Rugged looks and thick boots The perfect winter footwear and jackets for your outfits

Autumn- the season that teaches us, that change can be beautiful.

No doubt about it, winter is here. The temperatures continue to fall, and the Christmas markets are open for business. Many people also see beyond the more romantic aspects of winter, such as enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with a crackling fire going in the woodburner whilst its snowing outside, and take the realities into account: cold feet, wet weather and so many layers of clothing that you look - and feel - like an onion. We increasingly swap our flat sneakers for rugged boots and high-tops, particularly when strolling around the Christmas markets or going for a walk in the wet and cold weather. However, boots can be so much more than just a practical choice. The winter 2019/2020 footwear trends clearly illustrate that boots can certainly also be fashionable and can beautifully upgrade plain outfits.

Perfect winter footwear: rugged boots and lace-ups

Whether classic-urban, slightly more rugged or elegant - this winter, rugged boots are absolutely fashionable and trendy. The more rugged the footwear, the better. We have "gone to ground" for you to investigate further, and wherever we looked, we saw boots, boots and yet more boots as well as lace-ups. Of course, we also have some favourites that don’t just keep your feet warm as you stroll around the Christmas markets but also look good at the office.

Whether lace-up boots, boots with high shafts, Chelsea boots, rough boots, lace-up shoes or also high-top sneakers - this winter, rugged footwear is the look to go for. Whether outdoors or at the office, they ensure that you are always well-shod.

Sneaker love. Can I still wear my favourite footwear, sneakers, in the winter? Of course you can!

Sneakers are a fashion staple, although we have to take a slightly different approach in winter. The flat shape of our summer sneakers harbours the danger of wet feet and cold ankles, and your mulled wine will soon taste only half as good. At the office, your colleagues might also question your choice of footwear if you turn up in a pair of light sneakers.

High-top sneakers - summer is over, but not our love for sneakers

Luckily, our favourite shoes are also available in a "winter version". Winter sneakers, or lined high-tops, are the perfect choice thanks to their higher shaft, warm lining and more robust soles. Sneakers can therefore still be our favourite footwear, even in winter. They still look athletic, and can also be worn with trousers that are suitable businesswear, such as chinos, for a great office look.

Boots, the winter footwear all-rounders

They come in a wide range of versions - lace-ups, Chelsea boots or also with slightly higher shafts. They are comfortable, add a certain streetwear touch to any outfit and emphasise your casual side. Whether you prefer wearing classic Chelsea boots with your suit or a pair of rugged boots with a more casual outfit, you’ll love our choice of boots. Especially in the winter months, you should look after your boots properly to make sure that they last a long time and see you stylishly through the entire season. See our leather and shoe care guide for tips on how to look after them.


Whether rugged, elegant, minimalist or timeless: find the winter footwear and jackets that go perfectly with your style now!


Boots or ankle boots - classic and never out of fashion

They can be elegant, definitely classic and are never out of fashion. We are talking about boots or ankle boots for women and men. Everyone should own a pair as they will not only keep your feet dry in the city but also look good with your business outfit. They are available in a huge range of versions. This year, the choice not only includes very classic boots but also designs with exposed lining or particularly rough soles.

Hiking or mountaineering boots? The season's most popular footwear trend

You've already heard that hiking boots are also the latest urban footwear trend, but you're still unsure about what to wear them with? Let us inspire you. The trend was already on the horizon last year. Since then, hiking boots have featured heavily in women's as well as men's footwear. However, they are not worn merely for functional purposes with functional clothing for hiking and so on. This winter, they also make a fashion statement in urban environments and at the office. These trendy boots are simply combined with jeans and a knitted jumper for a plain outfit, but can also look fashionable together with cargo trousers and a rugged chunky knit cardigan. You can be as creative as you like, as the look thrives on versatility and contrasts.

Women can even wear a light midi-length dress with a floral pattern and tights with hiking boots. Wear a leather jacket on top in the autumn, or a down jacket in a bright colour, to create an exciting look. These trendy boots also offer a huge bonus: they are warm and comfortable yet also fashionable. What more could anyone want?

Rugged boots equals rugged look? Find your favourite winter footwear style

The choice is vast - but which footwear really matches my style and my needs? When choosing winter footwear, you should keep in mind what you like to wear and the style of your preferred outfits. If you tend to go for a more classical look, thick boots with striking patterns or appliqué details are maybe not quite the right thing. However, if you like to integrate the odd eye-catching piece into your outfit from time to time and enjoy mixing and matching materials and patterns, than you might just as well dare to go for striking footwear. Plus, rugged footwear does not equal a rugged outfit from head to toe. Playing cleverly with characteristics and materials soon creates a well-balanced look and an outfit that is not only suitable for the city but also for the office.

Cosy and warm, weatherproof, but also stylish: that’s what the perfect winter coat or jacket to go with your business or leisure time outfit should be like. Our answer to this? Winter coats made from wool and waterproof materials, quilted and hooded jackets, wool neoprene jackets... We’ll find the perfect style for you!

Winter outfits with boots - the right everyday winter look for the office

Thick boots are super for the winter, but what to wear them with? Does a classic coat seriously go with rough lace-up boots? Of course it does! This winter, combining knitted, chunky or rough knits and materials with slightly more classic designs and fabrics is totally trendy. Never before has it been as easy to find a pair of boots that goes perfectly with your outfit and therefore makes them suitable businesswear. We particularly like the idea of combining plain outdoor outfits with elegant boots. However, for important business meetings, we still like to rely on Chelsea boots and a knee-length coat with a check pattern. The boots can be combined with a suit in an understated way yet are still perfect for the weather conditions.

Talking about Christmas markets: how about a fashionable, light outdoor jacket that effectively stores your body heat and the energy of the sun and therefore keeps you warm for a particularly long time? The perfect companion throughout the cold season. Learn more about our OUTIQ technology - the down jacket alternative - here.

Functionality meets design - winter coats and jackets for your perfect boots-based winter outfit

Usually, most people will automatically think of jackets in extremely bright colours that are a practical choice for holiday outdoor adventures and tend to pretty much ignore the design aspect when they hear the term “functional jacket”. However, who says that these two properties can’t be combined? We have developed functional coats and jackets for you that will be faithful companions on the way to the office or on your next city break, as well as on the hunt for the best Christmas presents. They will keep you warm and dry and impress with a minimalist yet elegant design. Combined with rugged boots, they are your perfect winter companions.