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White sneakers - 1 pair of shoes, 4 styles

Sneakers are so wonderfully versatile. Once you have found the perfect pair, you can vary your outfit in countless ways.
Our favourites are classic white leather sneakers

Their clean and modern look can hardly be bettered, and provides scope for endless styling options. We show you how to create four different looks with only one pair of shoes.

"Good shoes take you good places."

Everyday outfit with white sneakers

A pair of white sneakers is not exactly new everyday footwear. Combined with a nice pair of jeans and a basic T-shirt, your are equipped for a day in the city. In slightly colder weather, a quilted jacket will keep you beautifully warm. Plus, you'll also very fashionably dressed, as the quilted look is one of the big spring/summer 2020 trends. This casual look is a safe everyday choice.

White sneakers in the office

Say "goodbye" to the wide-spread opinion that sneakers are not suitable office wear. Styled in a smart way, they are definitely suitable for the office! However, if you are wearing casual footwear to the office, you really should make sure that the rest of your outfit is quite smart. A shirt tucked into a fashionable pair of checked trousers adds the necessary business factor. You can complete the outfit with a matching belt and, if you like, a plain suit jacket. Hey presto, your business look based on white sneakers is complete.

White sneakers in the evening

In a similar way to the smart business look, you can of course also wear sneakers to an evening event. Combining them with suit trousers, a matching jacket and a shirt makes a classic suit look a little more casual, yet the overall outfit is still quite formal. Another idea is to wear the smart checked trousers in combination with a classic shirt. Add a matching belt, and you'll have a reduced look that still looks impressive.

However, if you wear your sneakers to an evening event, you should definitely make sure that they are clean and look tidy. Learn how to look after them in our  shoe and leather care guide

"Shoes speak louder than words."

White sneakers on hot summer days

On hot summer days, you don't want to wear a lot of clothes. Trendy Bermuda shorts leave your lower legs comfortable bare so keep you cool. With a patterned shirt, whether long or short, you'll be bang on trend. You will also look stylish and you'll put a smile on the faces of the people around you with the fresh print. To ensure that you can fully enjoy the beautiful weather outside, you combine this look with a pair of white sneakers and a matching belt. Goodbye uncomfortable shoes!


Our conclusion

As you see, sneakers can be worn in many different situations. The huge choice of designs ensures that sneakers can be combined in countless ways. Neutral colours such as white and black go with almost anything. So, once you have got the sneaker design that is perfect for you in your wardrobe, you don't have to buy a new pair for every outfit. This benefits the environment as well as your purse, yet you'll still look perfectly dressed whenever you leave the house. What's your favourite sneakers-based look?