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Berlin calling – the trends being worn in the capital

Berlin: everyone wants to go there and better still, never leave. As the largest metropolis in Germany, the city magically attracts us. This city on the River Spree, brimming with creativity and life, not only attracts visitors with its landmarks and history, but with its very own sense of fashion, too. We’ll show you the Berlin style and how you can follow suit.

3.5 million Berliners love their hometown on the River Spree and over 13 million tourists visit this unique metropolis every year. Berlin’s heart beats between classy neighbourhoods and late-night Späti stores: honest, direct and colourful. In fact, typically Berlin.

Whether you’re a real Berlin bedrock or are just visiting the well-loved German city – only the right outfit will give your day in the capital true Berlin flair.

Berlin, the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine.
David Bowie

7.00 a.m. – the real Berlin catwalk

We’re not visiting Berlin for the first time, but it strikes me again that Berlin fashion is just as individual and direct as the inhabitants themselves. Their motto is “be yourself, everyone else is already taken”! And this is why I opted for a white blouse and cloth trousers, which are stylish and comfortable in equal measure. The chequered trench coat is still obligatory at this time of year, and paired with light sneakers, it completes the outfit. While riding the tram, we’re standing between high-quality suits and relaxed leisure outfits. We quickly start talking to Berliners and now feel as though we have been properly accepted in the German metropolis. 

The motto is “be yourself, everyone else is already taken”!

8.00 a.m. – Berlin chic for breakfast

We’ve opted for a small café in Charlottenburg and watch passers-by while enjoying a hot cappuccino and a delicious breakfast. Berlin is colourful, loud and rousing. You can swim with the tide here without losing your own style.

Berlin is not an internationally renowned fashion capital for nothing. Alongside the many colours, patterns and cuts, Berliners have something else in common: anyone who dresses fashionably opts for high-quality materials. We set off and dive into the pulsing city again. 

10.00 a.m. – Street style between Checkpoint Charlie and Alexanderplatz

In no other German city are history and fashion so close to one another. After a short walk, Checkpoint Charlie is behind us and we’re now on the capital’s most famous shopping street: Friedrichsstraße. We wander past the shops and head to our actual destination – Alexanderplatz. Here, we meet two “real Berliners” in the Einstein Café, who are going to accompany us on our tour of Berlin. 

12.00 p.m. – How Berliners dress

The first stop on our Berlin tour is the TV tower, also affectionately known by locals as the “Telespargel”. Crossing Pariser Platz, we arrive in the Tiergarten and allow ourselves to float between Berliners and groups of tourists. At the same time, Alex and Ben explain how style-conscious Berliners dress. Orange, red and rosé are this year’s colours. Either as unique eye-catchers or in playful patterns, they add something unique to an outfit. Jeans are also in this year and are a great choice thanks to a loose leg and a wide range of colours. To Ben’s mind, a suit jacket is a must – either at work or play. Easy to combine and suitable for any occasion. For those who prefer to wear something lighter in their free time, a classic shirt or stylish polo shirt is a good choice.
We say goodbye and agree to meet later this evening in a trendy Berlin bar.

Young and old alike, the world meets in Berlin and gives the city its unique charm.

7.30 p.m. – Berlin fashion by night

Once darkness falls, Berlin gets dressed up. The day’s outfit of a blouse and matching trousers is swapped for cool and particularly trendy culottes, a matching shirt and white sneakers. The high heels are staying in the suitcase for today – after all, we want to turn night into day ;-) 
The beige blouson bought today is my new go-to piece and cannot be ignored. The mix of materials in particular drew me in. The jacket is also ultra lightweight and thanks to the fake down filling, it kept me warm after clubbing. In other words, there was nothing stopping me enjoying an early morning stroll along the River Spree ;-) Alex and Ben were already waiting for us in Kreuzberg and we headed to one of Berlin’s best-loved bars.

The capital’s colourful side is on show again on Weserstraße. Its motto is “whatever you like is allowed”. Whether it’s single-colour outfits or vibrant patterns – every fashionista gets their money’s worth in Berlin. 

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Berlin combines the culture of New York, the traffic system of Tokyo, the nature of Seattle and the historical treasures of, well, Berlin.
Hiroshi Montomura

Summary: Berlin is calling again

Even when our visit to Berlin is drawing to a close, we are once again taking many feelings home with us and even a piece of the German fashion capital itself. From elegant boutiques to late-night Späti stores, I have got to know a Berlin that draws everyone under its spell loudly, colourfully and rousingly. We’re already planning our next trip to Berlin while on our way to catch the train the next morning, and more importantly:

Which outfits are we talking when Berlin calls again?