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Make your summer more colourful - the right way to mix and match strikingly bright colours

Strikingly bright colours have never been as trendy before as they are this year. Colourful shirts and trousers are extremely fashionable in 2020 – not only as an outfit highlight but also in combination with each other. Red, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple - cheerful colours make the summer even better. We therefore show you how to combine this summer's colours with each other, and how to create a well-balanced outfit based on these strikingly bright colours.

Stand out from the crowd this summer with strikingly bright coloured highlights.

Colour tip: one of this summer's trendy colour is coral. We really like this colour in combination with a rich dark blue! Strikingly bright yellow in combination with pastel shades, white and beige looks particularly summery and reminds us of a sunny day on the beach.

However, there's more to this trend than just plain colours. Why not wear a strikingly bright colour in the form of a patterned shirt with a flower or check print with your favourite trousers? This makes your outfit look a little more exciting, but still not too wild for everyday wear.

As you can see, the more striking colours can also be worn as part of a more understated outfit. However, with a colourful piece as an eye-catcher, you will still cheer everyone around you up straight away.

A top to bottom outfit in strikingly bright colours is just a bit too garish for most people's everyday lives. However, most of us still want to wear strikingly bright colours. The solution? One single colourful piece of clothing! Focus on one piece and complete your outfit with plainer additions. A strikingly bright top with plain trousers is probably one of the most popular combinations so far. But why not reverse this? Colourful trousers are particularly fashionable this summer. Coupled with a smart shirt or a polo shirt in a more muted colour, this results in an outfit that is definitely eye-catching. Such an outfit is suitable everyday as well as office wear. 

Colourful all-over: how to combine different strikingly bright colours

For the more daring of us, outfits that are colourful all-over are a good choice this summer. One option is to choose an outfit in matching shades. Different shades of red or blue can create a wonderfully well-balanced outfit. At the same time, such an outfit proves your style-consciousness. The second option is to combine two strikingly bright colours with each other. A yellow shirt with a blue jacket, a green top with coral trousers or a bright blue shirt with mint Bermuda shorts. 

This is definitely a trend for extroverts, as you are bound to attract everyone's attention. At the same time, it results in exciting outfits that are proof of your style-consciousness. 
If you want to adopt the trend for strikingly bright colours a little more gradually, or an all-over colourful outfit feels like just too much for you, take one step at a time. A white top underneath a strikingly bright jacket quickly creates a different look and ensures that there are still plenty of "visual resting points". Another option is to combine a plainer colour with a strikingly bright one. That way, you mix different colours but your outfit does not look too busy.

Strikingly bright patterns for the summer of 2020

If you want to combine strikingly bright colours with patterns, there are a few details you should keep in mind. If the pattern features plain colours, such as, for example, trousers with a grey Glen check pattern, you can basically combine it with any colour you like. The outfit will look particularly modern if you choose a clean counterpart without too many details. If you want to wear a colourful pattern with another piece that is just as strikingly bright, you should make sure that pattern also features this bright colour. That way, your outfit will match perfectly.

Pastels: the alternative to strikingly bright colours

For all those who prefer a look that is not quite as striking, pastel colours are an ideal variation of this trend. As weaker versions of the strikingly bright main colours, they are less eye-catching, but still communicate a feeling of summer and cheerfulness. Alternatives from the same colour group also look great. The trendy colour coral, for example, is slightly more muted than red or orange, and mint is a weaker version of blue or green. All colour lovers can therefore find their own perfect solution.

Our conclusion with regard to the trend for strikingly bright colours

: this summer will be colourful. Regardless of which colours you prefer, whether you like colourful patterns or prefer to dress a littler plainer after all – there's a version for everyone who wants to bring a bit of colour into their life. Go wild and experiment with this new trend, because you can't really do much wrong. Anything you like goes. So: which colour is your choice?