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Fashionably dressed for the office with a jacket

As soon as the golden days of autumn are over, and the trees have shed their last few leaves in November, most people you see out and about wear thick parkas and thickly padded jackets.

Some men, and also some women, look as if they think it likely that they’ll be tramping through Canada’s wilderness that day, rather than commuting to the office. There’s no need: a fashionable jacket for the office can also keep you warm. What’s the best way to stylishly combine both aspects? That’s easily done: with the right instinct for materials, colours and cuts.

The trick: smart tailored jacket for men

The perfect jacket for the office helps to create an attractive overall impression, is made from high-quality textile fibres or wool and can be combined with suitable accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves. However, the jacket must also not be too tight-fitting to ensure that a slightly thicker jumper or cardigan can comfortably be worn underneath.

On the last few sunny autumn days, it may well be that a blazer is the perfect jacket for everyday office wear. It is versatile and can be combined with a shirt or a T-shirt, with jeans or with a pair of fabric trousers. Blazers are available in muted as well as striking colours – in short, they’re the perfect all-rounders when it comes to jackets for men. However, when the weather turns colder, a suit jacket can usually not offer the comfort you need when the temperatures drop, in windy weather or when it’s raining.

Shiny fabric, longer cut

dark jacket with drawstring that goes down to quite a bit below the waist is a versatile companion in inclement weather and on cold days. It meets all the requirements of a perfect office jacket. It is smart, can be pulled tight to create a tailored impression, is roomy enough for a warm jumper and can easily be upgraded with accessories. Thanks to the longer cut, it still looks quite casual. Practical: the cuffs at the sleeves keep the cold wind and rain out.

Tip: A jacket made from shiny fabric is a highlight. You should therefore refrain from choosing accessories that compete with it, such as striking scarves, but preferably dress in matching shades.

As light as a feather and elaborately detailed

An ultralight quilted blouson-style jacket is also a great choice. It looks a bit more athletic but does not look like a typical outdoor jacket, which would be totally unsuitable for the office in fashion terms. Trendy quilted finishes and meticulously crafted details such as stitching or sleeve inserts in a contrasting colour add a slightly athletic touch to a jacket for the office.

Tip: Quilted jackets go particularly well with sophisticated jeans and sneakers. Trendy hats and scarves add a youthful touch. However, when the weather turns really cold, a quilted blouson-style jacket will no longer suffice. The time has come for a quilted jacket, ideally with functional features, like a OUTIQ jacket, which stores your body heat. It’s a smart urban wear outdoor jacket that goes well with clear-cut office outfits in muted shades.

High-quality fibres, elegant look

You want more? More elegance, more coolness, more clean plainness? You can’t actually go wrong with a dark coat with a classic cut . It will turn even “boring run-of-the-mill trousers” into a fashion statement. If you prefer modern dress at the office and want to look elegant and cosmopolitan, rather than plain, you should opt for a coat. As coat is inherently made from a lot of fabric, quality is all-important!

Tip: Trousers made from fabric with a brushed reverse will keep you warm and look perfect with a coat. Do you like hats? Why not try them in combination with a coat? Headwear can hugely change the overall impression. Together with a pair of fine leather gloves, a scarf with an understated patterns and matching footwear, it will perfect your outfit.

Women’s jackets suitable for the office

Women can choose from a wide spectrum of jackets that are suitable office wear. From a dynamic cape to a short, padded tailored blazer or an athletic-feminine coat in a casual design - the same principle applies for women: it should be cut wider and be roomy enough to allow an everyday office wear cardigan or a cosy wool jumper to be worn underneath.

Wool coat with hood

A feast for the eyes whichever way you look at it is a wool coat made from high stretch fabric with a generously sized hood and faux fur trim. If you want your outfit to look a little less cosy, untrimmed hoods or hoods with removable trim are the perfect choice. You can even wear a smart blazer underneath a coat made from stretch material. Boots in dark shades worn with a knee-length skirt go just as well with it as a pair of court shoes and fabric trousers in bright colours.

Tip: Choose a coat with a generously sized shawl collar as it will offer additional protection in inclement weather conditions.

Brightly coloured jackets

Brass-coloured, red, orange or pink – will you dare to wear a bright colour? This winter season, it is bound to be difficult not to fall in love with one of these trendy colours. Jackets for the office look especially cool if they are made from richly textured fabrics, which also makes the right visual impression straight away.

Tip: If you choose to wear such a cool jacket, your regular daily office outfit should match the look. Perfect are pieces in shades that match the jacket’s. Particularly restraint when it comes to the accessories ensures that the daring colour is still the day’s undisputed star. Alternatively, you could consider a very plain black outfit whose plainness is accentuated by well-chosen accessories.



Jackets can either be unobtrusive companions or the highlight of your look. However, the outfit underneath must never lose its appeal as soon as you take off your coat or jacket. Perfect for men as well as women is a jacket or coat in a style that matches the style of their everyday business wear. If they compete against each other, this can have a considerable negative impact on the overall impression.

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