Valencian street style – a day between city & beach

Sometimes, we long for far away places, endless beaches and labyrinthine alleyways. Sometimes, we heed the call of the urban jungle. Valencia combines modern flair with a genuine holiday feeling more than just about any other city.

This busy Spanish city is your next destination, too? We are bound to sell your perfect outfit for a stylish stay – whether you are going there to party, appreciate the local culture or enjoy the beach.

Valencia – a gem by the Mediterranean

The seaside town with a unique charm is particularly attractive off-season, inviting you to extended tours of discovery. During the day, the temperatures never fall below ten degrees; you can therefore leave your cosy winter jackets at home even in January.
We show you which fashion pieces are absolute must-haves for your holiday in Valencia, and which tourist attractions are must-sees.

In the morning: intimate encounters with history

It used to be one of Spain's richest and busiest seaside ports; today, it's a tourist magnet: we visit the city off-season to experience its natural charm and everyday life without huge groups of tourists and large numbers of coaches. To create the perfect holiday look, we opted for a layering-style outfit.

What is important is that the pieces of clothing have different lengths. How about a casual pair of jeans, a light blouse and a warm V-neck jumper, for example? The popular layered look is also suitable for men. The trendy jacket with functional features can easily be combined with a shirt and a waistcoat.

This means you won't just be always well-dressed but also perfectly prepared for cooler temperatures.

We intend to explore the city mainly on foot, and are therefore relying on comfortable and light sneakers. We pack everything we want to take along with us in our leather backpack, which is an absolute holiday must-have, to complete our first Valencia city outfit.

We start our day in Valencia's historic city centre and follow the winding alleyways to picturesque squares and small cafés. From here, it's only a short walk to Valencia's cathedral. The majestic church still looks a bit sleepy; we therefore have the impressive building almost entirely to ourselves. From the Plaza de la Reina, we walk west until we get to the Plaza Ciudad de Brujas. Inside the Mercat Central, Valencia's largest indoor market, it smells of fresh fruit and of the aromas of the hundreds of different products for sale here. We stock up on Spanish specialities and walk on. It has become warmer by now; we can therefore store our functional jackets away in our backpack.

The last morning destination is the City of Arts and Sciences complex. It offers everything an explorer might want: a science museum, an opera house and an aquarium. Totally worth seeing! We return to our hotel full of new impressions.

Tip: Layered looks in one colour are less eye-catching. You should therefore always rely on at least two different shades!

In the afternoon: Spanish flair and walks by the beach

Invigorated and rested, we begin the second part of our stay in Valencia. We have swapped our understated excursion looks for leisure time-style shirts and blouses. According to the motto "more is more", we follow this year's trend and rely on strong colours and large-scale patterns.

Tip: Large-scale patterns are always eye-catching. However, you should make sure that you don't combine too many different colours with each other, as your outfit could soon look too overpowering.

Besides brightly coloured blouses and shirts, colourful trousers are the main must-have for 2020.  The casual sneakers also go back into the suitcase, and we opt for stylish boots and a smaller backpack.

Public transport takes us to the Jardín del Turia in no time. The extensive park invites you to go for a stroll. It is the seaside city's green oasis.

Then we continue on to Valencia's beach. Although it is still too cold to go for a swim, a long walk by the beach still gives you a real summer feeling. Before we return to the hotel, we visit the restaurant "La Pepita", one of Valencia's best and most popular paella restaurants. After a delicious portion of Spanish specialities, we travel back to our hotel and are looking forward to a sociable evening and Spain's nightlife.


In the evening: party animals and Mediterranean rhythms

We want to celebrate the end of our stay in Valencia in the picturesque historic city centre. Even though there are many different choices when it comes to the party scene and nightclubs in Valencia, we have decided to experience a typical Spanish evening in small bars and clubs. We have therefore swapped our daytime outfit for a smart suit and a casual dress. We rely on light in-between jackets to keep us warm when the temperature drops that we can also store away in a stylish handbag, if necessary. After relying on practical footwear all day long, we are looking forward to smart lace-ups and court shoes.

Exhausted but happy, we raise a glass of Spanish wine to our successful stay in this trendy city that is as diverse as hardly any other in Europe. Regardless of how you intend to explore the city, we definitely sell the right outfit or your stay in the urban jungle of Valencia!   

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