Gingham, Glen, Prince of Wales or border shepherd’s check - checks are one of the world’s oldest fashion patterns.

Our “checklist” - everything you need to know about the latest check trend

There is hardly another fabric pattern that has a longer history than checks. There are countless versions, which has generated a trend that just keeps on reinventing itself  und is therefore simply not to be excluded from fashion. As an all-rounder, the square pattern is represented throughout the year, but the cold season is the best time to focus on the square pattern. From striking, large patterns to small checks, the trend accompanies us from head to toe and is suitable as a perfect style in autumn and winter.

Checked Coats, trousers, pullovers, scarves and even shoes - in the hip check pattern stylish clothes and accessories put our outfits for the cold days in the right light. Statement Pieces combined with basics, check from head to toe or just a check accessory that spices up the simple outfit in the twinkling of an eye: there is no limit to creativity in this autumn trend. So that you don't lose the overview, we present you the hottest check patterns and how you can best put them in scene.

ABC of checked patterns

Check patterns no longer have to be regarded as something old-fashioned or associated with school uniforms. The pattern suits everyone and works in the office as well as during leisure time or in the evening. New cuts and different structures provide a casually combined and modern look for the outfit. The colour variety of check patterns is well known, but can you get any idea of the terms "Vichy", "Glencheck" or "Pepita"? We explain it to you and introduce our favourite must-haves for the winter 2019/20.

Fashion story of the checked pattern - A short excursion

Checked patterns were already considered the perfect choice in the Far East long before the Scots came up with tartan, which originated in the Highlands. Each clan still has its own tartan today. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about clans these days and can enjoy checked fashion in all its facets. Whether a single It-piece or the head to toe look – follow the trend for checks this winter and you can’t go wrong. Have you already found your favourite outfit?


Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Alain Delon and David Hemmings already popularised gingham 60 years ago, and this classic checked pattern continues to inspire designers. The base colour is usually white, which is perfect for combinations with striking shades. It takes a second glance to spot that the small squares are actually made up of yet more colours: this colour mix makes the otherwise rather block-like pattern look less dense and adds an elegant, timeless touch. We like to wear gingham on casual occasions, and prefer light-coloured shoes and bags as the perfect companions. An outfit that already makes us look forward to spring!

If gingham immediately inspires a vision of buxom waitresses at the Munich Oktoberfest, you’re not actually far wrong. Bavarian traditional costume shirts and blouses do tend to have a gingham pattern!


It used to be reserved for men’s fashion, but it is now a must-have pattern everyone should have in their wardrobe. It is pretty obvious why it is called houndstooth: the zigzag pattern of broken checks looks just like a set of dog’s teeth. If you prefer a more conventional look, choose the classic combination of black and white. However, if you tend to be more daring, houndstooth also comes in bright colours that will make your outfit truly eye-catching. Houndstooth is always a good choice, especially on festive occasions. However, you should make sure that the colours match the occasion. 


Everyone is familiar with the pattern, but most people don’t know what it’s called: Glen checks are again the most fashionable pattern for coats, shirts, suit jackets and suits this year. This typically “British” pattern is the result of threads in several colours being woven in alternating directions. Together, the contrasting colours create a unique pattern that goes well with just about everything. Dark leather shoes or shiny lace-ups perfect a Glen check suit. Women should wear a checked blazer with minimalist or plain-coloured dresses or trousers.

A very similar but more complex pattern is called the “Prince of Wales check”. We are very amused!


Everyone knows tartan, which comes from the Scottish Highlands, but another popular checked pattern with similar origins is the so-called border shepherd’s check. It was first created by shepherds at the border between Scotland and England, and looks very similar to classic houndstooth. Usually simply black and white, the pattern is created with small checks that are linked diagonally. What is important is the size of the checks: if they are smaller than one centimetre square, they are border shepherd’s checks. Coats, suit jackets and blazers in border shepherd’s check are truly eye-catching and our style tip for 2019!

Checks from head to toe, like Lady Gaga? No, you should rely on single checked accessories and pieces of clothing, rather than wearing checks from head to toe. You don’t know whether checks suit you? Then you should start small and wear a checked accessory with your favourite outfit. 

Checked accessories – stylish eye-catchers for any outfit

Checked patterns do not only look good on jackets, coats and suits. Why not choose a smart tie with a Glen check pattern to upgrade an elegant business suit? Or how about a houndstooth handbag? Play with the many colours and alternatives checked patterns have to offer. 

Our tip: Our tip: accessories such as an umbrella and a mobile case with a checked pattern can set a stylish accent and are small but eye-catching details. They put you in a good mood straight away.


Our conclusions regarding the 2019 trend for checks

Even after all these years, we still love the check trend. In autumn and winter 2019/20 it opens many possibilities and offers us an individual and self-confident look. We have also been inspired by it: Add some colour to your outfit and find your favourite checked pattern in the bugatti shop. Whether colourful or classic black and white, for the transitional season in autumn or the cold winter: With the check look, you'll always be perfectly dressed and can stay true to your style. So, what's your favorite check pattern garment for the new season?

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