Old school was yesterday - see how fashionable knitted jumpers and cardigans have become in 2021

Knitted jumpers & cardigans - can knitwear ever be really smart?

Knitted clothing is often still thought to be dowdy and sensible. We say: this reputation is totally unjustified! The fluffy material has many facets and has certainly evolved from its bluestocking image to a real It-piece. The sheer variety of patterns and colours in the last few years was always eye-catching. Learn now which colours and cuts are this year's must-haves, and why these trends really go with absolutely any personal style!

The 2021 cardigan trends

This year's knitted jumpers and cardigans tend to come in classic colours, rather than the striking colours of the past few years. Whether blue, black, cool white or classic grey – this year's fashionable knitwear colours provide plenty of scope for experimenting with combinations. The motto is understated, but without being overshadowed by the rest of the outfit. For that reason, this year's cardigans are again absolute must-haves no one should be without!

Cropped cardigans

A small piece of clothing with big impact: cropped cardigans are this year's absolute hit. The cardigan has been upgraded in a way that is bound to have surprised many of us. The shorter hemline ensures that a cardigan based outfit not only makes a stylish overall impression but it above all a clever idea for shorter men & women. The cardigan's higher hemline makes your legs look longer and visually adds a few "illusionary" centimetres to your height.

Tip: Even though this trend is totally eye-catching, the cardigan should nevertheless never expose any bare skin above the trouser waist.

Hemline trends – how to turn your cardigan into an eye-catcher

Just because the bright main colours for cardigans are having a little break this year does not mean that cardigans can't also be real eye-catchers! The motto is: the hemline is where it's at. Colourful, cheerful hemlines add colour and a subtle touch of springtime to your outfit. How about an outfit consisting of a pair of smart grey chinos, a classic light blue top and a cosy navy cardigan with red accents, for example? We say: definitely a coming trend!

Knitted jumper trends 2021

Besides cardigans, we think that knitted jumpers are also an insider tip for 2021. A fluffy and warm knitted jumper not only offers absolutely reliable protection against the cold but also ensures that we don't commit a fashion faux pas! This year, knitted jumpers take the lead from cardigans and rely on clear colours and cosy cuts.

Oversized – more knitwear is fashionable

Last year, we could already hardly bear to part with an oversized knitted jumper (and some of us probably didn't). This 2020 trend will still be with us in the coming year. Everyone should own at least one oversized knitted jumper by now. It is the ideal piece of clothing for cosy evenings at home and offers reliable protection on outdoor walks on cold days. The colours tend to be rather muted: a soft cream white or friendly pastel shades make your oversized knitted jumper based outfit the perfect option for cosy leisure times or in inclement weather.

Remember, though: regardless of how comfortable it is – an oversized knitted jumper is definitely only leisure time wear. For your casual business outfit, you should rely on our next knitted jumper trend.

Look smart in striped knitwear

Stripes are never out of fashion. We think, for a good reason! Because striped knitted jumpers always have a touch of French chic about them. Nevertheless, striped jumpers go in a slightly different direction in 2021: instead of classic black and white patterns, earthy shades are the preferred choice this year. Stripes also come in somewhat more irregular patterns. We give them the thumbs up, and thoroughly approve of this 2021 knitwear trend.

Caring for knitwear – how to make sure that your cardigans and knitted jumpers look as good as new for a long time to come

At some point, every piece of clothing must go in the washing machine, even if we are sometimes loath to take it off. Particular care must often be taken when cleaning knitwear.

Tip: To be on the safe side, you should wash your wool clothing and knitwear separately and always consult the care label.

Normally, cardigans and knitted jumpers are suitable for machine washing. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to turn the cardigan or jumper inside out, and to put it inside a delicates laundry bag or a pillow case. This prevents the wool fibres from being damaged by other pieces of clothing during the wash cycle.

Also important is using the right detergent, and carefully choosing the correct temperature setting. The optimum choice is a special wool detergent with a neutral pH value. At the same time, the water must not get too hot during the wash cycle. Most wool clothing and knitwear cannot withstand temperatures of more than 30 degrees Celsius. Anything hotter may damage the fibre structure.

If you want to err on the side of caution, you should use the wool or hand wash cycle to machine wash knitted and wool clothing, or actually wash it by hand in the basin.

Simply run some lukewarm water into the sink and add a little special wool detergent, and carefully push the clothing against the basin walls. The material should never be worked or rubbed!

That's our conclusion regarding the trend for cardigans & knitted jumpers

We admit to being a little bit charmed by the subtle trends knitted jumpers and cardigans offer us this year.

Particularly the muted colours make this trend an absolute must-have, because, even if spring is gradually approaching: the next rainy days are bound to come, and by then at the latest, you should own a few cosy and versatile cardigans and knitted jumpers!