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I had noticed men were much more confident in their clothes. So I sought through trouser suits, trench coats, tuxedos, and pea coats to give women the same confidence.
Yves Saint Laurent

Trendsetter - the all-rounder trench coat

Although it never really went out of fashion, it’s celebrating a comeback this year: The trench coat. No other piece of clothing is as flattering and wearable as the trench coat. It has outlasted many passing trends and secured a permanent spot in our wardrobes. Its basic shape is timeless, which is what makes the trench coat so versatile and wearable with (almost) any look. We’ll show you the hidden talents of the trench coat, and how you too can become a real trendsetter with the new it-piece.

Originally manufactured for the English military to protect against wind and bad weather, today the design of the classic trench coat still retains some of its former details. But it wasn’t its lively past that made the trench coat become a classic. That’s thanks to cinema! Whether it was Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, the protagonists of Hitchcock’s signature films or style icon Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's: They all wore the trench coat and made it into a fashion superstar.

As individual as you are: That’s what makes a real trench coat so special

In the past, the trench coat was made of gabardine, an especially water resistant material, but today we have the complete palette of materials and colours at our disposal for our popular classic trench coat . But a beige trench coat is still the first association that comes to mind when we think about the stylish British coat. But there are also many on-trend interpretations which stem from the original classic trench coat, but which have been subtly modified in one way or another.

The latest trends at bugatti – trench coat style

The classic trench coat

It is the double button placket in particular, as well as the special slim fit, which make the classic trench coat unmistakeable. In addition, every coat has a typical tie belt with a D-shaped buckle which effortlessly accentuates the waist.

On warm days the belt can be casually tied behind your back to wear the trench open for a laid-back look. The buckles on the sleeves also often match the style of the belt. And it is exactly these finer details that make a coat so special. 

The most important rule of the trench coat: The buttons are only for decoration and are not supposed to be used to do up the coat. On colder days you can simply turn up the collar, wrap the coat around you and secure it with the belt. Sean Connery himself couldn’t have done it better. 

Features of a trench coat - the all-rounder

One of the unique characteristics of the classic trench coat are the shoulder flaps to which the soldiers’ insignia were once fastened. The storm flap also had a practical use, and as a second layer of material allowed water to run off the shoulders better. The walking slit also comes from its time in the army. A trench coat can look back on a lively past and continues to have many characteristics today which make it unique in the world of fashion. But ever since, the different forms that the trench coat has taken at one point or another speak for themselves. However the slim fit, fold-up collar and knee-length design are still some of the typical features of this between-seasons coat. 

Putting the trench coat through its paces in everyday life

How practical is the trench coat for everyday wear? We’ll show you how best to wear and style the trench coat!

The trench coat at the office.

You’re on your way to the office or to a meeting and you naturally want to look your best. The trench coat makes it easy for you in this situation, no matter whether it’s paired with a suit, over a jacket, or with a blouse, skirt or dress. The trench coat boosts your business look while simultaneously giving your outfit a laid-back touch. When styling a trench coat on top of a dress or skirt, make sure that the piece under the coat is a hand width’s shorter than the coat itself. And if you’re feeling extra bold: There are some strong opinions against the combination of a (long) dress and a trench. We say, “only the brave get admiring glances!” ;-) 

The trench coat - our complete all-rounder

While you probably don’t enforce a strict personal dress code, you will have developed an individual style so that you can easily wear your trench coat or between-seasons coat at any time. It’s the multi-purpose backup for the office, casual wear or dressy occasions and can be combined with almost any piece or style of clothing. And if you like getting dressed up, even better! Casually team the trench with jeans, a jumper and light trainers. Or wear to a spring wedding with a dark blue suit and light brown lace-up shoes. It’s your everyday wardrobe hero that you can update time and time again. And with its special aura it never seems outdated, but timelessly elegant and stylish. 

The trench coat on your travels

For the trench coat, it makes no difference whether you’re running across a crowded platform or strolling pleasantly through Rome’s old town - it’s with you on every trip and adapts to your situation. This classic is the perfect travel companion and a masterclass in between-seasons dressing. It protects you from light rain, and you won’t get too hot on a sunny sightseeing trip thanks to the breathable material.

When it gets too cool, just turn up the collar and fasten the coat with a casual knot at the front. If it really gets too warm for the trench, turn it into a cool accessory by wearing it casually over your shoulder or as a cape. Other than that, the trench coat should absolutely be worn open, giving you a particularly cool look while you walk (or in a light breeze). 

We love the many possibilities for wearing and styling the trench coat. Step into the feeling of spring and discover the exciting colours and shapes of our spring collection.