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Business outfit – do’s and don’ts

So what should men or women wear when this dress code specifies “casual business” or “smart casual” wear?

We reveal all and explain these dress codes to you, and show you what to wear in which situation at work.

Do you often stand in front of your wardrobe in the morning in an undecided way and wonder what to wear to the office that day? After all, your everyday office outfit should not only be comfortable and smart – it must also comply with your company’s accepted dress code.

What kind of outfit is considered suitable business wear?

The answer to the question of how to dress “correctly” for the office differs depending on the industry you work in. In the creative industries, dress codes tend to be quite relaxed. However, if you work for an insurance company or a bank, the expected dress code will be classic/conservative.

The occasion also dictates the outfit that should be worn. Is it just a “normal” day at the office, do you have an important meeting with your boss or business partners, are you going on a business trip or are you going to a business dinner in the evening?

Accordingly, there are no general rules that always apply to business fashion. Sometimes, a fashionable leather jacket can be just as suitable for the office as a navy suit jacket. It depends on the respective accepted dress code.

Do you know the most important dress codes?

If the stipulated dress code is “business”, you are expected to wear formal and elegant office wear. If a “casual business” look is preferred, this is a mix of formal business and more relaxed casual wear.
“Smart casual” means “after work outfit”. Your outfit for this dress code, which could in effect also read “wear sophisticated leisure time clothes”, should be a mix of casual and slightly more elegant clothes.

One thing is certain: business fashion doesn’t have to be boring.

A particularly smart, stylish single piece can add a very special touch to your outfit. Although “smart business” is not yet a separate dress code as such, the trend for also wearing fashionable eye-catchers in a business environment is increasingly becoming more marked.

White blouse by bugatti with elegant sleeves

Casual business for women

Blouses, blazers and fabric trousers are all casual business style classics. Skirts and dresses make a welcome change when it comes to office wear.


A blouse is timeless and every woman should own one.
Whether long-sleeved or short-sleeved, cotton or chiffon, whether a shirt or a charming pussy bow design: a blouse looks as good with a pair of trousers as it does with a skirt.
A blouse does not necessarily have to be white. Blouses in pastel shades such as light blue, for example, also look very smart.

You should refrain from wearing a blouse with a low neckline. T-shirts and tank tops are also a no-no for this dress code.


A blazer looks respectable and is therefore a popular and accepted choice for women in many companies. However, a blazer should never be colourful or patterned.
Instead, choose a blazer in a muted colour or with subtle stripes for your business outfit.


Besides fabric trousers, chinos are also suitable business wear. Jeans, on the other hand, can be controversial. If in doubt, you should refrain from wearing denims.

Dresses and skirts

A pencil skirt with a slim fit from the waist to the knees or a slightly flared A-line skirt are both an excellent choice. If you opt for a shift dress, you should wear a blazer with it if you can.


Elegant yet still comfortable court shoes or loafers perfect your look. Have a look in the bugatti online shop, where you will find a wide selection of shoes that go perfectly with the casual business style.

Casual business for men

What the blouse is to women, the shirt is to men. Wear it with a suit jacket, a matching pair of trousers and fashionable leather shoes to perfect your look.


A good shirt with a collar is always the right choice for the “casual business” look. Refrain from choosing a short-sleeved shirt, even on hot days. You should always opt for a long-sleeved shirt. If the weather is really hot, you can always roll up the sleeves.


Fabric trousers are not the only choice for this style. Chinos or even dark jeans are alternatives.

Suit jacket

Versatile single pieces are ideal for the “business casual” look. You don’t always have to wear a two-piece suit to be suitably dressed.

bugatti offers plenty of inspiration for your perfect business outfit.
From shirts that are suitable business wear to modern trousers and stylish suit jackets as well as elegant leather shoes, you are bound to find the ones that are right for you.

Smart casual for women and men

A “smart casual” dress code is the accepted norm especially on business trips or at business meals and also when meeting colleagues for a coffee or a drink after work.
The smart casual look leaves both women and men many options for dressing suitably. 

However, you should approach the matter with care. If you think carefully about what to wear, you will easily manage to bridge the gap between relaxed casual and suitably smart.

Women can also wear a fine knit cardigan over a blouse instead of a blazer. High-quality, dark jeans are also a good alternative to the otherwise frequently chosen fabric trousers or chinos.

Women can also wear a fine knit cardigan over a blouse instead of a blazer. High-quality, dark jeans are also a good alternative to the otherwise frequently chosen fabric trousers or chinos.


Our advice: be open-minded towards new ideas

You have probably already realised that business fashion can be very versatile. Get some inspiration from bugatti’s extensive range and look forward to the next working week, when you will be able to impress your boss or your colleagues with the odd new piece of clothing and will also feel much more comfortable at work after shopping with bugatti.

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