The coat trends for 2019 - our five must-have coats this season

The leaves are falling, and the weather is turning colder, with temperatures below ten degrees Celsius. Time to turn the heating on – and to get your winter coats out of the wardrobe. Coats continue to be extremely popular in 2019/2020. Teddy fur coats and bright colours for women and classic checks or down alternatives for men complete our outfits whilst also providing the warmth needed during the cold season. Of course, a new season also means new coat trends. Read the magazine to learn more about the current trends and which of them you should definitely try.

Pea coat, trench coat, a Chesterfield overcoat, a blazer coat or a cape, after all? Obviously, there are many different kinds of coats. Every year, there are super new ideas and combination options for adding a fresh touch to your winter outfits. A few of last year’s trends were so popular that they also made into our top five this year. The trends are literally a colourful mix: from long maxi coats to various patterns and different materials, you will find anything you might want in the shops. We show you which five coats are absolute must-haves for the autumn and winter of 2019/2020, in our opinion, and identify the statement piece that is the right choice for perfecting your winter outfit.

Coat courage: wrap up warm with the coat trends for the new season

The purpose of coats is to keep us lovely and warm in freezing weather. However, many people feel they are quite bulky and more means to an end than favourite pieces. But they don’t have to be like that at all! Coats are available in innumerable versions, and this year’s trends are just as diverse. What applies to this season’s jumpers also applies to coats : colourful is key. You can experiment, and the motto is: anything that’s fun goes.

The various other trends such as checked patterns or teddy fur fabric are therefore also often combined with strikingly bright colours. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the old favourites you keep in the wardrobe, or even throw them away – classics never go out of fashion and can easily be adapted to the new season, whether with accessories or a stylish jumper worn underneath. Anyway, here our five must-haves to give you a better overview.

Cosy through next season: teddy and faux fur coats

You have probably already seen some teddy and fake fur coats. They started to become popular last season. However, back then, they still came in natural colours and earthy shades. That’s different this season. Although there are still numerous designs in shades of beige and brown to be had, brighter options are catching up. In combination with the latest colour trends, this results in statement pieces that immediately make any outfit look super-stylish.

To ensure that the overall look is not too busy, this coat trend should be combined with plainer outfits.

Colourful and even more colourful coat trends this autumn and winter

The focus is clearly on colours this season. Front runners are yellow and red – they are the most trendy colours this autumn and winter. However, they are by no means the only ones, as there are also plenty of more extravagant colours such as purple or more muted earthy shades to be seen in the shops. You can therefore have as much fun as you like when it comes to choosing your favourite coat . Red, yellow, green or something completely different after all: it’s your choice! That is exactly what we love about this trend. You can use as much or as little colour as you like – whether on its own, in the form of small accents or in striking patterns.

Voluminous, colourful coats look particularly elegant if they are combined with a smart evening outfit. What’s your colour?

Coat? Check!

An all-rounder that goes hand in hand with the outfits for the cold season: checks. Whether large or small checks, we simply love checked patterns; they are therefore bound to be found in many a wardrobe in the autumn and winter. They perfectly complement plain-coloured outfits and are suitable for smart business looks as well as fashionable everyday wear. Thanks to the wide range of different checked patterns, this trend never becomes boring and has therefore also made it onto the new season’s coats. There are no limits here: black and white patterns, multicoloured, checked throughout or only in certain areas – have fun!

Is your wardrobe still missing the perfect checked coat? 

Maximum warmth with maxi coats

Another of our favourites is the maxi coat. It reaches down to your ankles, or just above, and makes you feel cosy. Wrapped up from head to toe, you are equipped for any weather yet still look very smart.

The slightly thinner versions were already around everywhere in between the seasons, usually in beige, brown or grey. However, as the weather gets colder, these coats are replaced by thicker versions. Whether down-filled or quilted, they will always keep you warm. If you combine this smart piece with a plain outfit and smart boots, you have the perfect winter outfit without any effort at all. The more casual combination with a hoodie and sneakers is also totally trendy.

Down, quilted and alternatives

Beautiful not only on their own but also in combination with other pieces: down and quilted coats. They are making a comeback, and we are welcoming them with open arms. Whether maxi or short: a quilted finish adds a little bit more interest to a coat, as well as the stylishness that’s needed. A quilted coat will also keep you incredibly warm and ensure that you don’t catch a cold throughout the winter. We think combining different fabrics and colours as well as the layering trend look particularly cool.

If you don’t want a down coat, you should definitely consider a OUTIQ jacket , which keep you warm by storing your body heat with the aid of a high-tech padding material and are also eco-friendly. What else do you need?

Our tip: classics never go out of fashion. Stylish cuts and muted colours are always the right choice. If you nevertheless want to upgrade your outfit, opt for eye-catchers such as colourful jumpers or accessories. They allow you to reinterpret your all-rounder in a completely different way again every year.

Everyone in the world should have a trench coat, and there should be a trench coat for everyone in the world.
Angela Ahrendts

Conclusion: coat trends in all shapes and forms

We love this year’s coat trends. We have presented our favourite five to you and shown that the old classics are still amongst the best. As stylish companions, these coats can upgrade any outfit to ensure that you look smart even during the cold time of the year.

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