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The 2020 swimwear trends: water-wear for men

As soon as the temperatures rise, the time has come to spend a few hours in the pool, at the lido or by the seaside. We very much hope that all of this will soon be possible again and have therefore had a look at this season's swimwear trends.

Swimwear trends are constantly changing; therefore, 2020 also has new trends to offer that make a day spent in and out of the water even better. We show you how to look your best in swimming trunks either way.

Swimming trunks with summery patterns and colourful stripes

Swimming trunks come in various lengths, shapes and colours. Patterns and stripes are particularly trendy this year. The unusual prints and colourful stripes are really eye-catching. You won't just attract attention but also show that you have a flair for fashion. There are no limits when it comes to the patterns. The well-known Hawaiian patterns are making a comeback, but other striking tropical patterns and beach-themed prints are also trendy. This does not mean that those who prefer a more minimalist look will be missing out. More understated all-over prints also look great on colourful swimming shorts but are not quite so in-your-eye.

Those who prefer stripes are also well catered for. Whether classic marine stripes in blue and white, think horizontal stripes in various bright colours or a mix of both: stripes are trendy and will never go out of fashion. They're fail-safe must-have for your wardrobe if you don't want to bother trying to keep up with the latest trends every year.

Also particularly trendy is a mix of various different patterns on swimming trunks. Designers are particularly fond of a combination of stripes and a tropical print, which results in an exciting look.

Swimming trunks - it's the length that matters

Many people's idea of classic swimwear is a pair of swimming trunks whose length and cut resembles classic Bermuda shorts. Swimming trunks like that were a common choice for a long time. However, since last year, shorter swimming trunks are steadily becoming more fashionable. The modern cut makes your legs look longer. However, admittedly, wearing them still takes a lot of courage for many men, particularly if you are used to the longer version. You should definitely give swimming briefs a try, though, because they are stylish, modern and also more comfortable to move around in.

For those who prefer things more classic regardless, there is still a wide choice of longer swimming trunks on the market. Remember, though, that they are more suitable for taller men as they can make your legs look shorter.

Retro swimming trunks that attract attention on the beach

Short, close-fitting swimming briefs are also making a comeback in 2020. They look more retro than any other style of men's swimwear, and make you feel like you're an extra on Baywatch. Because they are so close-fitting and don't cover a lot of leg, they are perfect for men who exercise and want to call attention to their body.

If you prefer not to have all eyes on you, there's also lots of swimwear this summer with a retro spirit realised through colours and patterns. Semi-long shorts with reduced, athletic-looking stripes at the waist reflect the feeling of a long-since past decade.

Our favourite feature: this year, almost all swimming trunks come with pockets, so you can easily carry your mobile, money or keys with you on a walk by the seaside or on the way to the pool.

Conclusion: Swimming briefs are here to stay

Last summer's trend for shorter swimming trunks looks likely to continue this year, and will probably also last even longer. They flatter your legs and show that you are fashion-conscious. We particularly like the numerous patterns that make the hot time of the year even more colourful. There's no easier way to create that longed for summer feeling in an instant. Whether classic designs or the latest trendy swimwear: bugatti offers everything your heart desires this summer, whether you intend to wear your choice on the holiday that you'll hopefully go on later in the year or at home in your pool.