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What to wear with brown shoes – tips and suggestions

“No brown in townor “no brown after six”. Do these sayings still apply these days? We are investigating the matter further!

For many years, brown shoes were definitely considered leisure time wear only for men, even though brown shoes can actually look quite elegant. The Italians, for example, have already been showing us how to wear brown shoes in business for ages. We are also increasingly following this fashion trend in this country, and brown shoes are becoming more popular. 

We show you what to wear with brown shoes and when you should maybe refrain from wearing shoes in this trendy colour.

“No brown after six”?

As a rule of thumb, you should remember the following: brown shoes are only suitable business wear on informal occasions or when the dress code is “casual business”. Ultimately, what is acceptable and what is not depends largely on the industry you work in. 

However, if you go for a drink with colleagues or clients “after six o’clock”, you don’t have to worry about having to change your brown shoes for a pair of black leather ones. It is true that in the past, only black shoes were considered acceptable after work. 

However, these days, things are considerably more relaxed when it comes to “no brown after six”,

although this does not mean that this old rule no longer applies. The rule “no brown after six” still applies on formal occasions and at weddings. For elegant evening events, you should therefore opt for a pair of smart black leather shoes.

The rule of thumb is: black shoes simply look a touch more sophisticated with a black suit. However, we don’t want to tell you what to wear. After all, your style is your business. No one should dictate it!

This extremely old saying is bound to be out rather of date these days. In England, brown shoes were once seen as a sure sign that someone was from the country. The gentlemen who lived in town wore classic black leather shoes instead to differentiate themselves from country people who did physical work.

“No brown in town”?

Nowadays, you could almost say: brown shoes wherever you look.

 An increasing number of men wear brown shoes with a navy or dark grey suit , which proves fashion consciousness. Brown shoes have therefore become accepted on various occasions.

Regardless of whether your shoes are dark, light or medium brown: brown shoes bring a welcome change to the otherwise rather boring shoe world dominated by black.

Brown shoes should therefore also become a firm element of your outfit. They will make you stand out from the crowd and emphasise your personal style.

What to wear with brown shoes if you don’t want to break your style

Brown shoes are very versatile. Whilst black shoes, strictly speaking, only look good with a grey or a black suit, brown footwear is the right choice for almost all occasions.

Brown shoes are a particularly popular choice for casual outfits with a suit jacket, a knitted jumper, Jeans or chinos.

However, you should approach the matter with care

The shade of brown of your shoes should definitely match the rest of your outfit. Time for some careful consideration.

Dark brown shoes look particularly good with navy suit trousers . If you are wearing a grey suit , a chartreuse coloured pair of shoes will go particularly well with your suit. Brown boots , on the other hand, go well with a pair of jeans.

For a stylish look, wear a tie or pocket square in a matching colour with brown shoes. It’s also OK to wear a brown belt.

Ultimately, which combination you opt for is a matter of personal taste. The occasion also dictates the dress code, of course. You are bound to choose a different combination for a business outfit than you would for an informal occasion.

You are bound to choose a different combination for a business outfit than you would for an informal occasion.

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