Checks, polka dots, houndstooth. Must-have or nice-to-have? Pattern trends 2018/19

Men’s fashion is stronger than ever. What used to be considered eccentric is the new normal.
Tomas Maier

In the fashion industry, the 2018/19 winter season is already in full swing and not only brings us plenty of colour but also a few other trends. However, what can you look forward to this winter and what are next spring’s upcoming highlights? We have taken a look at the catwalks for you and can tell you what will be fashionable in the casual and business wear area in the winter and in spring, and what you can look forward to. As you can probably imagine by now, patterns play a key role here.

Rich colours, stripes, checks, polka dots, floral patterns and good old houndstooth on shirts are just some of this winter’s and next spring’s trends. Men as well as women should still be daring when it comes to putting together their outfits. Although less is still more, eye-catching is also fine. It is important to have a good idea of what works and how to combine your outfit. If you haven’t had much practice in this area, we are happy to help you with our magazine.  

The winter season key piece: the right coat.

This winter’s coats are above all knee-length, slim cut and should feature a subtle pattern. Most of you will already own a plain-coloured coat. Which is as it should be as a timelessly cut coat in a muted, understated colour literally goes with anything and is a long-term investment. However, why not opt for a truly eye-catching coat for a change? Not because it comes in a striking colour but because it is styled in such an understated way that it automatically makes you stand out from the crowd. We particularly like Glen checks. They look grown-up and respectable yet not old-fashioned. They also go as well with a business suit as they do with a more relaxed evening dress code. You certainly won’t be cold in this wool coat. 

This winter’s must-have: knee-length coats with checked, Glen check or textured patterns, preferably with a stand-up collar.

The patterned shirt - a trend that is going to stay with us in 2018/19

And - what to wear underneath a coat. We generally tend to say “it doesn’t matter - it’s the coat that counts”, but at some stage, we have to take the coat off. So we resort to a style we already know from summer fashion - shirts. These all-rounders will also be with us throughout the 2018/19 season. Whether smart or casual - how you combine it is what matters; you can easily choose a shirt that is suitable office as well as leisure time or party wear. However, we are not talking about plain shirts in dark colours here. What we are talking about are patterned shirts! Paisley, floral, striped, checked, jacquard, with polka dots or with extremely elegant and detailed patterns. A statement shirt looks great worn underneath an elegant or a chunky knit jumper . A patterned shirt is maybe not exactly a must-have but certainly a nice-to-have, and every man should own at least one. 

Absolutely IN - a business outfit with patterned trousers.

All you need now is the right pair of trousers for the 2018/19 season. Of course, this also applies to trousers that are suitable everyday wear but can also be worn to a business meeting instead of a suit. Flat fronts, wool five-pocket designs or pleated trousers are a particularly good choice. Yes, quite right: pleated trousers! However, we do not mean the kind of trousers your grandfathers wore but design with well-fitting cuts, in modern colours and with suitable patterns. Especially if you opt for a more striking pair of trousers, you should make sure that you wear slightly more restrained patterns on the top half of your outfit. One eye-catching piece is enough - the rest of your clothing should emphasise it. 

Another must-have in the winter 2018/19 season are checked and patterned suit jackets and fabric trousers. Worn together, this might be a bit too much - on their own, however, they are absolute eye-catchers.

So if you opt for a somewhat more striking pair of trousers, you should choose a rather restrained suit jacket to maintain a sophisticated look. The other way round is also perfectly fine, as we believe that another must-have is a patterned suit jacket. It goes as well with fabric trousers as it does with a plain pair of jeans and can also be worn without a coat on top once the temperatures rise again. In any case, a patterned suit jacket is definitely an eye-catcher. And anyway, who says that a suit jacket always has to be worn over a shirt? Have you ever worn one above a turtleneck jumper or a Nordic-style top? We promise you: it doesn’t just keep you warm. Again, the rule is: careful combination does the trick. If you are unsure, always coordinate a patterned piece with other clothing in plain or muted shades. Although mixing patterns is trendy, the overall look still has to be perfect. So maybe, you should choose a rather more understated combination for the office. 

The right coat perfects any outfit and is responsible for the first impression. It adapts to your style, makes you stand out from the crowd and also makes you look elegant. The right coat is like a perfect packaging for your outfit.


Accessories perfect your ideal winter outfit. Find the scarves, knitted hats and gloves that match your style now.

If you need even more variety, have a look at our accessories such as knitted hats, caps and formal hats, scarves and socks. Men should also always coordinate their accessories with their outfit. The times when ties always featured horizontal stripes are certainly long since past. A particularly interesting touch is wearing patterned socks with a tie, shirt or bow tie in a matching pattern. This shows that you have a good instinct for fashion and trends! 

Trendy fashion, yes please, but you should certainly not sacrifice warmth for it! Knitted hats are an absolute must-have for us this winter and cleverly combined, they can create a super look. Your old skiing hat, however, should definitely be reserved for the piste. Instead, you need something with a bit more style. Of course, it can also be patterned if you like. 

Make sure you are bang on trend this coming season with the bugatti fashion tips. Whether casual, smart or business-like - we sell the perfect style to go with your image.