self-confidence strange and inappropriate at first glance – however, the trend in this direction is definitely gaining momentum. That is why bugatti sells suit jacketsjacketsand coatsthat score with a modern design.

Things can go wrong with the trousers, too. Tip: Suit trousers should always sit securely on the waist and go down to the middle of the back of your shoes. The perfect trouser length is therefore around 1.5 to 2 centimetres above your heels.

They must not only look good but also be comfortable to wear. After all, your suit isn’t a fancy dress costume that you squeeze yourself into for a cool selfie on Instagram. 

Ein solches Outfit – z.B. ein schwarzer Anzug in Kombination mit einem blauen Hemd – sollte vielmehr ein treuer Begleiter werden, indem man(n) sich wohl fühlt. Da darf eine gewisse Robustheit aber auch Bequemlichkeit hinsichtlich des Materials nicht fehlen. Denn am Ende hast du an tadellos verarbeiteten Anzügen doch am aller längsten deine Freude.

Die richtige Kombination finden - schwarzer Anzug, blaues Hemd

Ein schwarzer Anzug in Kombination mit einem blauen Hemd – diese Zusammenstellung gilt als absoluter Klassiker der Businessmode – und das nicht zu Unrecht! Es hat sich gezeigt, dass diese Kombination durchaus ihre Berechtigung hat und wunderbar funktioniert.

Natürlich musst du nicht immer mit dem Strom schwimmen und sich nach dem richten, was alle anderen für gut befinden. Ein individueller Geschmack und eine Zusammenstellung der Outfits, in die eine persönliche Note einfließt, sind ebenso wichtig und wünschenswert. Denn am Ende will sich ja jeder mit seiner Kleidung und seinem Kleidungsstil identifizieren können.

By the way: bugatti not only sells plain blue gents’ shirts but also patterned versions. They look particularly attractive worn with a plain-coloured suit. However, if the suit itself is already strikingly patterned, combining the two pieces of clothing may not make a flattering overall impression.

Navy or light blue shirt? Definitely a question of colouring

Men with blue eyes and light skin should avoid combining a navy shirt with a black suit; a light blue one is a much better choice. On the one hand, it looks elegant and on the other, it goes perfectly with lighter colouring. Plus, it doesn’t look quite as formal as a white shirt (which would of course still match the look).

Light blue shirts have also become well-established in the business wear dress code. Of course, fundamentally, there is nothing wrong with wearing a slightly darker version. However, you should be aware of the fact that a navy shirt does not create a particularly striking contrast to a black suit and will ultimately hardly stand out. If you want to set accents and ensure that the overall look is not too bland, you can also resort to other ideas.

An eye-catching tie, a polka dot bow tie or even socks with a colourful pattern can add a little splash of colour and perfect your outfit.

By the way: bugatti not only sells plain blue gents’ shirts but also patterned versions. They look particularly attractive worn with a plain-coloured suit. However, if the suit itself is already strikingly patterned, combining the two pieces of clothing may not make a flattering overall impression.

Try other combination options

Now that you know that a white shirt is certainly not the only smart option, you can also carefully explore other alternative colours. Grey shirts, for example, go perfectly with suits. They look extremely understated but still make you stand out from the crowd.

If you want to intentionally break the classic style, you could try a pink shirt. This combination can make you look athletic and youthful – what else could you wish for?

If you decide to choose a shirt in an unusual colour, it should therefore also be the focus of your outfit.

This means that if you opt for a pink shirt, you should combine it with an understated tie in a darker shade, and a tailored suit that perfectly matches your proportions. Eye-catching accessories would eliminate the effect of the splash of colour provided by your shirt! 

In the winter and on cold days, you could also combine a suit with a turtleneck jumper. Turtleneck jumpers have long since ceased to be considered old-fashioned or old school and have certainly proved themselves to be fashionable. A turtleneck jumper in navy, dark grey, black or other muted colours is perfect for completing your outfit.

Ideally, it should be made from cashmere or virgin wool, rather than other yarns, as they are soft, do not scratch and are extremely comfortable to wear on bare skin. Cashmere and virgin wool also look very attractive. They are perfect for an overall well-groomed look.

For a more informal look, it’s OK to swap your suit trousers for a casual pair of jeans. 

bugatti also sells a range of other smart trousers that are ideal for sophisticated everyday outfits.
Choosing the right accessories for the suit

Besides the suit and shirt, it is above all accessories that have a huge influence on the overall look. As already mentioned above, the basic rule is that tie, bow tie etc. must match the rest of the outfit. Besides sophisticated neckwear, the choice of shoes and belt also plays a major role.

 Before you choose the respective accessory, you should always ask yourself what the intended purpose of that particular piece is supposed to be. Do you want to upgrade a uniform, monotone look with an eye-catching accessory or should the accessories be rather understated to create a balanced overall impression?


The general rule is: The colour of your shoes should match the colour of your belt to create an overall well-balanced look. If you want break the usual patterns, ignore this tip and create your own individual style.

And finally all, if you want a matching and well-balanced overall look from head to toe, all you need to do is to add the right gloves, mobile phone case, wallet, suitcase, business bag and scarf or hat to your business outfit.

bugatti sells all of these accessories in its shop to offer you a completely perfect look.

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