Put your trousers on - the trouser trends for 2019

If you prefer it relaxed but nevertheless stylish, we have reassuring news for you: the trouser trends for 2019 ten to be wider and more loose-fitting. Super-skinny trousers have been fashionable for a long time now, but this year, we prefer legwear with a little more room to move. For women, this means above all culottes and wide trousers made from flowing fabrics or also denim. However, men should also opt for comfortable but smart trousers in 2019; whether denims or chinos, business or leisure time designs.

Trousers are more than just a fashion basic: We show you the latest trouser trends and the cuts and colours you simply can’t go wrong with this year.

You can never be overdressed or overeducated.
Oscar Wilde

Trouser trends for women - 2019 is the year of culottes

The history of women’s trousers is certainly not as long as that of their male counterparts, yet it has been quite turbulent. This year, a few cuts are making yet another comeback. We are looking forward to airy designs and summery cuts.

Culottes – airy and trendy, and perfect for the summer

From a distance, culottes could easily be taken for a skirt. With the wide legs and a maximum length of just above the ankle, this trend makes you look forward to the summer and adapts to your style. 

Whether at the office or after work – with culottes, you’ll always be the queen of the everyday look!

These trousers, inspired by French fashion, look particularly pretty in combination with a smart blouse tucked casually into the waistband. Plainer colours are great for combination with an exciting top. 

Careful, fashion trap: your top should never be as wide as the culottes as this will soon make you look shapeless! 

However, no need to hold back when it comes to your shoes. Make your legs look enchantingly long with a pair of culottes worn with your favourite court shoes, or combine them with sneakers.

Cropped trousers – THE comeback in 2019

What made our mothers shake their heads in disapproval is now totally trendy on the world’s biggest catwalks: cropped trousers are intentionally too short and too tight. Cropped trousers are the perfect choice especially in spring, when the temperatures are mild but not hot yet.

Let your imagination run wild: whether they are made from a colourful cotton fabric or classic denim - wear your cropped trousers just the way you like them, as everyday wear with a casual shirt or a flowing, loosely falling blouse, for example.

For the office, why not combine your cropped trousers with an elegant blouse and your favourite blazer to create a look that is suitable business wear but still casual. 

You are bound to attract admiring glances in cropped trousers as the short length makes your legs look even longer!

The 2019 trouser trends for men

This year’s fashion trends in menswear are somewhat calmer and rely on classic cuts and colours. Fits like regular or modern are therefore particularly trendy and stylish. The same rule applies for men: why not swap your skinny fit trousers for a comfortable and fashionable, more loose-fitting pair from time to time. 

Shorts - from the beach to the catwalk

Don’t be shy! This year, beachwear becomes suitable everyday wear. The first warm rays makes us look forward to sun, the seaside and holidays. No surprise, then, that shorts in all colours and shapes are this year’s It-piece for casual gentlemen. The shorts look particularly smart in combination with a plain polo shirt, a business shirt with a subtle pattern and smart sneakers from our new collection. 

Careful, fashion trap: this look is not really suitable if you work for a bank, for example; in that case, you really shouldn’t wear shorts to the office. If you work for a start-up or in an office with a relaxed attitude to business fashion, however, it’s OK for you to dare to be different. ;-) 

Cropped trousers - male trendy

They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but cropped trousers are also fashionable for men. It’s up to you whether you opt for the “partner look” with your other half. In terms of colour, cropped trousers for men are a little more understated and rely on a classic and elegant look. Beige, navy or white are definitely always a good choice and also help you to accentuate your shoes.

With cuts from slim to medium, cropped trousers really are a suitable choice for all men.

On hot days, you can also wear your cropped trousers to the office and easily turn them into a suitable business outfit. Choose a polo or a slim fit shirt and matching shoes and hey presto, you have your new favourite outfit! However, depending on the industry you work in, you should probably opt for a classic suit or a combination with a suit jacket for meetings with customers and other business meetings. We have summarised how to keep on reinventing your favourite suit jacket for you here.

Denim jeans - trendy for men and women in 2019

"Serge de Nîmes”, a.k.a.: denim. We love this timeless, comfortable fabric and look forward to the latest trends every year. Initially used to make workwear trousers in America, the durable jeans soon found their way to Europe. Now, fashion wouldn’t be the same without them. Regardless of whether you’re male or female: justifiably, jeans just keep on reappearing in our wardrobes.

Once again, jeans are popular this year and we show you how to create the perfect denim look.

Denim look women’s fashion

You already know that cropped trousers are fashionable. However, did you know that you can create a completely new cropped trouser look with jeans? Whether comfortable and casual or smart for a girls’ night out: with a pair of jeans, you’re always up-to-date. Additional bonus: with the right cut, it’s easy to accentuate your best points or hide your problem zones. 

Outfit tip: cropped trousers made from a denim fabric are super easy to integrate into your outfit and go as well with an elegant blouse as they do with an informal shirt. Rediscover yourself and experiment with colourful patterns and shades together with your new cropped jeans.

In terms of colour, there are no limits with these trendy trousers. You could opt for your favourite colour, for example, or go for the natural shades of the denim fabric.

Are you looking for a suitable denim-look business outfit? Overalls are this year’s must-have and are the perfect choice for the office in combination with a blazer. A denim overall is also the perfect leisure time look; simply swap your court shoes for comfortable sneakers.

Careful, fashion trap: for meetings, you’d be better advised to opt got a pair of dark trousers, fabric trousers or a skirt as you can easily look underdressed in jeans. 

Denim-style men’s fashion

Jeans are also extremely popular again for men; everyone should own a pair. Whether cropped or in the classic length: when it comes to jeans, rely on visible quality to add a sophisticated touch to your everyday outfit. 

Over the past few years, jeans became increasingly more slim fit; in 2019, we rely on regular fit designs again. Regardless of which cut you prefer, what is important is that the jeans fit well in the waist area and are not too long to ensure that your new trousers are comfortable and you can enjoy the durable denim fabric for a long time to come.

Jeans can be worn with (almost) anything and are therefore the perfect everyday wear. Whether with a patterned or a plain shirt: jeans and an informal touch to your outfit and really suit everyone.

Careful, fashion trap: avoid jeans with holes and tears; instead, rely on high-quality materials and flattering cuts. Unless you’re a cowboy, of course! ;-) 


Put your trousers on 2019

We love this year’s trouser trends and the many options they offer us with regard to combining our favourite pair with the rest of our outfit. Are you still uncertain how you should wear your new (denim) trousers, or are you still looking for THE new favourite pair of trousers? bugatti is bound to sell some that match your style. Last but not least, we are completing the look with matching shoes to find your new business or everyday outfit. 

Have fun browsing and experimenting!