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It all comes down to length – how to find the right shorts and summer trousers

One swallow doesn’t make a summer – but shorts do! The days are getting longer and we can finally put our heavy winter coats away to make room for all our favourite light and colourful summer pieces. 

What summer dresses are for women, (Bermuda) shorts are for men. With a relaxed cut and striking colours, these shorts make you long for sun, sea and sand.
So that you can enjoy this summer feeling every day, we share what’s important about shorts and how you can pair them with your favourite shirt.

Summertime is always the best of what might be.
Charles Bowden

The beginnings of Bermuda shorts

It’s not only the look of Bermuda shorts that reminds us of our last summer holiday, but their history represents the flair and attitude to life that they still radiate today.
As the name suggests, Bermuda shorts originate from Bermuda, which was not only made famous by the Bermuda Triangle. It offers everything a discerning holidaymaker could want: Sunshine, turquoise water and utter nonchalance.

In the 18th century, Bermuda was one of the most important Royal Navy locations. However, the heat was too much for the dapper Brits and they opted for a lighter version of the naval uniform.
This also included the first Bermuda shorts that are still considered a fashion staple on the island today.

Fashion facts about Bermuda shorts

A couple of things must ring true for shorts to also be called Bermuda shorts:

  • True Bermuda shorts finish approx. 5 cm above the knee.
  • There should be a maximum of 2 finger-width’s space between the shorts and the leg so that the Bermuda shorts retain their classic shape.
  • The best-loved colours are beige, navy and grey, but striking colour combinations and patterns are also acceptable if the rest of the outfit matches.

Shoes and socks for shorts

What goes best with our favourite summer trousers? If you’re not at the swimming pool, you’re better off avoiding sandals and flip-flops. Instead, choose a pair of sneakers or light fabric shoes. Low-top sneakers that don’t come up too high always go well with summer trousers. Should you wear socks with your sneakers and Bermuda shorts or not?

Socks you can see are an absolute no-go if you’re wearing Bermuda shorts.

But if wearing sneakers without socks is too unhygienic for you, opt for sock liners and ensure that they can’t be seen.

At which occasions can shorts be worn?

Even in the office, there is plenty of scope to add in Bermuda shorts. If the dress code is generally a bit more relaxed, it’s usually not a problem if you want to wear shorts to the office on hot days. However, for business meetings or a business dress code, you should avoid wearing shorts. 

So that you’re not sweating in a suit on hot days, we recommend light chino trousers. That way you’ll make a cool impression, even when the temperature rises ;)

In your down time, pair shorts with a t-shirt to always look casual but well dressed. For special occasions and birthdays, you should still ask the host for details of the dress code, and if in doubt, opt for long trousers.

A supreme discipline – combining Bermuda shorts and a suit jacket

You can simply style your own leisure look but combining a suit jacket with a pair of Bermuda shorts requires courage. The outfit can quickly look exaggerated and inappropriate.
But combining casual Bermuda shorts with an elegant suit jacket is utterly fashionable. This is why we’re sharing the biggest style tips for your “summer suit”:

How to pair a suit jacket with Bermuda shorts

Choose a light sports jacket so you don’t hamper your outfit’s casual flair.

How to pair a suit jacket with Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts in muted colours and without any striking patterns are most suitable for the smart-casual look.

How to pair a suit jacket with Bermuda shorts

Matching – dark-blue trousers go particularly well with a matching suit jacket paired with a light-blue shirt.

How to pair a suit jacket with Bermuda shorts

For more information about men’s suit jacks, we recommend you check out our suit jacket guide!


Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August. Winters are simply a time to count the weeks until the next summer.
Jenny Han


Shorts are in, and we think they’re a must-have for a hot summer. Make a statement and combine your Bermuda outfit with your favourite pieces from our summer collection. That way, you’ll be highly fashionable, even during the hottest of summers.

Are you still looking for the right shoes? We’re adding summer to your wardrobe and have the perfect sneakers for the hottest time of the year.

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