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Amazing summer! The best outfits for the office and the after-work party

Life is a party. Dress for it.
Audrey Hepburn

Your holiday is over, or you are still looking forward to it but it’s still some way off and you have to carry on sweating at the office before you can swap your outfit for swimming costume and flip-flops? The feeling is all too familiar to everyone, but also makes a great change to everyday life at the office. ;-) Despite meetings, warm meeting rooms and breaks that are too short to go for a swim in an outdoor pool, we think summer is amazing and fun, and show you how to transform your office into an after-work outfit.

A spontaneous invitation during the week, a colleague’s birthday, or maybe you just want to enjoy the evening sun after work: there are plenty of occasions for heading out for a relaxed evening straight from the office. However, leaving directly from work also harbours a problem: most of you won’t keep a second outfit at the office. Don’t let this stop you, because we show you the trendiest office outfits that can easily be transformed into suitable after-work party wear for an amazing summer.

Business outfits for the office and the after-work party

Men’s outfits for spontaneous occasions - from business to casual

The industry you work in sets the rules for your outfit. Even we can’t magically turn the classic combination of dark suit and white shirt into beach wear, but with minimal effort, you can create a look that makes your office outfit look more informal after a long working day. 

The jacket

If the weather is nice and it’s still warm in the evenings, you can simply take off your suit jacket, remove your tie and loosen your shirt slightly by opening the top button, pulling it out of your trousers a little (not completely, just a touch) and rolling up your sleeves two or three times. If, on the other hand, you are wearing a casual suit jacket, you can simply keep this on if it’s not too warm. All you have to do is unbutton it for a casual, unrestricted look. Silver accessories such as a beautiful watch, a nice belt or a colourful neckerchief can also add a more casual touch to your outfit; at the same time, they are great eye-catching details. If waistcoats are your thing, you could also complete your evening outfit with one of these. Again, you should remove your tie if you want to take your suit jacket off. 

The shirt

We generally recommend always keeping a spare shirt at the office to change into. This can either be a business shirt, or you could keep a slightly casual shirt with a subtle pattern or a striking colour at the office - just in case you go for a drink with colleagues after work. You can then quickly change your shirt after the working day is done, feel fresh and leave at least part of your business outfit behind at the office. A striking shirt also goes well with the rest of your business outfit, like suit trousers and leather lace-up shoes. Although the shirt adds a loose touch to this very staid look, you’ll still be suitably dressed for an evening with a slightly formal smart casual or “come as you are” dress code.

If you don’t have a second shirt at work, there are a few small tricks you can use to loosen your outfit up for the after-work party. Remove your tie and open the top one or two buttons of your shirt. Then simply undo your cuffs and casually roll up your sleeves by turning them over a couple of times. 

The shoes

Black or dark leather lace-ups are the right choice for a suit or business outfit. And for drinks after work? Simply swap your shoes for a pair of stylish sneakers. These should be clean, of course. You should wear the trainers you wore to the last festival precisely there and nowhere else. ;-) 

You can easily keep another pair of shoes to change into at the office - ditto a spare shirt. This allows you to quickly switch between business casual and smart casual for after work. 

If your job permits it, you can also simply combine your office outfit with more striking shoes or sneakers. We have researched some cool styling ideas for the perfect sneaker look and what to wear sneakers with at the office for you.

Besides your clothing, your hair is an important detail of your outfit. Restyling or changing your hairdo also has a direct impact on the way you come across. You should therefore always keep a small tube of wax or mousse at the office.

Women’s outfits – style-confident from desk to party

What applies to men is of course just as possible for women’s business outfits: a stylish transformation from office to after-work look.

If the dress code at work is not too conventional, all you usually have to do is to refresh your make-up a little, let down your hair and maybe slip into a smart pair of court shoes or sandals. In the summer, something more airy is also perfectly acceptable and allows you to inject some of your personal style. Wide blouses, a well-cut jumpsuit, loose chinos or also a pair of jeans or a nice dress make you look good at the office as well as at the after-work party. The only important thing is that the dress shouldn’t be too short (not above the knee), and that you shouldn’t show too much bare skin, as this does not look business-like and your employer is bound to disapprove. 

However, if your office dress code dictates a pencil skirt, a plain blouse and a blazer, you have to be creative. In that case, it’s usually again a good idea to be able to pull a second, more colourful blouse out of a drawer, or you could combine the skirt with a wide shirt that you can tuck into the skirt. Combining your outfit with an oversized jacket instead of a blazer also immediately adds a more casual touch. Or you leave your office court shoes where they belong - at the office - and swap them for a pair of stylish sneakers; they can also look great with a skirt. 

Get some inspiration and find your office outfits and a super style for an amazing summer!

The blazer

A blazer is the feminine equivalent of the suit jacket worn by men. Smart at the office and also the perfect finishing touch for your after-work outfit, in the right combination. It also keeps you warm when the evening turns chilly. You can easily upgrade your blazer with a long scarf of a smart brooch. You can also opt for a long blazer and wear it with a nice dress or a pair of jeans. The possibilities are sheer endless when it comes to this all-rounder. 

