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You choose your friends by their character and your socks by their colour.
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How to style socks – down to the finest detail

Socks are often just an afterthought when putting together the perfect look. This small, supposedly unimportant detail really completes your outfit and puts the final touch to your look.

But what colour and length of socks should you have? And from what material? We’ll tell you about the unwritten rules for which you should watch out - especially in the office. What’s more, we’ll let you know the best way to team your socks with the rest of your look.

What types of socks are there?

Apart from a few exceptions (e.g. flip-flops or moccasins), it should be obvious that socks are worn in closed shoes. This is more for hygienic reasons than aesthetics. Particularly in summer, feet sweat very easily and the moisture collected in the shoe causes an unpleasant odour. 

The range of socks is very extensive for both men and women. There is the right piece for every occasion in day-to-day life; from the material and colour, to trainer socks and socks that reach the calf, to long knee-high socks. Sports socks and hiking socks add to the collection.

The right material

It makes sense to wear warm woollen or cashmere socks in cold winter weather. Whereas in summer, socks should have a cooling effect and be especially breathable.

Silk or blended fabrics with a high cotton content have stood the test. The inclusion of synthetic fibres also improves the durability and ensures a perfect fit.

Watch out! Socks made of artificial fibres are not recommended as their lack of breathability can easily lead to bothersome foot odour.

Socks should also be opaque, and therefore not too thin. It’s not a good look when you can see your ankles and legs through the fabric.

At some point a hole will appear, even in the best material. Regularly sort through pieces with holes in them and replenish your sock collection. Have a look in the bugatti online shop and be inspired by all the options!

The ideal sock colour

Black is almost always a good move, but a bit boring when it comes to styling. It’s better to match your sock colour to the rest of your clothes.

The general rule is: The socks should always be a few shades darker than the trousers. For example, dark blue socks go with a navy suit. You should wear black or dark grey socks with a grey suit. And light brown socks are the perfect choice for a beige suit.

Single-colour socks in muted tones are generally a safe bet. Extravagant colours are good for outside the office and definitely fine in moderation for casual business wear. But the colour accents shouldn't be too loud. Glittery socks are reserved for women.

If you have a creative job or a relaxed dress code at the office, you can follow current trends and go for bolder looks. With some careful wardrobe choices, colourful socks with subtle striped or dotted patterns can also go with a suit. Tread carefully if you want to wear checked socks. Conspicuous patterns can seem a bit out of place. Patterned socks go best with lace-up shoes like Budapesters and trainers. It’s important that the pattern of the socks picks out a colour found in the rest of the look. You should avoid mixing patterns. 

By the way: White tennis socks only look good in trainers for sport. You should never wear white socks with business wear.

Which socks go with which trousers?

First of all, socks shouldn’t just go with the colour of the shoes, but also the trousers. The contrast with the trousers and the rest of the look shouldn’t be too stark if you want to cleverly combine your socks.

Combining socks and suit trousers

Even if many men generally don’t cosy up with knee-high socks, those wearing suits can’t avoid them. Hairy legs peering out of suit trousers should be taboo. When crossing your legs, your trousers ride up and your bare leg quickly comes into view if you’re wearing short socks. That can’t happen to you with classic knee-high socks and you won’t run the risk of standing out. 

Which socks go with shorts?

Unfortunately, men in shorts with white socks and sandals strolling through the neighbourhood is still an everyday sight. Wearing socks with shorts should be an absolute no-go by now. When you wear shorts in summer, you should choose “invisible” trainer socks. These handy ankle socks can barely be seen over the shoe, if at all.

Teaming casual trousers and jeans with socks.

For informal occasions, you wear socks with long jeans, chinos, or other casual trousers. Dare to go for bold colours and patterns to make a fashionable statement.

Which socks should you wear in the office versus when you’re off the clock?

Black, or at least dark-coloured knee-high socks are essential for classic business dress codes, for the reasons already stated. If your employer doesn’t have a strict dress code, you can also wear colourful socks with your suit, which continues to be on-trend. But make sure that the colour of your socks complements something you’re wearing above the waist. For example, your socks could match your shirt, tie or pocket square.

The same applies here: Wear socks that are as long as possible or, even better, knee-high socks!

Almost anything coloured and patterned goes for casual wear. The sky’s the limit when teaming different styles. But you shouldn’t overdo it.
Comics, cars etc. might be a laugh, but they’re really for kids. But we don’t want to dictate your style!


Summary of styling socks

The perfect look goes beyond your trouser hem. Take advantage of the potential for personal touches when choosing the right socks.

You can find a wide range of stylish socks in the bugatti online shop Discover single-colour socks and other styles with interesting patterns. There’s sure to be something that suits you!


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