The 2020 handbag trends – the new season's eye-catching accessories

I'm very organised these days, and I keep my life in my handbag, like most women.
Britt Ekland

For women, a handbag is often much more than just a bag for carrying stuff around. A handbag is a fashion piece, the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. And for some, it is even an investment or a status symbol. Without a handbag, we women often feel naked and somehow incomplete. We have collected the 2020 bag trends for you here for all those who happen to be looking for a smart new companion. We show you the new season's prettiest eye-catching accessories and tell you the latest ways to carry the current handbag trends.

Bags with chain details are THE winter 2020 trend

The great designers do something, and everyone copies them: in the autumn/winter season 2020, the focus is increasingly on the use of link chains. Hardly surprising: cool yet nevertheless sophisticated, the chain details turn the handbag into the outfit's most eye-catching element. The wearer is welcome to opt for minimalist clothes in order to emphasise the bag even more.

However, if you can't get enough of the bling-bling factor, you can take the handbag detail as your inspiration and rely on even more chains for the rest of your outfit – preferably in various lengths. By the way, this concept is particularly easily achieved through combinations with plain dresses, skirts and trousers , and with fine fabrics such as silk or satin. So, put your bag on a chain! Because this trend is here to stay.

Bucket bags – this season's most casual bag trend

Any woman interested in fashion will be familiar with it: Louis Vuitton's "Noé", the great-grandmother of all bucket bags. The long-established label already designed this well-known and popular bucket bag in 1930 – which, who'd have believed it, was originally designed for the transport of five bottles of champagne.

The bucket bag has enjoyed continued popularity ever since. Hardly surprising, as this bag can hold pretty much everything a woman might need to carry – whether bottles of champagne or purse, notebook or even a spare pair of shoes. Thanks to their solid shape and large volume, bucket bags are super practical and also make a casual fashion statement.

The bad trend minimalists: micro-bags

Ooops, where are you? These XXS bags are not bigger than a purse and sometimes even so small that we actually have to look for them. Essentially, they only hold the absolute basics: smartphone, credit card or, if you prefer cash, a few notes.
With a bit of luck, you might also be able to squeeze in a lipstick. Yet despite this (or maybe because of it?), these small bags, which already featured on the catwalks in 2019, continue to be a major trend in 2020.

However, unlike the casual bucket bag, the cute micro-bag needs an elegant outfit to develop its full impact.

In other words: jeans, yes, by all means, but please in combination with high heels. An elegant blouse, a smart blazer or a high-quality coat are suitable additions.

Another 2020 bag trend: XL shoppers are making a comeback

In the current season, the micro-bag trend is contrasted by maxi-sized shoppers. Yes, surprising but true: these legendary bags from the 2000s are currently making a major fashion comeback and are now, 20 years later, an absolute must-have bag design. We think: that's totally justified! In theory, these bags actually make it possible for you to spontaneously leave the country – or at least, they do as far as their volume is concerned.

Thanks to their generous roominess, XL shoppers are perfect everyday bags and go with absolutely any outfit. In order to stave off boredom, these maxi-sized bags are available in a wide range of very different designs, whether plain black, in all sorts of colours or patterned, made of leather or fabric, elegant, casual or unusual – the main thing is: it has to be huge! And offer plenty of room for the odds and ends we simply must carry with us when we leave the house. Or might potentially need...

By the way, XL shoppers are worn across the body, dangling from the crook of your arm or simply in your hand – provided it is not too heavy. Also, you can really let your imagination run wild when putting together the rest of your outfit, as these bags can be combined with fabric trousers or a smart dress as well as jeans and T-shirt. Of course, if you want to play in the professional fashion league, you can also rely on the fashions of the 2000s as inspiration for the rest of your outfit and combine them with your XL shopper for a sure-fire stylish look. 

Regardless of whether your bag is a reliable companion on the way to the office or during your leisure time – where this 2020 bag trend is concerned, the rule is simply: more is indeed more.

The 2020 colour trend for bags: colour-matched

An old fashion rule is that the handbag must match your shoes.In the current season, this basic rule has been somewhat extended: because in 2020, the handbag has to match the entire outfit! Colour-matched is the colour trend that will now govern the winter street styles. If black is the main colour of your outfit, you must also choose a black bag. If your outfit is made up of natural shades, then the colour of the bag should also be a natural shade. We think: we can easily manage this!

How should the 2020 bag trends be carried?

OK, so we've read a lot about shapes and colours now, but: how do you actually carry these trendy bags in a stylish way? Across the shoulder, in your hand, underarm or across your body, after all?

Safely underarm

Your are bound to have noticed: carrying your bag across the shoulder is simply not done in 2020! Instead, they are carried – whenever possible – underarm. Admittedly, this is usually not particularly practical for everyday life, but if you want to look cool and fashionable, you should just try it out.

Hold it!

Regardless of which of the trendy bag designs you have opted for: In 2020, you can't go wrong if you just casually hold your bag in one hand, swinging it in a carefree way.

Cross body

Let's be honest: Until now, a lot of you have probably been wondering how to carry your bag if you simply want to have your hands free for a change. The most stylish solution for 2020 is clearly: cross body! Especially the cute micro-bags are suitable for being carried this way – i.e. at an angle across your body. However, a so-called cross body bag is also an absolute It-piece in 2020. This timeless bag design features in all of the latest collections of the major fashion labels and can be combined with almost any outfit, as cross body bags are available in all sizes, shapes and colours.


Anyone currently looking for a new handbag is spoilt for choice: mini or maxi? Timeless classic or trendy It-bag? Practical or stylish, or preferably both? Regardless of what you opt for, we are certain: each of the trendy bags introduced here would be prepared to spontaneously leave the county with you, if necessary.