The top

Are you worried that your plain business blouse might look too formal for a relaxed evening out? Simply upgrade your basics: pull the blouse out of your trousers or skirt a little to add a casual touch to your severe business outfit. Or combine your top with a smart waist belt that always creates a great shape! You can also push up the sleeves of your blouse a little to make your outfit look more relaxed and casual. And don’t forget to let your hair down. ;-) 

Skirts and trousers

A skirt is a piece of fashion that’s always right. Tights with a light and subtle pattern are an easy way to add interest to your outfit. However, make sure that the rest of your outfit is not too colourful or brightly patterned, otherwise it could soon look too much. Wear matching shoes with your skirt or trousers - you could also opt for sneaker-type shoes or wear smart sandals in shades of bronze and silver. 

The shoes

In companies with a smart dress code, the rules for footwear are also clearly defined: no super-high heels, no peep toes! If you want to give your feet a break, you should opt for stylish sneakers or elegant ballerinas . Or vice versa: why not swap your flat shoes for a new pair of favourite court shoes from bugatti to add an elegant touch to your outfit! There’s definitely room for a spare pair of shoes in most office bags. 

The accessories – small It-pieces with big impact

Besides changing your outfit, accessories can also make a big difference between a business and a smart casual look. There are many ways to turn your office outfit into a truly eye-catching evening look. If you can’t really change the outfit as such, the easiest alternative are striking accessories.

For men, colourful socks, a beautiful watch, trendy braces, or a striking neckerchief or tie can become eye-catching details. Combining your outfit with a smart leather business bag turns your outfit into something extra special. 

Women should also rely on a practical handbag that matches the colours of their outfit, or they could carry a timeless leather business bag.. How about a summery hat? It will not only add a touch of holiday feeling but also keep you well-protected from the sun. Changing studs for larger earrings or small accessories such as a waist belt, a statement necklace or ring or also an eye-catching bangle makes your office outfit look less severe and more casual straight away. 
When it comes to make-up, the divide between professional and private is strict: at the office, you should always wear muted colours and subtly applied make-up, whilst after work, red lips and strikingly made up eyes can be great eye-catching details. Keep it smart casual and let your tied back hair down, swap your glasses for a pair of shades that you can also wear on top of your head in the evening, and turn your severe look into a confident and relaxed style with these simple tricks. 


Office dress codes


Basically what you would wear in your leisure time, but in a smarter form. Trousers should be ironed and preferably the fabric version, although sophisticated jeans are also acceptable. Combine them with a polo or leisure shirt and a jacket. Wearing a jumper casually across your shoulders is also acceptable. 

#Business Casual

A business brunch, reception or business trip - events that are considered informal. It’s acceptable for men to wear a colourful or subtly patterned shirt, plus linen trousers or chinos and a jumper or a light suit jacket. You can leave your tie at home, and take a relaxed view when it comes to your shoes.

Women also have numerous options and are free to choose a skirt, trousers or trendy culottes, a blouse, a smart jumper and even open toe or back shoes or cleverly matched ballerinas. 

#Business Formal

This is classic office wear. Men in senior management positions or with direct customer contact wear a two- or three-piece suit with a shirt, a tie and leather shoes. For women, this means a suit, a skirt with a blouse or a trouser suit with high heels (up to six centimetres). Your hair should be tied back. 


Similar to business formal, when it comes to meetings with important business partners, customers or internal colleagues. Suit, shirt, tie and accessories are musts. The focus is on elegance. 

After-work party dress codes

#Smart Casual

Invitations to events that start directly after work usually state "come as you are" as the dress code. It’s usually not possible to change your office outfit beforehand, but you can loosen it up a bit with a few small tricks. However, it should still look quite sophisticated. You can remove your suit jacket and tie, and women can swap their court shoes for flat shoes or high heels (with heels higher than six centimetres).


Don’t take the name at face value, as this dress code is certainly anything but informal. This dress code is often stipulated for evening events, and refers to a dark suit for men, and knee-length, elegant evening dresses or similar outfits for women. 

#Black Tie

Most of you will be familiar with the “black tie” dress code: black bow tie, dinner jacket, black shoes. Elegance is the order of the day! Women wear a long evening dress and carry an elegant evening bag. You should opt for dark shades, but it is acceptable to introduce some colour to your outfit when it comes to the accessories. 


Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.
Lauren Hutton

Our conclusion

After a long day at work, there can be nothing better than finishing the evening in style in the company of a few colleagues or friends. Creating a stylish after-work outfit doesn’t take much effort or time. 

Are you still looking for the right pieces to complete your office outfit, and the latest fashion trends for your professional and leisure time wear? Then discover bugatti’s summer collection and introduce not only colour but also a real holiday feeling to your wardrobe.

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