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The perfect shirt for short trousers - what to wear with a pair of shorts

Being well dressed hasn't much to do with having good clothes. It's a question of good balance and common sense.
Oscar De La Renta

For a long time, fashion-conscious men wore long trousers even in the summer, as shorts were not yet considered acceptable. By now, they are always present on the international catwalks and in our everyday lives and have become a must-have item of clothing no man should be without. However, what tops look best with your shorts? Wearing a shirt with shorts is a trendy combination, whether you choose a casual leisure time shirt or an elegant business version. We show you how to wear the perfect shirt with short trousers.

How to choose the perfect short trousers

The perfect pair of short trousers must suit your body type. It should not sit too loose but should also not cling to your body. Ideally, you should be able to fit two fingers between your leg and the trousers. In terms of the length, you can roughly take your knees for guidance: the general rule is that the perfect pair of shorts should finish around a hand's width above the knee. If your shorts are too long, you can simply turn them up – this will solve your problem and also look more modern. You can choose the colour according to your personal preferences: both plain versions as well as shorts in bright colours are fashionable this summer.

The plain white shirt

The classic white shirt goes with all short trousers. Its plainness makes it the perfect companion – regardless of whether you are wearing brightly coloured shorts, a pair with a striking pattern or a pair in muted dark navy or beige. With a white shirt, you are emphasising your shorts, they should therefore fit you extremely well. Tucking the shirt into your trousers or leaving it untucked gives the outfit a completely different look. Either way, you'll have a modern outfit that is even suitable office wear.

The perfect outfit: combining shorts with patterned shirts

A patterned shirt look particularly good with plain shorts, as bot short trousers or Bermudas as well as patterned shirts are super trendy this year. In combination, they create the perfect summer outfit. Our favourites are floral patterns on shirts with short sleeves. Short trousers worn with a shirt is also a suitable combination for an evening event. A long-sleeved shirt with a print tucked into smart shorts looks smart-casual yet also shows your style-consciousness. This modern combinations can be upgraded further with matching accessories to create the perfect outfit as if by magic.

The prize question: shirt tucked in or untucked?

Once you have found the perfect shirt to go with your short trousers, the only question that usually remains is: do you tuck the shirt into the trousers, or do you leave it untucked? For a casual, informal look, the top should be worn untucked. This particularly applies to T-shirts and polo shirts, but also leisure time and city shorts can be worn untucked. However, keep in mind that the shirt must have the right cut: it must not be too short, as it could then stick out, and should be more figure-hugging and tailored. You can't go wrong with a tucked-in shirt. However, a smart business shirt should always be tidily tucked into your trousers. 

The ultimate look: Sports jacket with short trousers

Wearing a sports jacket with short trousers. What many might consider a style break is currently considered the ultimate look in the fashion world, as it is particularly this contrast between the different styles – i.e. an elegant sports jacket and casual shorts – that adds the right level of excitement to an outfit, according to fashion lovers. However, if you want to wear a sports jacket with short trousers, you should keep one thing in mind: avoid colourful patterns, which makes the outfit look more elegant despite the shorts.

A smart belt that matches your shoes completes the outfit.

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This summer, wearing a shirt with short trousers is the ideal way to show style-consciousness. The style break of smart top and casual, informal shorts creates excitement and is definitely eye-catching, whether you're on the way to the office, at the beach or out for a stroll in town. With a shirt and shorts combination, you’re always well-dressed.