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Shirt collar types – which collar type is the best one for me?

A contrasting collar is likely to be the right choice for gentlemen 

When you buy a shirt, the collar size should definitely match your neck size perfectly. However, you should pay attention to more than just the right size, as there are marked differences between shirts. 

Overview of different collar types

There are many different types of men’s shirts: short- or long-sleeved, classic white shirts or checked leisure time versions, formal dress shirts and many more. Shirts are not only available in various fabrics, colours and patterns but also feature all sorts of different collar types.

How to choose the right one? No problem: we explain the most important collar versions to you. We also tell you which collar type you should preferably wear with a business outfit, on special occasions or during your leisure time.

Kent collar – the classic

You can’t really go wrong with a shirt with a Kent collar. This basic collar was named after the Duke of Kent. 

The medium-length, tapered spread angle of this collar and the rather close cut have a visually elongating effect. That is why this collar type is also perfect for men with round faces and shorter necks.

A Kent collar can be worn with a tie or a bow tie. A Kent collar can also be worn open.

You see: the Kent collar is a true all-rounder. Whether in the business or in the leisure time wear area: a Kent collar is always a safe choice.

All gentlemen should own several shirts with a Kent collar. You haven’t got one yet? Why not browse the bugatti online shop for a shirt with a Kent collar. You are bound to find the one that’s right for you in our shop.

Cutaway collar – fashionable everyday business look

On this collar type, the rather short collar wings are quite far apart. A cutaway collar almost looks as if someone had “taken a bite” out of a classic Kent collar.

You can wear both a wider tie with large tie knot – for example a Windsor knot – with a shirt with a cutaway collar as well as a wide bow tie. However, this collar type also looks great worn without a tie.

A cutaway collar is a stylish choice for everyday business wear. This fashionable and quite striking version is currently very popular. Suit jackets with a deep, wide neckline look particularly good together with a shirt with a cutaway collar.

Note: please do not wear a skinny tie with this collar type. It would look rather lost in this wide open collar.

Of course, bugatti also sells shirts with this collar type and matching ties. 

Windsor or New Kent collar – the modern all-rounder

Although the collar wings are also further apart on a Windsor collar, they are not as far apart as they are on a cutaway collar. The collar tips are also a slightly rounder shape and shorter.

You can wear it either open or closed. Depending on your personal taste, you can wear it with a tie – including a tie with a rather voluminous type of tie knot – or a bow tie.

Conclusion: the Windsor collar is an absolute all-rounder that will always make you look stylish – whether at a business meeting or at dinner.

Tab collar – smart and classic

Legend has it that this collar type was first sported by the Prince of Wales, who later became King Edward. Since then, this particularly smart collar type has also become established everyday business wear.

A tab collar is similar to a Kent collar. However, the collar tips of a tab collar are quite a bit closer together.

Tab collars are characterised by the fact that a concealed fabric tab keeps the collar wings together. It prevents the collar from flapping upwards and pushes the tie or bow slightly higher. The tab therefore ensure that the tie or bow tie sits perfectly.

Good to know: this type of collar should never be worn “bare-necked” but always with a bow tie (either a self-tie or a pre-tied version) or a tie. It simply looks much better!

Wing collar – the one for special occasions

Have you been invited to a gala, a ball or a formal dinner with “black tie” dress code?  As a perfect gentleman, you should opt for the ultimate shirt collar – the wing collar.

Shirts with a wing collar are worn on formal occasions that call for a dress suit, a morning suit or tailcoats. A wing collar is a stand-up collar that features smaller collar tips that sit slightly upright. A concealed button front and cuffs worn with matching cuff links are also characteristic for wing collar shirts.

Remember: shirts with a wing collar are worn only with a bow or an Ascot tie. The concealed button front already hints at the fact that it might not be necessary to wear a tie with a wing collar shirt. This type of button front does not have to be “hidden” behind a tie.

Button-down collar – the casual alternative

This casual collar type originated in the sports area. The loose collar tips where fastened to the shirt with buttons for practical reasons. Important: you should never undo the buttons!

Nowadays, button-down collar shirts are very popular business as well as leisure time wear. Button-down collar go as well with a fashionable sports-type suit jacket as they do with a jumper.

You don’t necessarily have to wear a tie with a button-down collar. A button-down collar is therefore the perfect solution for men who don’t like wearing a tie or bow tie.

bugatti also offers a wide choice of shirts with this type of collar. The spectrum ranges from plain-coloured to checked shirts and shirts with floral patterns. The bugatti range is bound to include the perfect shirt for any taste and occasion.

The contrasting collar – slightly unusual, but a real eye-catcher

that want to stand out from the crowd. Contrasting collars, also known as Winchester collars, are becoming increasingly popular.

Contrasting collars are suitable for everyday business as well as leisure time wear. They go as well with a suit jacket as they to with jeans and a jumper.

The contrasting collar is usually plain white and therefore contrasts the otherwise plain-coloured, striped or patterned shirt. Often, a shirt with a contrasting collar also features contrasting white cuffs. Sophisticated cuff links perfectly complete the picture. Men who are more daring when it comes to fashion

also wear shirts with a contrasting collar and contrasting cuffs in a colour other than white. Usually, this alternative contrasting colour tends to be black.

Remember: you should choose your tie with extreme care. The more striking the fabric of the shirt, the more understated the tie should be. A contrasting collar is already quite an eye-catching feature.


Conclusion – the collar issue is determined by the occasion and your personal style

Before you buy yourself a new shirt, you should consider when and where you intend to wear it. Thanks to our tips, you know have the expertise you need to be well-equipped for any event.

However, one thing is certain: the most important aspect of all is that you like the new shirt and its collar and that you feel comfortable in it. Dare to be difference and combine elegant with more casual elements if this suits your style.

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