From the Islands of Bermuda into your wardrobe – the origins of Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts as we know them were named after the Islands of Bermuda. They were originally worn by the military. The British soldiers stationed on the Islands of Bermuda felt too hot in their long trousers in the tropical climate, so they simply cut them off just above their knees.

Their practicality and usefulness quickly became accepted, and the trousers were manufactured large-scale. From there, these airy trousers travelled once around the world. Traditionally, they end around 5cm above the knee and are straight-cut. Due to their length, Bermudas are perfect companions for the summer.

The combination all-rounder for the summer

These days, Bermudas are available in a wide range of different designs, and their designers play with various fabrics, shapes and lengths. Shirts emphasise the wide cut of the trousers. Combine them with a casual T-shirt for a casual outfit that will nevertheless look presentable. If you are going for a smart everyday look, a polo shirt is a great choice.

However, unlike the mental picture Bermudas inspire in most people, they can also be styled smart for the evening or the office. Bermuda designs that look like short suit trousers are certainly acceptable office wear and look great. Slightly more daring men can also wear Bermuda shorts with a suit jacket and tie, and loafers. The style break of casual shorts contrasted with a smart suit jacket results in a completely new look. For evening events, Bermuda shorts made from a finer fabric are a good choice; they can then be combined with a smart shirt .

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An array of fresh colours: Bermudas in all shades

Bermudas are available in any colour you can imagine. You should make the best of this, especially in the summer. Basic colours such as beige, grey navy or black are always a good choice and go with almost anything for a classic look. 

However, there are also many colourful designs for those who enjoy experimenting. Wear one of these, and you will not only be admired for your courage but also for your style-consciousness. 

However, you should then keep the rest of your outfit quite plain as it might look too busy otherwise.

Conclusion: Bermudas are the perfect summer trousers

Whether at the office, on the beach or in the city – with Bermudas, you're always perfectly dressed in the summer. They can be worn with a wide range of tops, so ideally, everyone should own a pair. Depending on which type of Bermudas you chose, you can impress with a completely different style. They also flatter women, for whom they are now also increasingly available in skintight versions. bugatti sells Bermuda shorts in a wide range of different colours, so you can give your imagination free rein this summer. 

Which colour will be your favourite this summer?