Favourite knitwear - jumper trends for the autumn/winter of 2020

Cosy jumpers are simply must-haves in the cold autumn and winter time. They keep us beautifully warm when the weather turns uncomfortable and are also surprisingly versatile. You simply can't go wrong with a fashionable knitted jumper. Whether you are young or "not-quite-so-young-anymore" – knitwear suits everyone and is the perfect style for the coming season.

In this article, we show you which jumper trends we can look forward to in the autumn and winter of 2020 and which knitwear pieces are must-haves to ensure that you're leading in the fashion stakes.

THE autumn/winter 2020 jumper trend: ribbed knit jumpers

Back to the 90s: Ribbed knit is making a big fashion comeback in the autumn/winter of 2020. Particularly plain coloured ribbed knit jumpers are totally trendy again this season. Hardly surprising, considering they look super-elegant and go with absolutely everything.
On cold days, a ribbed knit jumper combined with suit trousers and a blazer is the perfect business outfit. However, they can just as easily be everyday wear – for example in combination with skinny jeans. If you are particularly trend-conscious, you can also wear a ribbed knit jumper with matching trousers or a matching skirt for a head to toe knitwear look.

Ribbed knit jumpers offer another advantage: the vertical ribs flatter the figure and visually elongate the top half of your body.

Cropped jumpers – the bare midriff trend continues

Even if the weather is now turning considerably colder: the bare midriff trend goes on unabated. Besides ribbed knit jumpers, cropped jumpers are extremely popular in the autumn and winter of 2020. We can reassure you if this makes you think of way too much belly button exposure in your teenage days with trepidation: you might find this hard to believe, but the new cropped jumpers can actually be worn in a really stylish way. For example in combination with high waist trousers or a high waist skirt. You can also wear the trendy cropped jumpers over a maxi dress or a long blouse. Cue: layering.

By the way: what these jumpers may be lacking in length is welcome in width. Oversized cropped jumper designs can really be worn by anyone (!), regardless of their age.

Layering – twice as nice

We have already mentioned it: Layering – the new reinterpretation of the old "onion" principle. What was once designed to be functional and to keep you warm is a huge fashion trend again this autumn and winter season.  The layering look consists of several layers of different, cleverly combined clothes worn on top of each other – you might, for example, wear a chiffon blouse that can just be glimpsed underneath a chunky knit jumper, or a cardigan that peeps out from underneath a coat. Mixing materials and choosing individual pieces of various lengths adds particular excitement to the look.

Our styling tip: Besides mixing different fabrics, combining knitwear with other knitwear is also trendy. If the outfit is then also all one colour, this looks particularly smart.

Above all bright – the red thread shared by all jumper trends

Bright, striking colours are totally trendy again this autumn and winter. From blue and green to yellow and orange, you see all of these colours in the shops – both for men as well as women. Currently particularly trendy are bright shades of orange and strong shades of red , as you can read in our article on the trendiest colours in the autumn & winter of 2020 . We also love these colours; the reason for this is obvious: they are a quick and easy way to set accents that are not only immediately eye-catching but also add some cheer to the dull season. There are no limits – from outfits in matching shades to colour blocking. If you like things a bit more understated, use colourful accessories as eye-catchers.

By the way, the trend for bright colours can be seen in all areas of fashion, but above all on this season's jumpers and coats.

Stripes – this jumper trend is simply always right

There are classics that are (almost) always the right choice. This autumn, they definitely also include striped jumpers! They prove that colour does not always have to be used in blocks and immediately upgrade any outfit.

As the stripes on the jumpers determine the look, they are easy to combine with other pieces. Other than that: jeans and plain basics are always the right choice, of course. By the way, Scandinavian women tend to wear a midi dress underneath a striped jumper and complete this cheerful outfit with a pair of cool sneakers.

We think: This autumn trend cheers you up and is certainly worth copying.

Huge trends in the autumn and winter of 2020 Jumpers with a collar

In 2020, bland middle-class is the new cool – which is not only reflected by the fact that quilted jackets are currently a major autumn trend. You didn't know? Then you should definitely also read our article on quilted jackets . Jumpers with a collar also belong into the "bland and middle-class yesterday, a must-have today" category. Besides turtleneck jumpers and jumpers that look like polo shirts, particularly zip-neck versions are one of this season's trendiest designs. Typical for these jumpers, often a favourite of grumpy old mariners, is a stand-up collar with a short zip. Combined with a smart pair of pleated trousers with wide legs, casual chinos or sweat pants, a zip-neck jumper soon loses its "grumpy old mariner" look and is elevated to a stylish It-piece.

Conclusion: Thumbs up for the autumn and winter 2020 jumper trends.

We love the many different jumper styles of the coming season; they really are anything but boring. Cosy jumpers not only keep us beautifully warm but are also stylish companions in the cold season. With such eye-catching designs and the wide range of combination options, fashion is definitely fun.

Maybe you have already discovered your favourite 2020 jumper trend straight away. Whether an elegant ribbed knit jumper, a striped jumper or a zip-neck jumper - discover the new bugatti collection and get your new favourite pieces for the perfect autumn and winter look.