Old school was yesterday – modern looking knitted jumpers

bugatti Autumn Fashion 2018 - Knit sweater in a modern look

If I’m going out in the world, I should make everything look as good as it can by looking my best, it’s a show of respect.
Tom Ford

Many people find the transition from summer to autumn quite difficult. Summery looking shirts and light suit jackets are replaced by jumpers, scarves and warm jackets. It seems like only a minute ago that we were sipping a drink at the beach bar; now we immediately have to don a Scandinavian-style jumper to protect us from the biting autumn winds? There is nothing we can do about the changing seasons; however, the colder time of the year does not necessarily have to be bleak. Autumn has long since ceased to be the season of scratchy materials and frumpy old-fashioned outfits. Instead, we prefer to wear cosy shades, modern cuts and soft fabrics.

Whether you are looking for a business, casual or daily outfit, one aspect is a must-have this autumn: knitted jumpers, rustic patterns and cardigans. The Scandinavian style is also fashionable in other countries, and combines attractive fashion with striking materials and patterns. Clothing should above all be comfortable yet still have that certain something. Our autumn style is as multi-faceted as the season itself. 

bugatti Autumn Fashion 2018 - Jackets in trendy knitwear

Scandinavian style: knitted jumpers, cardigans and rustic patterns

Scandinavian-style jumpers are synonymous with rough men, seafarers and an authentic relationship with nature. However, for us, the jumpers with striking patterns are much more than just a warming piece of knitwear. The men’s fashion of the upcoming season utilises the functionality and texture of this knitwear and emphasises these aspects. However, besides these chunky versions, light and fine knit jumpers also play a major role for us. Whether worn on its own or together with a light shirt - a perfectly combined knitted jumper can be strikingly eye-catching everyday business wear. 

The fashionable knitwear trends for 2018 feature impressive colours, patterns and striking ribbed knits. However, we are also fans of classic style knitwear, including turtleneck jumpers and elegant cardigans.

What is it that makes knitted jumpers so unique? Not only is knitwear increasingly produced from more luxurious materials - the combination options also offer scope for expressing your own individuality. We have left the era of destroyed jeans and baggy sweatshirts firmly behind us and are now embracing a style that is smart yet also casual. Our knitwear tops should be suitable for everyday business wear and give a completely new meaning to the rather old-fashioned sounding term “knitwear”. We therefore combine the comfort and warmth of a knitted jumper with contemporary design standards. What we mean by this: intensive colours, earthy and natural shades, varying shades of red, striking prints and patterns and also woven textures, along with classic and timeless fashion trends such as dark and black shades. Combined, these two aspects make a statement that is not only what we are looking for this autumn/winter but precisely what we long for. 

Materials mixes and colours for the perfect autumn style

We particularly appreciate classic cuts, including classically cut coats, trousers, shirts and suit jackets. However, besides our love of minimalist design, we are also motivated by a hankering for mixing materials and playing with colours this autumn/winter. This results in a perfectly combined business look that emphasises your individuality. Besides the trendy colours, it is particularly the rediscovered 1970s style materials that are making a comeback. Velvet, corduroy, patterns such as pinstripes, checks or dogtooth, mottled fabrics, turtlenecks, earthy shades and the above mentioned strikingly patterned knitted jumpers are simply must-haves this autumn/winter and particularly flatter the wearer if they are also perfectly cut. 

Knitwear looks particularly elegant and smart if it fits well and snugly. Fine knit jumpers, turtleneck jumpers or slim fit jackets with rough textures create the perfect business look.

Turtleneck jumper - minimalist, striking and with authentic details. For us, an absolute must-have item when it comes to fashionable business or casual wear.

 bugatti Autumn Fashion 2018 - Turtleneck sweater
 bugatti Autumn Fashion 2018 - Knit sweater in earth tone

Find your autumn style with bugatti’s modern knitted jumpers.

Autumn is always multi-faceted; the fashion for this season should therefore follow suit. Layered looks still feature heavily this autumn and offer new options for fashionable knitwear, whether a quilted jacket worn over a rustic knitted jumper, a light cardigan worn over a patterned shirt or a fine knit jumper worn over a polo shirt or a colourful long-sleeved shirt or below a suit jacket with a rough knitted texture and cleverly employed details. The options are as individual as you and your standards are. However, there is one thing you should bear in mind with this style: 

Once you have found your personal It-piece in the form of a colourful or strikingly patterned knitted jumper, you should combine it with quite plain pieces with little texture. You can also achieve different contrasting levels by mixing materials in matching colours that create subtle changes.

Find your new autumn style with the bugatti look. Look well-dressed and confident with our shoes and elegant clothes that always have that certain something. Whether casual or business outfits - we will find the right look for you that matches your personality both at work and during your leisure time. Get some inspiration from our stories and join us on a journey through the wide range of different contemporary fashion styles. In our magazine, we show you the upcoming trends for and how to perfectly combine them.