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The right trouser length for suit trousers – rules, useful tips and tricks

Finding a suit that fits perfectly can sometimes be a real challenge. As your outfit is always the first thing somebody notices about you, a good cut and the right fit are particularly important.

It doesn’t actually matter who sees you in your business outfit, a business partner, your colleagues or other people. A suit jacket with a modern cut, clean and well-polished footwear, a shirt in a matching colour and the suit trousers should always result in an overall well-balanced look.

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You are probably used to having to visit many different shops before you find a model that vaguely fits. The most difficult problem is likely to have been the trousers, as they tend to harbour many pitfalls. Many trousers are too long or cut too wide, or they don’t match your build visually. It therefore makes sense to familiarise yourself with a few basic rules before you buy a pair of suit trousers.

Fortunately for you, we give you the best tips on buying suit trousers in this article. As soon as you have determined the fit and length that are perfect for you, you can move on to emphasising and flattering your figure with bugatti’s stylish and totally fashionable suit trousers.

What should you keep in mind?

Your basic measurements are particularly important, i.e.:

  • Leg length
  • Foot width
  • Seat circumference
  • Stomach circumference

If you want to wear suit trousers that are a perfect fit, it is vital to take your measurements. 

The following size ranges apply to the respective build:
  • normal sizes (40 – 74, even numbers)
  • high-waisted trousers (47 – 79, uneven numbers)
  • short sizes (23 – 34, all numbers)
  • slim sizes (88 – 114, even numbers, from size 90 upwards in steps of four)


Buying a tailor-made suit jacket and trousers is certainly the best way to ensure a good fit, but this is not an affordable option for everyone. 

You will therefore also look modern and fashionable in a ready-to-wear suit with matching trousers from bugatti – provided you know what size you need! You don’t need to know your measurements down to the last millimetre. However, if you know that you have very long legs and are generally quite slim, there is no point in looking at anything in size 23 – 34; you should look in the size range 88 – 114.

The fit of the suit trousers is also extremely important for a well-balanced overall look. Your trousers should start at your waist, rather than sit on your hips. If the trousers sit on your hips, the crotch area moves to further down, which is not exactly a flattering look. Wearing a pair of suit trousers that starts at the waist elongates you visually and makes your silhouette look better proportioned, and therefore flatters your figure. 

The length and shape determine the look.

It is essential that the trouser cut matches the length. Wide cut trousers should ideally go all the way down to the heels of your shoes. The upper edge of the heels should just be visible.

Slim fit, close-fitting trousers are also becoming increasingly fashionable and look particularly youthful and modern. On this suit trouser version, it’s fine for the legs to end around 1.5 centimetres above the edge of the heels, which is around halfway up the heel of the shoe.

The basic rule for your perfect trouser length is easy to understand and remember. There is a foolproof way to find out whether the trousers are the right length when you buy a suit or try it on. The “male talk show guest pose” is the ideal way to quickly determine the right length by means of a short test. 

How it works: Sit down on a chair for a short while, cross your legs and maybe lean forward a little. If the hem of the trousers is now above your ankles, the trouser length is too short and you should try on another pair. 

Having your trousers altered

Even though there are so many different sizes for the various body types, standard length trousers sometimes just do not fit. You may be familiar with the problem: your perfect fit would be “somewhere in between two sizes”. One pair of trousers is too wide, the other too short and the next seems to have odd creases in the seat area. If you can’t find a pair of trousers that fits properly, the only real solution is to ask a tailor to alter them for you. However, you should always wash a new pair of cotton or also linen trousers once beforehand as instructed on the laundry label as they may shrink in the wash. If you take them to a tailor straight away and wash them for the first time afterwards, they may still fit anything but perfectly!

When you visit the tailor, you should wear the shoes you intend to wear most often with your suit. This helps the tailor to shorten your trousers to precisely the right length. 

Did you know? Many people also have one leg that is shorter than the other, which can be caused by a slightly tilted pelvis. Again, a good tailor will measure the inside and outside leg length on both legs to get measurements that are as exact as possible.

The right way to accessorise for a fashionable look

When you wear a business suit, for example, you should preferably always opt for slightly longer socks (or even knee highs). If you wear a pair of ordinary, shorter socks, you might unwillingly show a flash of naked ankle when you sit down! This is considered an absolute fashion faux pas when in the suit wearing world!

Choosing a pair of usually plain socks in the right colour is also decisive when it comes to making a good impression.  The shade of the trousers plays an important role here. You should always choose socks that are one shade darker than the trousers – that is the rule of thumb.

Colourful or even patterned socks are also extremely trendy right now. Cleverly combined, they can be a truly eye-catching accessory. However, your look should match your personality. Make the wrong choice, and you can easily look dressed up or disguised.

Together, the smart belt, the matching shirt, the well-chosen tie and of course the suit jacket should always make an overall well-balanced impression. Find out for yourself which accessories are the right ones to perfect your look. bugatti sells a wide choice of accessories.


Get advice and shop in the bugatti online store

To make sure that everything goes smoothly when you choose your next pair of suit trousers, bugatti offers a wide range of fashionable trousers in various cuts. Whether with a traditional pleat or plain – bugatti is always a good choice and stocks a great selection.

If need be, you can resort to one of the many different ways of contacting us to ask our experts, consultants and customer service staff for advice. A personal consultation is always a good idea and helps you to choose everything you need for your perfectly matched everyday or office outfit.

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