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Blue dress shoes – what do you wear them with?

Your suit jacket, shirt and also accessories such as your belt should emphasise and complement your looks. The aim should always be to draw all eyes to your best points. Of course, no suit would be complete without shoes in a matching colour.

For a long time, blue dress shoes were a no-go in the fashion world. However, depending on the shade of blue, a pair of smart blue shoes can also upgrade your outfit. bugatti offers a range of modern, trendy dress shoes in super shades, from slip-ons that are perfect leisure time wear to sophisticated lace-ups! Modern shoes will always make you look fashionable.

Your shoes reveal much about you. Even the effect of an attractive, fashionably cut outfit in the trendiest colours combined with the latest accessories can be negated by unsuitable footwear. Your style will make a good impression only if all of the individual components of your outfit are well-matched and make you look well-dressed from head to toe.

The right shoe design matters

The shoe design is, of course, also important when choosing a pair of blue dress shoes; the various components should reflect your unique style. You should, however, be aware of the differences between the two standard dress shoe designs; both are suitable for any event and occasion.

The “oxford” is the all-rounder dress shoe and usually the preferred choice for business outfits. Due to their plain and classic look, oxfords are suitable office wear and also perfect for more formal occasions. Oxfords have plain toe caps without the classic decorative perforations you might find on brogues, for example (another reliable formal wear choice). 

The plain leather toes and the smooth design also make these shoes go perfectly with tweed suits.

That is not the case when it comes to the second standard version of dress shoes that is worth mentioning. Slightly more casual “derby” shoes feature so-called open lacing and do not have any visible seams or decorative stitching. On this design, the quarters are stitched on top of the vamp; there is no seam between the tongue and the toe cap. The “blucher shoe” is a more casual, youthful version of the same design.

Lace-ups or slip-ons?

Lace-ups are the perfect choice for a confident and professional business look. However, there are also some tricky details to be taken into account when it comes to “plain” lace-ups.

The most important aspect for making a good (first) impression is that they should fit well. 

When you try on a pair of shoes, you should therefore also ensure that the leather does not pinch your feet in the ankle area; however, the shoe should also fit snugly. After all, your business shoes should also properly support your feet and joints. 

To impress your boss and your colleagues, you should also make sure that your choice of shoe is beautifully crafted, a good quality and made from premium materials. bugatti shoes offer you precisely the high-quality finish you need to impress at your next meeting. Leave a good impression!

Slip-ons tend to be shoes that are more suitable for combination with a leisure time suit, a casual suit jacket or other non-formal outfits. In various shades from light to very dark navy, this type of shoe will perfect any leisure time outfit. However, for business outfits, you should always choose lace-ups.

How to choose the right colour combination for a visually striking effect

Of course, you should not consider a pair of blue dress shoes if you don’t own a suit or a pair of suit trousers in a matching colour. So which colour combination should you choose to make the most of your blue dress shoes and ensure a fashionable look?

As the blue colour segment encompasses different shades of blue, you should differentiate between shades that are suitable and shades that are not. Many people already consider dove blue or grey, also called taupe, a shade of blue. You should therefore consider whether you need to buy a pair of matching shoes whenever you buy a suit. 

Remember that different colours don’t always go with each other!

A black suit, for example, should never be combined with blue shoes. You should chose other colours that can emphasise the effect of a pair of suit trousers or a suit jacket.

However, you can easily wear shoes in a light shade of blue with your blue suit. Suits in shades of olive or mud go particularly well with blue shoes. A classic, sophisticated white suit goes as perfectly with navy blue as any other taupe-coloured suit of your choice.

How to care for your dress shoes

A pair of shoes only looks good if you take good care of them. It is therefore particularly important to look after the shoes you intend to wear at the office. You should purchase a range of cleaning materials, as well as shoe trees to ensure that they don’t lose their shape.

You should put the shoe trees into your shoes as soon as you have taken them of to prevent creasing. Shoe trees made from untreated cedar wood are the perfect choice as the material is particularly moisture and odour absorbent.

Always chose a shoe tree that is one size smaller than your size. This will ensure that the shoes aren’t stretched and become too big for you.

The best way to take care of your shoes it to allow them a 48 hour rest after you have worn them. This timespan ensures that the leather and the interior of your shoe are aired properly and completely dried out. The best way to dry wet leather shoes is to put them upright at an angle.

Tip: Use a nylon stocking to polish them and to apply shoe care products. The friction produces thermal energy that makes your shoes shiny as if they were new.


High quality standards and expertise

bugatti offers you more than just the right shoes for making a perfect impression. 

You can also perfect your style with various accessories such as belts, wallets, entire business collections and modern individual items which you can purchase conveniently and easily in our online shop. The various different ways of getting in touch with us ensure that you always have access to the services provided by our fashion experts and customer service assistants. 

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