Knitwear is extremely versatile, never goes out of fashion and always looks sophisticated – provided it is stylishly combined with other pieces.
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For the love of knitwear: autumn/winter 2019 jumper trends

The cold time of the year is upon us, and therefore also new trends that we should be realising. Everyone owns jumpers and cardigans in various designs. Knitwear is timeless, elegant and a wardrobe essential in the autumn and winter, from cardigans to knitted scarves and hats. However, in the autumn and winter, the focus is particularly on knitted jumpers and knitted patterns that can now at last be worn in all their variety again.

A fashionable knitted jumper is always the right choice. Statement pieces with puff sleeves or a turtleneck bring a breath of fresh air to the women’s spectrum. Striking colours or patterns and plain, layered classics dominate the jumper trends this autumn and winter. Whether young or old, for work or leisure time – knitwear suits everyone and is the perfect style for the cosy season. We show you which It-pieces to opt for to be in the lead in the autumn and winter fashion stakes.

The versatile knitwear trend and what it can do

Thanks to a wide range of colours, patterns and textures, knitwear is anything but boring. The basis is always the same, as all knitwear consists of a garment “simply” fashioned from yarns with the aid of various different stitches. However, the simple technique produces amazingly varied results: our favourite pieces come in fine knit, chunky knit, with cableknit, honeycomb or with diamond patterns and are made from a wide range of yarns. Plus, this season, the cuts have become even more unusual, especially for women . 

Puff sleeves and overcut shoulders are totally trendy. Bright colours or checks are long-since no longer a taboo.
In combination with skinny jeans, knitted jumpers are ideal everyday wear. Oversized versions for women look great with skirts and dresses, and choosing a turtleneck jumper to wear underneath a favourite coat is a sure-fire way for men to create a stylish and confident look. As always, we are relying on strong basics this season, but we also become more daring and play with the latest jumper trends.

bugatti fashion jumper with mottled red stripes

Above all: strikingly bright - throughout

Bright, striking colours are totally trendy again this autumn and winter. Jumpers in every colour you can think of are available for men as well as women this season. From blue to green, orange and purple, you can find everything in the shops. However, particularly trendy are bright shades of yellow and strong shades of red. We also like these colours, and the reason for this is obvious: they make it quick and easy to set accents that not only immediately catch your eye but also bring some cheer to this otherwise dull time of the year. There are no limits where this is concerned – whether they are used in matching shades, in the form of colour blocking or merely as small, eye-catching details.

The trend towards strikingly bright colours is apparent in all areas of fashion, but it is particularly obvious where this season’s jumpers and coats are concerned. We love red in all of its facets!

Stripes and patterns

Of course, colour doesn’t always have to be used in blocks. In the contrary: stripes and patterns feature a lot this year and add fresh touches to your wardrobe. Checks are an all-rounder. They were already a major theme in the fashion world throughout the year. Whether Glen checks, tartan or the good old chequerboard patterns – checks are here to stay.
Stripes and patterns are also catching up. In combination with strikingly bright colours or plain basics, you definitely can’t go wrong this season with block stripes or eye-catching patterns. 

Back to the roots - naturally beautiful

A trend that was already everywhere in the summer and now continues on autumn and winter jumpers: earthy shades. The natural colours are preferably combined with similar shades – looks consisting of shades of beige, brown, cream and grey are totally trendy and create a cool look. However, these pieces also look stylish in combination with other colours.

Don’t worry, this trend won’t leave you behind:  the wide spectrum of colours gives you the chance to experiment until you have found your favourite shade.

Deciding whether to go with this trend all-over or in a more understated way is the only difficult choice you’ll have to make.

Stylish bugatti cardigan for men with zip and hood
Blue bugatti men’s turtleneck jumper

Layering - twice as nice

The familiar “onion look” is reinterpreted in a new way. Once designed to be merely functional to keep you warm, it has become a huge fashion trend. Layering has been around on the fashion scene for some time now and has finally also arrived on the catwalks in a version suitable for winter. Several layers are worn on top of each other in the form of clever combinations of various pieces – for example, a chunky knitted jumper reveals glimpses of a chiffon blouse , or a second layer, a cardigan, peeps out from underneath a coat . The material mix and the varying lengths of the individual pieces make the look particularly exciting.

However, besides mixing different fabrics, wearing knitwear together with another piece of knitwear is also particularly trendy. This looks especially elegant if the entire outfit is the same colour.

Stylishly combined: the shirt option

What we particularly love in the autumn and winter is a well-cut shirt in combination with a jumper. Whether you choose a plain white shirt or a more unusual denim version, this combination looks sophisticated yet also keeps you beautifully warm. This trend is no different to the other jumper trends: there are no limits; accordingly, you can experiment with colours. A blue shirt worn underneath a yellow jumper, for example, looks very contemporary and fresh.

A traditional white shirt combined with a grey knitted jumper , on the other hand, is an all-time classic. You are always stylishly dressed with this combination, for work as well as smarter occasions. We think this is one of the best looks for men during the cold time of the year.


Conclusion: thumbs up for the autumn and winter 2019 jumper trends

We absolutely love the many different options we are offered this season. The jumpers for men and women are no only designed to keep us warm but are also stylish companions that will see us through the entire cold season. The numerous variation alternatives make them exciting and leave plenty of scope for being as creative as you like. Fashion is great fun this way!

Do you already know which jumper trend you’d like to realise? Bright colours, layering, patterned or knitted? Discover the new bugatti collection and get your favourite pieces for the perfect autumn and winter look

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