the perfect in-between the seasons jacket for spring

A perfect symbiosis of style and functionality.

Waterproof fabric protects you against the rain. However, at the same time, you don't need to worry about moisture build-up inside your jacket due to perspiration: the fabric is extremely breathable and actually helps any moisture to escape. It also keeps out the wind. 

The bugatti Rainseries jackets are miracles when it comes to functionality. They are waterproof, breathable and feel comfortably light to wear.
Reversible jackets: two jackets are better than one

Another unusual aspect of our Rainseries jackets is that some of them are also reversible. If you are bored with the design of your jacket or it doesn't go with your outfit, you can simply turn it inside out. This will give you a jacket that looks completely different and therefore goes with other things. This makes a reversible jacket from our

Rainseries such an incredibly practical holiday choice. On the one hand, you will be perfectly protected against the rain on your sightseeing tour, and on the other, you only have to take one jacket as it goes with so many things. This helps you to keep your luggage to a minimum and light, as you don't have to take a second jacket as an alternative.

Waterproof: perfectly dry in rainy weather

If none of the jackets in the Rainseries range appeal to you, we also have a second ace up our sleeve. Our waterproof jackets have many of the same properties: the upper material features a high-quality water-repellent finish.

Again, functionality is combined with comfort here. 

Conclusion: the perfect jacket for in-between the seasons to see you through the spring in style.

A jacket from the Rainseries range or one of our waterproof jackets will not only keep you dry but also see you through April showers fashionably dressed. Protected against the rain, wind and cold, you can enjoy every day to the full. You also won't feel too hot in your new rain jacket when the sun shines. The good old rain jacket has been reinvented and elevated to the next style level.

Why not try one out straight away and buy your new favourite springtime jacket?