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My go-to fashion uniform would be shorts and some really cool sneakers.
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Short trousers at the office

It’s summer. The sky is cloudless, the sun shines all the time and the mercury on the thermometer climbs to over 30 degrees Celsius.

You are not on holiday; instead, you are sitting in the office wiping the sweat from your brow. You are losing concentration, and can’t wait to cool down. On days like these, you might ask yourself why there isn’t actually a law prohibiting people from working in such heat. Or whether you could at least wear short trousers to the office.

We tell you all and also give you tips on how to survive everyday office life when the heat is on!

Are shorts permitted office wear?

As soon as the temperature rises, many people are tempted to reduce their work wear down to the minimum on hot summer days. However, watch out!

In your leisure time, you can wear what you like (provided it’s within the law). You don’t have to justify your dress sense to anyone.

At the workplace, however, it can sometimes be your employer who decides what you are permitted to wear at the office, and what you are not. In some companies, there is a set dress code you as an employee must adhere to, even if the temperatures are rising.

Revealing clothing is a taboo at work. This often applies in banks, insurance offices, legal firms and other industries with direct customer contact.

However, often, there is no set dress code. You therefore have to find out what it permitted by the company and what isn’t. Observe what your colleagues and your bosses are wearing (especially in the summer) and dress accordingly. Business wear etiquette is not quite as strict as it used to be.

In many industries, it is quite usual that you can leave your suit jacket and tie at home, not just on “casual Fridays”.

However, the office is not a beach bar or a pool. Brief shorts or even an airy Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops are therefore definitely no-goes at work, even in the heat of summer and even if your company favours a casual dress code. Such an outfit should be reserved for your leisure time. However, even Bermudas with longer legs are not suitable office wear. As leisure time attire and sportswear, short trousers or Bermudas are OK. At the office, however, the usual conventions should be upheld – even if the weather is hotter than usual.
Granted, it’s OK for women to wear airy skirts (and not only in the summer). However, mini skirts or even hot pants are just as taboo as everyday office wear for women as naked legs peeping out from beneath short trousers are for men. Where this is concerned, men are therefore not at an unfair disadvantage when it comes to outfits suitable for coping with the heat of summer.

Correct clothing in the summer heat

Rising temperatures are no reason to stop dressing elegantly. If you spend some time in the big Italian or Spanish cities in the middle of summer, you will see well-dressed business people there even when the temperature rises above 30 degrees Celsius, which is common in these countries. You should therefore also generally wear a pair of long trousers and a long-sleeved shirt elsewhere, even in really hot weather.

If you don’t have a meeting and don’t work in an open-plan office, it’s acceptable to roll up your sleeves from time to time. You can also sometimes slightly roll up your trousers to above the ankles. However, you should only do this if no one’s watching. If your boss agrees to this dress code, you can also try out the cool “flanking” look. We tell you exactly how to successfully create this look in another article.

Tip: Contrary to popular opinion, a long, thin pair of cotton trousers is much cooler to wear than short trousers. This is due to the permanent stream of air that passes along the legs.

Regardless of how hot it is, you should never come to the office without socks. Open shoes (e.g. sandals) are also not really acceptable office wear.

However, if the dress code is not too strict, there is nothing wrong with smart, closed linen shoes.

No time off for employees

The office is not air-conditioned and is south-facing. It can therefore soon become almost unbearably hot in the middle of summer. According to the workplace regulations, the temperature should never be above 26 degrees Celsius in workplaces. If they exceed 30 degrees Celsius, the employer is obliged to implement protective measures.

The employer must ensure that windows and glass walls do not let any direct sunlight in, for example by installing shutters, awnings or heat absorbing glass to keep the temperature in the workplace as low as possible. Refreshing drinks or even some fruit should be made available to the employees on hot days.

If your office is equipped with air-conditioning, it’s usually easy to cope with summery outdoor temperatures. However, air-conditioning systems should preferable run on a setting that doesn’t make it too cool in the office. Ideally, office spaces should not be more than six degrees Celsius colder than it is outside.

In hot weather, a ventilator can also be extremely useful. However, if you want to bring your own ventilator in, you’d better ask your boss for permission. After all, you need to plug it in and it does use electricity. You should also pay attention to the safety rules when you run a ventilator. Unfortunately, employees are not entitled to time off due to the heat of the summer! Exceptions only apply to pregnant women or employees with certain health conditions.


Conclusion: keep cool!

In summer, you should therefore always ensure that you choose good quality clothes that are made from breathable fabrics. In the bugatti online shop, you will find a wide selection of fashionable, suitable summer office wear, from business shirts that feel comfortable on the skin to light suits and trousers as well as comfortable shoes.

To get through the working day unscathed despite the heat, you should also:

  • take a spare shirt to the office to change into
  • run cold water over your wrists from time to time
  • fully utilise any flexitime arrangements and try to work early in the morning, when it’s cooler
  • drink plenty of (not too cold) drinks
  • enjoy your leisure time after work outdoors

You see: you don’t really need a pair of short trousers to cope well with a summer’s day at the office.

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