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Wearing a jumper on top of a shirt – a no-go or stylish?

Just because our granddads tend to favour wearing a jumper on top of a shirt , this combination should not be dismissed outright as an old-fashioned and boring fashion no-go. In actual fact, this timeless combination can also be a striking one in this day and age and look extremely stylish.

Wearing a jumper on top of a shirt is also a popular office wear choice again and very fashionable. If, for example, your company’s dress code includes a “casual Friday”, you can leave your suit at home that day and choose a fashionable jumper worn over a matching shirt instead.

We tell you what you should bear in mind when wearing and choosing this combination!

The perfect “pullover”

The basics in your wardrobe should definitely also include a “pullover” along with some matching shirts. Wearing a pullover over a shirt is not as formal as a suit jacket but more formal than a sweatshirt. This combination is a smart and elegant choice for many occasions.

Whether you choose to wear a crewneck or a V-neck jumper over your shirt is a matter of personal preference. Both is possible. However, you should make sure that the neckline is not too low and fits well. A classic gents’ “pullover” is fine knit and an understated plain colour. Rough knits and patterns are rather unsuitable. 

Tip: Have a look in the bugatti online shop, where you will find many smart crewneck and V-neck jumpers made from various materials on offer in different colours. You are bound to find the one that’s right for you.

Popular materials for knitted jumpers

Cotton is the yarn that is used most often for jumpers. bugatti sells particularly stylish cotton jumpers with a subtle honeycomb texture, for example, that adds a certain something to these otherwise rather plain cotton jumpers.

Cotton jumpers with a cashmere content are particularly comfortable to wear. Cashmere is a wonderful material that fells soft and warm.

Wool and polyester blend jumpers are also popular. Blended yarns are not only comfortable to wear but also very easy to care for.

Which shirt with what type of collar?

You are on the safe side with a plain-coloured shirt or a design with subtle stripes that matches the jumper. If a more casual look is acceptable, you can also wear a denim or a patterned shirt underneath your jumper.

Casual, short-sleeved polo shirts, a particularly popular choice in the summer, can also be worn underneath a V-neck jumper. However, you should refrain from combining a polo shirt with a crewneck jumper as the collar might bulge unattractively in the nape. 

As you can see: a shirt and a jumper can be combined in many ways. Just like a tank top or a cardigan , a jumper designed to be worn over a shirt never goes out of fashion and is an all-rounder no man – whether young or old – should be without.

Important to know about the collar

Regardless of whether you choose a denim or a business shirt: the shirt collar should never be visible. The collar tips should always be tucked away below the jumper’s neckline.
This isn’t an issue when you are wearing a shirt with a button-down collar. This collar type is perfect for being worn below a jumper as the loose collar tips are fastened to the shirt with buttons. 

With any other type of collar, you should make sure that the collar wings are not too far apart. Shirts with a Kent collar can easily be worn underneath a jumper. However, you should refrain from wearing a shirt with a cutaway collar below a jumper. Get some inspiration from the extensive bugatti range! Your are bound to discover the shirt and jumper combination that is perfect for you.


This is only the start – however, there’s more

A shirt worn beneath a jumper is a good choice. However, if you would like to upgrade this outfit, you could complete it with a matching tie. V-neck jumpers are the most suitable for this. This combination tends to look a bit ungainly with a crewneck jumper.

On colder days, a well-cut suit jacket perfectly completes your look. A stylish quilted jacket also goes well with this casual outfit.

In your leisure time, the shirt below the jumper does not necessarily have to be tucked inside your trousers. This creates a younger and more informal look. However, the shirt should not be creased, as this would make you look dishevelled rather than relaxed.

Of course bugatti will also help you to find a suitable suit jacket or a fashionable tie. You will find lots of inspiration for this anything but conservative combination in the online shop . Have fun experimenting!

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