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Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.
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Suit etc. - the bugatti style guide

What is the perfect fit? What should I look out for when choosing the jacket? Which shirt should I opt for, and which tie type goes well with this?

The perfect suit projects a mix of style-consciousness and nonchalance. In the right suit, a man can tackle everyday business life with style, approach an upcoming job interview with self-confidence or show the appropriate respect at special occasions such as a wedding. 

Finding a modern, smart-casual business suit can sometimes be a challenge. Especially in business, first impressions count and by following a few basic rules, anyone can prove their awareness of etiquette and comply with the respectively required dress code.

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The fit

What is a perfect fit? What should I keep in mind when buying a suit jacket? The suit jacket should sit in a straight line at the shoulders. The seam should run slightly beyond the shoulders, but the  shoulders should not slip down over the arms. 

A stylish two-piece suit should be beautifully cut and emphasise the wearer’s personality. Our magic formula is: it all depends on finding cut is the one that’s perfect for you! We offer two options: Buy your bugatti suit, or buy each of the various elements of a suit separately with our “mix & match” building-block system, which allows you to combine a suit jacket, shirt and trousers in different sizes with each other.

Tip no.1:

You should be aware of the fact that you are wearing a suit jacket, but it must never hamper your movements!

Ideally, the shoulders of the suit jacket should form a straight line that is slightly longer than the shoulder seams, although it should not extend as far as the sleeves. The sleeve ends should rest on the base of the thumbs. Fashion-conscious men choose sleeves that are one to two centimetres shorter for a casual look. A slim fit creates a tailored silhouette and makes the wearer look fashionable. The lapels should lie flat on both sides of the jacket, right down to the button when it is fastened; a tight fit or lapels that stand up should be avoided. A size guide will help you to determine the right length.

Tip no.2:

Modern gentlemen need to take only three simple buttonhole rules to heart to impress with a sophisticated smart-casual look: Always fasten the button on one-button suit jackets. Fasten the top button only on two-button jackets, and only the middle one on three-button suit jackets.

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The shirt

Whether in the summer or in the winter – the fabric should be taken into account when choosing a suitable business shirt. During the colder months, shirts made from a heavy cotton fabric shirts such as Oxford shirts are a good choice, whilst light cotton shirts are comfortable to wear on hot days and have an additional cooling effect. 


A stylish look always calls for a long-sleeved shirt, as short-sleeved shirts are never worn underneath a suit jacket. When the temperatures rise, it is acceptable to roll your sleeves up. However, you must roll them down again when putting on the jacket, and fasten the cuffs.


Collar tips no.1: Kent collar

The most conventional collar type is the versatile Kent collar, which is generally known as the perfect all-rounder. It is typically characterised by a less extreme spread angle of around 60 to 90 degrees. The straight collar tips make this collar suitable for all kinds of tie knots and also for wearing a classic bow tie. As the collar tips are closer together than those of other designs, a Kent collar can also be worn without a tie. It also allows the shirt to be worn with the top buttons undone. The ideal companion for smart business looks or evening occasions.

Collar tips no.2: Button-down collar

Button down collars feature visible or non-visible buttons that hold the collar tips down. This design does not need any stays. Button down shirts look informal and are usually worn without a tie. They are therefore not a good choice for formal occasions. This type of collar goes perfectly with one-button casual suit jackets and chinos or jeans, and is perfectly acceptable worn without a tie.

Collar tips no.3: Cutaway collar

A comfortable as well as fashionable classic is a shirt with a cutaway collar, also called spread collar. This type of collar was originally designed to be worn with particularly wide ties as the spread between the collar tips is very wide. Cutaway collar shirts are a good choice for business outfits as they visually emphasise a well-cut suit. However, a shirt with a cutaway collar should always be buttoned up to the top. Also looks impressive in combination with a dinner suit.


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bugatti Stilrategeber: Herrenhemd mit Button-Down-Kragen
bugatti Stilrategeber: Herrenhemd mit Haifischkragen

Tip no.3:

What shirt is the right choice for a suit, and which collar type suits me best? There’s a golden rule: two fingers should comfortably fit between the collar and the neck to ensure that the shirt is not too tight or makes you feel like you are choking. At the nape, the collar of the shirt should not be shorter than the collar of the jacket. All in all, the collar of the shirt and the collar of the suit should match.


Which tie goes with which shirt? Not everything goes with everything. Here a few tips to help you avoid a wild mix of patterns. The main rule for a stylish business look is: Don’t overdo it! A few carefully selected accessories and a tie with a matching design are more than enough to impress in a business environment.

Tie types no.1: College stripes

College stripes are a classic all-rounder. They are almost always the right choice, whether for a business or a casual look, and can be worn with a plain or with a striped shirt.

Tie types no.2: Plain

Plain colours are ideal for business outfits that consist of a checked or striped shirt and a suit; they also go well with a suit jacket and sophisticated trousers or a more casual look with jeans or chinos. However, they can also be worn to a smart dinner, fashionable events or special occasions.

Tie types no.3: Dotted

Dots are unsuitable for a casual look. They belong in the office or may be worn on special occasions. They go well with striped or plain shirts. However, do keep this simple rule in mind: the larger the dots, the more daring the look.

Tie types no.4: Knitted

Knitted ties work perfectly with shirts with minimal patterns, a pair of chinos and jeans. This creates an elegant yet also modern casual look. However, a knitted tie in combination with a checked or a business shirt is a no-no.

bugatti Stilratgeber: Krawatte mit Collagen-Streifen
bugatti Stilratgeber: Krawatte in Uni-Farbe
bugatti Stilratgeber: Krawatte mit Punkten
bugatti Stilratgeber: Krawatte aus Strick

The belt

The more understated, the better! In keeping with the motto “less is more”, a matching belt puts the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, whether a classic smooth leather version with an understated pin buckle or a more showy velvety suede belt.

Please do not be tempted to wear eye-catching plate or logo buckles or wide belts made from rough leather. In terms of colour, the belt should match the shoes. It should be around 3 to 3.5 centimetres wide.

The shoes

A modern gentleman should opt for leather or suede lace-up shoes or boots. Oxford or Derby shoes or brogues are considered the perfect choice. Ankle boots are also acceptable, albeit only in winter and never on formal occasions or at business meetings. Your shoes should subtly emphasise your sophisticated overall look in an understated way, match the length of your trousers and not detract from the suit. 

Lace-up brogue-style Oxfords are a classic and elegant choice. A contemporary interpretation of these classic business shoes allows such details as embossed exotic reptile finishes or colourful laces that make a statement.


Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.
Lauren Hutton

A perfect outfit is not complete without the right pair of shoes! Their colour should match the colour of the belt.

Find your new style with the bugatti look. Look well-dressed and confident with our shoes and elegant clothes that always have that certain something. Whether casual or business outfits - we will find the right look for you that matches your personality both at work and during your leisure time. Get some inspiration from our stories and join us on a journey through the wide range of different contemporary fashion styles. In our magazine, we show you the trends for the upcoming season and how to perfectly combine them.

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