Jackets, coats, suit jackets - pure and straight-cut

Jackets, coats, suit jackets - pure and straight-cut

Individuality is more important to me, to stand out and have the confidence to wear something you’re comfortable in – it just happens. I’m comfortable wearing a suit.
David Gandy

Slim fit, natural colour shade and elegant style - the jackets, coats and suit jackets men should wear this autumn/winter. Although autumn is a colourful season, we should focus on muted colours, earthy shades and clear patterns when it comes to our outerwear. There’s still plenty of variety, though, as our range of short coats, down jackets, winter coats with a matching removable gilet, quilted jackets or knitwear-look suit jackets is bound to include something for any occasion and all types of men. 

Have you already found the perfect business coat or the right streetwear jacket for this autumn? We show you what is fashionable when it comes to men’s outerwear this autumn and what the must-haves are. 

Quilted jackets and gilets -  Men's fashion for autumn

Autumn/winter of 2018 - coats and jackets for men

Finding the right jacket or coat for the changeable autumn weather can be a challenge. We have therefore summarised for you what is fashionable this autumn/winter as well as suitable business and everyday wear. From between the seasons jackets to winter coats, we have carefully examined all of the latest trends and are focusing on those that also match your bugatti style. Unfortunately, there’s no room for bright colours and large-scale appliqués. We prefer to stay loyal to our usual understated, straight-cut look, which we do to perfection. 

Elegant and clear-cut - the perfect short coat for men

These days, every man should own an elegant short coat, or crombie. Suitable everyday as well as business wear alike, it is the perfect combination for any man. This short coat ends just above the knee and fits comfortably over a suit thanks to the lapel design. Even James Bond knew, in “Spectre”, that this is the perfect coat for the stormy times ahead. It can be worn with any suit or suit jacket for the business look, although this slim fit coat also looks great worn with a slightly more striking knitted jumper or a pair of jeans and black leather shoes. A turned-up collar always looks impressive.

The fabric your coat is made of is what matters. It is the first thing anyone you are talking to will notice.

Besides a suitable cut, the quality of the coat fabric is an important factor. It is the first thing anyone you are talking to will see and you will also simply feel more comfortable in a coat made from a high-quality fabric. Especially when buying an autumn or winter coat, you should make sure that it is made from a strong and thick fabric. The coat itself does not necessarily have to be heavy, but it should be robust. A thin coat is noticed immediately and usually neither keeps the wear warm nor happy. A coat like this can also be an investment that will see you through the next winter, as it goes with (almost) any outfit, provided it is well-cut and the design is minimalist. 

Jacket trends 2018: Quilted and down jackets

Before you buy a jacket, you should consider what you need it for: Should the jacket have a hood and should this hood be removable? Does it have to be made from a waterproof material? If you decide for a quilted jacket or gilet, make sure that the individual seams are well-finished and consider the filling material used. Are you the type of man that never fastens his jacket completely and always leaves it a little bit open? If you are, a jacket with a removable matching gilet underneath might be perfect for you. Despite the fact that you are wearing your jacket “unfastened”, the gilet part will keep you warm and is also a real eye-catcher. If you zip this type of jacket up all the way, it will protect you in even the worst kind of weather. In between the seasons, you can simply remove the gilet, which is attached to the jacket with a zip. However, rather than a bright-yellow fisherman-style raincoat, we are going for materials that keep you warm and muted colours. 

bugatti Autumn Fashion - Coat and gilet

Straight cuts, nature-inspired colours - suit jackets for the autumn/winter of 2018

A straight-cut coat also calls for a matching suit jacket. It should not only fit beneath your coat in terms of volume. You should also consider which style suits you best. Particularly slim fit suit jackets emphasise the wearer’s eye for design and elongate the upper body.

Whilst plain suits and suit jackets are obligatory in some jobs, it is still possible to retain your individuality. A subtle pattern of checks, for example, goes perfectly with a pair of dark fabric trousers and is also acceptable business wear. Other than that, the same rules apply: it should be smart and not too casual. If you want to be daring, why not try a suit jacket made form dark velvet - a fabric that is comfortable to wear and looks impressively sophisticated.

However, a smart suit is not what most men wear every day. Trial and error is fine, and understated suit jackets can be accentuated with the right kind of shirt. Understated is also a motto, as we  believe this means more than just “plain” clothing. What matters is just the right amount of emphasis. A suit jacket with a subtle pattern and only a few but very effective details can also be totally understated. The perfect suit jacket for gentlemen should be slim cut; the design should be unfussy and it should not feature anything that is superfluous.

If you want to go for something unusual this year, you should have at least one suit jacket with a stand-up collar in your wardrobe. Perfect for the autumn and a clear statement.

Besides timeless business suit jackets, jackets made from slightly rougher materials are totally trendy this autumn/winter. They look somewhat Nordic or Scandinavian and  are perfect for this season between summer and winter. This type of fabric usually has a wool content and looks a little bit like knitwear, thanks to its structure. They are maybe more suitable for everyday business wear, rather than a meal with the CEO, but every piece of clothing is versatile. 

Short coat - the crombie

This short coat ends just above the knee and fits comfortably over a suit thanks to the lapel design. When you try it on, make sure that the coat is not too wide and the sleeves are not too long. Wool is a particularly suitable material - it adds sophistication to your business look. If the coat is straight-cut, it is in keeping with the latest trend and you will have acquired a timeless, understated piece of clothing.

Down jackets or coats: functionality meets design

Down jackets are particularly suitable for the cold time of the year. A mix of down feathers and synthetic down is particularly comfortable to wear and also has excellent thermal insulation properties. Coats and jackets with this material mix are extremely light and warm as well as breathable. With their slim cut, these weatherproof jackets tend to be quite casual; the coats, on the other hand, although casual, are also acceptable business wear. 

Windbreakers and jackets in the fashionable flight jacket style

Flight or bomber jacket style windbreakers and jackets can also be interpreted in a smart-casual way. Filled with down, they are also very warm and light. The jackets should reach to just above the waist and have a slim or slightly loose cut. Visually, these windbreakers and jackets are particularly suitable for casual outfits. 

Quilted jackets and gilets: The all-rounder

Quilted jackets and gilets continue to be popular all-rounders. They are characterised by numerous seams and a quilted finish. What makes this type of jacket so special: in combination with fashionable colours and a flattering cut, quilted jackets are anything but ordinary. You just need to know how to combine them, and this type of jacket is particularly suitable for casual looks. If you are looking something for autumn leisure time activities, a quilted gilet is also a good choice.


Fashions fade, style is eternal.
Yves Saint Laurent

Besides straight coats, our focus is also on one particular type of jacket this autumn/winter: the flight or “bomber” jacket. Loose-fitting flight jackets used to be worn only by young adults and punk rockers. They were originally worn by pilots but have now become fashionable. Whatever its origins, this autumn/winter, this type of jacket is more fashionable than ever before and comes in a wide range of different interpretations. Although rather unsuitable business wear, they are still an absolute must-have in the form of a quilted jacket or a windbreaker worn with plain jeans or a slightly more striking pair of fabric trousers with a subtle pattern. 

Find your new autumn style with the bugatti look. Look well-dressed and confident with our shoes and elegant clothes that always have that certain something. Whether casual or business outfits - we will find the right look for you that matches your personality both at work and during your leisure time. Get some inspiration from our stories and join us on a journey through the wide range of different contemporary fashion styles. In our magazine, we show you the upcoming trends for and how to perfectly combine them. 

bugatti Jackets, coats, suit jackets - Pure and straight-cut
bugatti Jackets, coats, suit jackets - Pure and straight-cut