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Shoes for the summer
Perfectly dressed for the summer of 2020

Flip-Flops, sandals, heeled sandals or sliders? With open shoes, you are perfectly equipped for the coming summer. In hot weather no one is likely to want to wear thick shoes that prevent your feet from breathing. Lace-up shoes also look only half as good with a summer outfit as their open relations. We show you the trendiest shoes for men and women that make your feet look particularly good this summer.

Sandals, heeled sandals, sliders and flip-flops – what's the difference?

Sandals are one of the oldest types of shoe. Their name comes from the word "sandálion", which is ancient Greek for "strapped shoe". That is also their decisive characteristic: the shoe is secured on the heels with a strap. This makes them safe and stable to walk in; sandals are therefore the perfect shoes for long walks. The many different models, strap widths and materials make sandals a very versatile footwear choice that can be worn with a casual leisure time as well as with a more elegant evening outfit.

Heeled sandals are a special type of sandal. They also have said small straps to keep the feet in their place. As the name suggests, this sandal type is almost always designed for women, as they have some kind of heel. In contrast to classic sandals, they also usually feature several thin straps that make the shoes look more elegant. They are therefore particularly suitable for evening or smarter occasions.

Sliders, on the other hand, lack the ankle straps hat are so decisive for sandals. They only have one wide strap across the foot - you simply slip your feet into them and are good to go. This usually makes them look more informal; they can therefore be allocated to the kind of footwear that is suitable leisure time wear only, in contrast to sandals. You can still go on a leisurely stroll through town, though, even though they are less sturdy.

Flip-flops, which are also called toe thong sandals, only have one toe post that keeps your foot in the shoe. They are therefore the airiest and at the same time the most relaxed shoe model of all four. However, due to their leisure time character, they are not necessarily suitable for an evening event. Even if you might immediately associate the term with the classic foam flip-flops that are designed for the beach: by now, there are also many fabric and leather versions that are suitable everyday wear.

All of these shoe types have one thing in common: they are very comfortable and open at the heels and at the toes. As your feet are exposed to the fresh air, they are the ideal companions for the summer.

Leather flip-flops – the perfect summer shoes for men

Just slip them on and off you go: A pair of smart flip-flops saves time and effort when you're getting dressed. If they're made from dark brown leather, they look extremely smart despite the casual design. Chartreuse also looks very sophisticated. Another major advantage of toe post sandals is their inherent comfort. The leather toe post makes the shoes more durable and comfortable that traditional flip-flops, which have a plastic toe post. The soft materials ensures that they don't rub or chafe; you can therefore easily wear them all day long.

More stability: sandals as everyday summer footwear

If you prefer sturdier summer shoes, then sandals are perfect for you. Because they are open at the toes and at the back, your feet can breathe; the straps, however, ensure that this footwear won't budge. You therefore won't have the vague feeling that you might lose your shoe with every step you take. Long walks are no problem. Another advantage: in contrast to the straps on toe posts, the straps on normal sandals are usually adjustable, so you can adjust the to fit your foot perfectly. Once you have found a comfortable pair, you should choose a muted colour. They will go with any outfit, from floral prints to a smart shirt or shorts.

Fashionable sliders define the outfit

For women, heeled sandals that make a real statement are particularly trendy, whether with unusual colours, a combination of different textures or special heels. This summer, the time has come to make your heeled sandals the central element of your outfit. We particularly like thick platform soles. Their advantage? The thick soles make the shoes easy to walk in, even if the heels are quite high. You can therefore wear your favourite footwear all day long without having to worry about getting blisters. A perfect symbiosis of style and comfort. If you prefer lower heels, rely on exciting details. Small rhinestones, metallic looks, animal prints or numerous thin straps ensure that they are eye-catching but don't look too chunky. This year, anything goes in terms of heeled sandals; the motto is: "Above all not run-of-the-mill".

Sliders are feel-good summer footwear.

In really hot weather, there are many problems that can make everyday life difficult: shiny makeup, hot flushes and sweaty hair are just some of them. You don't have to make things worse with uncomfortable footwear. Sliders are the most comfortable choice, seeing that they are related to the comfortable slippers you wear at home. However, smart materials have now made them suitable for going out in. A particular eye-catching detail this year is embossed punch holes that add the necessary wow factor to shoes. Summery colours such as bright yellow may call attention to your shoes, but can sometimes clash with other pieces of clothing. Understated colours such as white, black, beige or brown, on the other hand, go with all outfits. A casual, relaxed all-rounder that will see you through the summer.

Conclusion: Above all: airy

Our conclusion for the summer is simple: anything goes, as long as it's airy and comfortable. The trends afford many options and everyone can easily find their perfect shoe
. Our tip: Rely on plain colours; your shoes will then go with any outfit, or choose something extravagant to stand out from the crowd with your shoes. With shoes that are made from high-quality materials, you are definitely well-equipped to make the most of the summer – comfortable as well as fashionable.

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