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Sports jacket and jeans – a few tips for a casual business look

Jeans are one of the most popular and therefore best-selling garments in the world. A pair of well-cut jeans is a must-have. We wear them on many occasions and, thanks to an increasingly more relaxed business dress code, also in the office.

Can you also wear a sports jacket with a pair of jeans and what is a sports jacket, anyway – how does it differ from a suit jacket or a blazer? We tell you more about the differences and give you tips when and where the informal “casual look” is called for.

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Suit jacket, sports jacket or blazer – we explain the difference!

All three garments are formal jackets that are buttoned at the front. The terms are often used interchangeably these days.

The suit jacket is the modern interpretation of the 19th century frock coat. Sports jackets, initially not a tailored fit, are a later, specific form of suit jacket.

The originally quite different details on each are becoming increasingly indistinct. Gentlemen's outfitters now tend to simply use the term “suit jacket” for both versions. A “blazer” is a suit jacket that was originally worn for club or leisure time activities.

However, only the classic “boating blazer” has remained completely unchanged.

Dress code “casual” – for which occasions?

“Casual” stands for relaxed, easy-going, informal. “Casual” is used to describe the dress code that offers the most freedom. 

Invitations to private functions rarely stipulate a dress code. In this case, you should consider who has invited you, who else is invited and what the mood is likely to be. 

If the invitation is from colleagues or even your boss, you should – provided no dress code is mentioned on the invitation – make respective enquiries. If in doubt, come slightly overdressed, rather than underdressed – however, don’t go over the top. Casual dress code is the norm for informal invitations after work. In young start-up companies or the fashion industry, the casual look is even accepted business wear.

What is “casual wear”?

“Casual wear” does not equal everyday streetwear or the clothes you wear at home to lounge around on the sofa or what you throw on when you take the dog for walkies. Jogging pants, shorts and flip-flops will of course do fine in the latter situations.

“Casual wear”, on the other hand, refers to garments that are functional and comfortable, yet also smart and sophisticated. For example, you could combine a pair of well-cut non-faded dark jeans with a polo shirt or a plain-coloured shirt or a shirt with a subtle pattern. 

Baggy jeans, frayed trouser bottoms, garishly patterned Hawaiian shirts or sleeveless tops are taboo.

You can perfect your outfit with a suit or sports jacket, a fine knit jumper or a nice cardigan. Fleece jumpers or sweatshirts, however, are a rather unsuitable choice.

A suit or sports jacket you intend to wear with a pair of jeans should be made from a fabric that is not too smooth and fine.

Otherwise, it might look like a dress suit jacket worn on the wrong occasion. Preferably, a sports jacket should be made from a textured fabric and feature some casual details. 

If you feel too exposed in the neck area, you could wear a tie or a neckerchief with your suit or sports jacket. A plain-coloured knitted tie is always the right choice.

Casual trainers, flip-flops, sandals and white tennis socks are a definite “no-go”.

Instead, you should opt for leather sneakers or leather slip-ons and socks in a colour that matches the colour of your trousers.

Jeans and a sports jacket to a job interview – definitely an option, or totally unsuitable?

Over the years, jeans have become acceptable office wear. Whether a pair of jeans with a matching sports or suit jacket is the right outfit for a job interview depends above all on the industry. If you are applying for a job in the advertising or fashion industry, a trade or with a start-up company, jeans and sports or suit jacket are unlikely to be a problem. If you are going for a job in a hotel, bank, insurance company or with a service providers where you will have (plenty of) direct contact with business clients, you are well-advised to opt for the conservative version. A job interview isn’t a party. 

You can’t repeat a first impression. If in doubt, you should therefore decide against jeans with your sports jacket and for trousers made from another fabric. 

Dress code for a wedding – is it OK to wear jeans and a sports jacket as a wedding guest?

Setzen Sie daher auf einen passenden Anzug und finden Sie ein Modell, das Sie und Ihre positiven Eigenschaften gekonnt hervorhebt, statt Sie deplatziert wirken zu lassen. Hier spielt der Figurtyp eine wichtige Rolle.

If no particular dress code has been stipulated and the celebration is more informal, you can go to the reception in a pair of black or at least dark jeans, a plain, preferably white shirt and a plain-coloured, not too rustic sports jacket or a suit jacket. You won’t look out of place. If in doubt, there is nothing wrong with simply asking the bridal couple or best man/bridesmaids

to prevent a fashion faux pas.
#1 What you should out for when shopping

Both should be of good quality. If they look like a bargain buy, they are likely to be made of synthetic materials and will soon disappoint you.

#2 What you should out for when shopping

How about a sports jacket that is slightly tailored, dark navy, has a subtle polka dot pattern and is made from an airy cotton blend fabric? A pair of regular fit dark blue jeans, for example, would go perfectly with this.

#3 What you should out for when shopping

Especially in the summer, a blueish-grey, slightly textured sports jacket made from a jersey fabric and a pair of dark jeans combined with a white shirt or – for a slightly more informal look – a print top will make you look particularly stylish. Why not look for the right kind of sports jacket in our online shop?


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