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“You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”
Karl Lagerfeld

Trousers & fits - the bugatti guide to finding your perfect trouser style

From denims, chinos and five-pocket designs to flat fronts – we share interesting trouser tips and tricks with fashion-conscious gentlemen!  Elegant as well as casual men’s trousers for business meetings, leisure time activities and many other occasions. 



We tell you how much the hem width of the various cuts differs in centimetres. We also explain the differences between a “regular” fit, a “modern” fit and a “slim” fit. Learn more about the various cuts and trouser types from our basic guide to men’s trousers. Keep up to date with the latest fashion at all times to ensure that you always look stylish at business meetings or when you want to impress the ladies. 

bugatti Hosenratgeber -Finde die perfekte Passform
bugatti Hosenratgeber -Finde die perfekte Passform

Our tip for a smart business look: when you buy a suit jacket, you should always buy two different matching trousers and shirts to go with it to ensure that you are equipped for all eventualities. Base your choice of footwear on the fit of your trousers. This will again prevent any fashion faux pas. 

The fit

No. 1: Regular fit

“Regular fit” men’s trousers are the perfect cut for any occasion, as they are comfortably loose and straight. This classic cut with straight legs has a very loose hem width of 41 cm. Especially “regular fit” suit trousers have the right length if the hem loosely touches the back of the foot but does not touch the heel of the shoe.

This cut is an absolute all-rounder and the perfect stylish office or special occasion wear. This classic choice is eminently suitable for combination with a suit jacket and also the ideal companion for all other situations in life.

No. 2: Modern fit

“Modern fit” trousers are perfect for fashion-conscious men as this cut is extremely contemporary. Slightly slimmer cut yet not as close-fitting as “slim fit” designs, this fit emphasises the silhouette of the wearer. The cut is basically slimmer and more modern yet definitely not skinny. The tapered legs end in hems with a 40 cm width. Thanks to a shorter rise, the “modern fit” sits around 1 to 2 cm lower on the waist. Especially men who fly or travel by car a lot benefit from this fit as the legs are not too tight despite the slim cut and therefore fit comfortably.

The choice of what to wear them with is wide: depending on the occasion, you can combine them with a plain shirt, a jumper, a polo shirt or a T-shirt; wear them with a suit jacket to upgrade them for a sophisticated business look.

No. 3: Slim fit

A particularly young and trendy fit that is almost as close-fitting as “skinny”. Our “slim fit” trousers are often made from our innovative FLEXCITY fabric and combine comfort with a slim fit cut. “Slim fit” men’s trousers are cut even more close-fitting than “modern fit” trousers and have a lower rise. All designs have a hem width of either 36 cm or 38 cm. Despite their slim fit, the trousers are extremely comfortable thanks to the use of special “power stretch” fibres and afford plenty of room to move yet never lose their shape. 

The high stretch content therefore makes an active lifestyle possible and also keeps the trousers in shape. Prove your trend-consciousness by choosing a pair of “slim fit” trousers for a well-dressed look at work and elsewhere.
Finden deine perfekte Hose mit dem bugatti Passform-Ratgeber
Finden deine perfekte Hose mit dem bugatti Passform-Ratgeber
Finden deine perfekte Hose mit dem bugatti Passform-Ratgeber
Finden deine perfekte Hose mit dem bugatti Passform-Ratgeber
The authentic look: modern fit is still modern, but slim fit is trendy. Modern yet also comfortable.

The “modern fit” is still the most popular cut of trousers sold by bugatti; however, “slim fit” is catching up. Especially fashion-conscious men who lead an active lifestyle appreciate our “slim fit” designs with their close-fitting legs, a reduced hem width of 36 or 38 cm and a low rise. Modern yet also always authentic without any sacrifices in terms of comfort or the dilemma of trousers that are too tight! FLEXCITY finish makes it possible.

Jeans & five-pocket designs

Modern five-pocket designs made from top quality denim or cotton are must-haves when it comes to office wear basics.

Our jeans and five-pocket trousers are outstanding thanks to many clever details and finishes as we use only high quality accessories such as leather labels, tack buttons and authentic studs. Decorative stitching and the elaborately finished insides reflect the inimitable style of our brand and turn our jeans and five-pocket trousers into eye-catchers. Our current collection is dominated mainly by “modern fit” and “slim fit” designs in timeless shades of blue and grey with  trendy washes. Our jeans and five-pocket designs tend to come in subtle colours. Jeans and five-pocket trousers can easily be worn to formal occasions instead of classic suit trousers.

We recommend combining them with a casual suit or tweed jacket and traditional leather shoes.

Modern yet also comfortable

If you want to look well-dressed, you should never ignore one basic rule: well-cut trousers are a must! Essentially, our designs can be divided into three different fits: “modern” fit, “regular” fit and “slim” fit.

“Modern fit” continues to be fashionable and should be your choice if you want the authentic look.

Flat fronts

Designed with an eye for detail, with patch back pockets.

The easy choice; somewhere in between casual jeans and elegant suit trousers. The versatility of flat fronts makes them a timeless classic; they literally go with anything. As sophisticated pleated trousers, cargo trousers that are smart enough for the office or chinos, this trouser type is suitable for a wide range of occasions and is an excellent basic no-one should be without. This comfortable version of modern fit men’s trousers is available in various colours. This season, it will make you look stylish in grey, taupe, beige or blue.

Loosely cut flat front trousers allow you to create an extremely comfortable elegant or casual look that is suitable business yet equally suitable leisure time wear. 

Combine them with a casual top and sneakers or a high quality suit jacket and a white shirt – these fabric trousers also make a wide range of different looks possible.

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Bermudas and shorts

Every year, the hotter weather is a challenge for men in terms of what to wear.  Cargo shorts and Bermudas are totally trendy and exactly the right choice on days that call for airy clothes. Plain-coloured cargo-style shorts have always been a popular choice. Floral prints and casual five-pocket style denim Bermudas add variety. However, please keep in mind that short trousers are not always a suitable choice. You should still keep your legs covered on formal occasions. 

The right style for hot weather

Find your new style with the bugatti look. Look well-dressed and confident with our shoes and elegant clothes that always have that certain something. Whether casual or business outfits - we will find the right look for you that matches your personality both at work and during your leisure time. Get some inspiration from our stories and join us on a journey through the wide range of different contemporary fashion styles. In our magazine, we show you the trends for the upcoming season and how to perfectly combine them.