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I would rather wear a suit everyday and be respected than dress half naked and be disrespected.
Bianca Frazier

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Short suit - no-go, or only something for the courageous?

The first hot days of the year have already left us breathless, especially if we had to sweat them out in a smart suit. There is now a new trend for the warmer weather: suits with short trousers.
Your bugatti fashion experts explain to you whether this new combination really is suitable everyday wear, or whether it’s better left on the catwalk.

The history of the “short suit” is easily explained and perfectly logical to those who have to wear a suit for professional reasons: why sweat in a classic suit if you can also get away with a lighter version? However, that’s no reason to dispense with the typical suit look. If the suit has a few specific characteristics and is put together in the right way, the trend can be successful!

What you should pay attention to when you buy a short suit

Like with a classic suit, a confident business outfit depends entirely on the fit of the suit jacket and trousers.
For the daring combination of suit jacket and shorts, we recommend a casual suit jacket. Pay attention to these six points to ensure that the suit jacket fits perfectly:

The collar: The suit jacket collar should rest only slightly on the shirt collar and also stay in place when you are moving.

The lapels: This is where it is most noticeable that a jacket is the wrong size. You should therefore ensure that the lapels don’t stick out or form unsightly small creases.

The shoulders: If the shoulder area bulges at the seams or tightens whenever you move, the suit jacket is the wrong size. Use this simple test to see whether a suit jacket fits at the shoulders: Lean your shoulder relaxed against a wall. If the suit jacket touches the wall at the same time as your shoulder, it is the right size.

The length: Even if you are not a tailor, you can easily find out whether a suit jacket is the right length: measure the distance between the middle of the neck to the floor and divide it by two. The result is your perfect suit jacket length.

The waist: Nothing destroys the look of a perfectly fitting suit quicker than the wrong waist width. At the most, you should generally be able to fit your clenched fist between the suit jacket and your stomach. However, on the other hand, the suit jacket must also not be too tight, which leads to unsightly creasing.

The sleeves: Sleeves that are too short or too long make a suit jacket look anything but stylish. You should therefore not underestimate the right sleeve length and ensure that around 1 cm of your shirt sleeve is visible below the suit jacket.

The suit’s short trousers

To ensure that your combination with short suit trousers actually looks like a suit and not like a mix of business and leisure time outfit, you should pay attention to some important points.
The fabric the short trousers are made of should match the suit jacket, and the thread should preferably run in the same direction.

In terms of the colour, we also recommend choosing shades that are extremely similar to those of the suit jacket. If you want to be really daring and if the dress code at your workplace permits it, more striking combinations are also OK, provided you continue to opt for muted colours. However, extremely busy patterns or bright colours are unsuitable office wear and should only be worn after work. A perfect fit is also important when it comes to the trousers. You should therefore take your time choosing a pair and trying it on. 

Nothing is more annoying than a daring new outfit that is marred by unsightly creases or fabric that is stretched too tightly. If they fit well, short suit trousers simply look the same as their longer counterparts.

What is important is that the shorts finish just above the knees and have pleats. If that is the case, there is nothing to stop you from wearing this exciting mix of casual and business!

No-goes for short suits

For a business look, the suit jacket and trousers must be made from high-quality virgin wool or cotton suit fabric with a viscose and acetate content. Material mixes or distressed finishes are simply not suitable for work. You should also - unlike with a classic suit - rely on short socks in the same colour as the suit.

The right shoes for a short suit

Short suits are unlikely to become the norm in some professional environments. However, should your company find a casual business look acceptable, a short suit is a good alternative on hot summer days. You should therefore also remember to wear the right shoes, as they attract more attention when you are wearing shorts, rather than long trousers.

Business shoes in a colour that matches the suit colour are always a safe choice, although brown leather shoes also go perfectly with muted colours. You’d like to emphasise a casual style? Then we recommend informal sneakers in white - however, they must be sophisticated!

Tie or bow tie with a summer suit?

Tie or a bow tie is a matter of personal preference. However, a short suit also looks great without either. You are expected to wear a suit and tie at the office? Then you have the choice between an understated plain-coloured tie that emphasises the business look of your short suit and a colourful version as a casual eye-catching accessory.

Bow ties are in fashion again at evening events and parties, and can also be the perfect finishing touch for a short suit. If you are invited to a wedding or a smarter event, you should nevertheless rely on more muted colours for your accessories.


Our conclusion:

the short suit is a trend many of us have longed for during the last few hot summers. However, for a look that is suitable business wear, there are some things to consider to ensure that your outfit is airy as well as trendy. We say:
try it out! If you are uncertain whether a suit with short trousers is acceptable at your workplace, you should ask just to make sure. 

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