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What to wear with a shirt dress

Beautifully styled throughout the summer

A shirt dress is a dress cut like a shirt, a combination that results in a fashionable It-piece. With its characteristic collar, these loose dresses take their inspiration from classic shirts for men, or blouses for women. A shirt dress is a suitable basic for a wide range of different looks. This article tells you how to put together a successful shirt dress based outfit this summer.

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Who looks good in a shirt dress?

Short dresses basically suit all women. The full-length button front on the dress visually elongates the silhouette. This also flatters androgynous body types or slightly curvier women. A shirt dress cleverly flatters petite and small women, provided it is not too big and too loose. If you want to hide small problem zones with a shirt dress, you should definitely upgrade it with a waist belt in a matching colour.

In terms of the fabric choice, the rule is: curvy women should opt for soft flowing fabrics that gently caress their figures. If you are very slim, you should choose denser fabrics to five your silhouette more volume.

Wear a shirt dress over trousers?

Because it is such a wonderfully versatile dress design, a long shirt dress can also be worn over trousers. A shirt dress in a matching colour looks good over light as well as dark fabric trousers. To visually elongate the body, you should maintain the inner colour line (black with black or light with light).

A short dress and its combination options

Depending on your chosen outfit style, these knee-length summer dresses can be worn in many different ways. Worn with casual sneakers, they look informal. Other designs of these dresses, which are really trendy in the summer of 2020, look feminine and playful. The following style guide shows you five different combination options for the summer.

Smart in the office

A dark navy or black shirt dress is a good choice as smart office wear. Pointy court shoes go well with this look. You can perfect the outfit with a blazer in a matching colour. To ensure that this look really is suitable office wear, you should preferably choose a knee-length shirt dress.


To create a relaxed look, a shirt dress can also be styled casually for everyday wear. Sneakers in a similar colour are the perfect informal addition. A cool hoodie tied around the waist can provide the necessary waist emphasis.


Because this design is so loose, a shirt dress is invariably associated with the summer season. Short designs are the perfect airy, romantic summer dresses. They look feminine in a soft shade of pink as well as patterned. Sweet ballerinas or airy sandals are the ideal footwear for a short summer dress.
Well-matched accessories such as light scarves or a trench coat on cool evenings stylishly perfect the look. However, there is also nothing wrong with choosing to complete this outfit with more daring summer eye-catchers. Causal straw hats, colourful slides or shell jewellery make their wearers look like they're about to go on holiday.

Cool combinations

Combine a shirt dress with a casual leather jacket and rock-star boots for a cool look. This airy dress is also easy to style cleverly in the cooler autumn. Worn with knee-high boots or elegant thigh-high boots, the versatile shirt dress has that certain something.


An elegant dress is a popular everyday choice to cleverly accentuate the figure in a feminine way. Along with shirt dresses in various colours, this is where narrow waist belts come into their own. They are easy to tie and to stylishly wrap around the dress. It only takes a minute to transform an outfit that is suitable everyday wear into a party look. If you want to really make an entrance in the evening, you can fold and wear a knee-length shirt dress like a wrap-around dress. First of all, you need to completely unbutton the shirt dress. Then you wrap one side of the open blouse over the other and fix the whole thing with safety pins or a smart belt. Matching jewellery like gold necklaces and earrings add a glamorous touch to the dress.

Try other combination options

There are occasions when a comfortable dress is the best choice. They include, for example, an upcoming shopping trip with the girls. Flat sandals and a light summer jacket are the perfect additions to an airy shirt dress. If you want to add a casual touch to your outfit, just roll up the sleeves.

Trendy shirt dress patterns and colours

A shirt dress is only really trendy in fashionable colours and patterns. The following looks make you stand out successfully from the crowd:

  • Orange is considered to be THE trend colour of the summer season. Whether a soft apricot with a floral print or a striking shade of coral – this bright colour looks particularly good on shirt dresses. Loafers and clutch bags in matching colours complete the casual city look.
  • Fashion idols like Olivia Palermo show us how to do it: they are wearing striped shirt dresses to emphasise their style-consciousness. Stripes are never out of fashion and create, together with sunglasses and cool sneakers, an attractive contrast. Swap your sneakers for platform shoes to visually elongate your legs.
  • In the summer, a pretty shirt dress is a casual jeans substitute. In the popular denim look, such a dress is an eye-catcher and incomparably comfortable.

Shirt dresses – what you should also pay attention to when you wear one

If you want to be able to wear your multifaceted shirt dress beyond the summer months, you should preferably opt for a plain-coloured and understated design. Dresses in timeless colours such as black, white or grey can be worn at any time of the year together with a matching belt and bag.

You can also choose a longer dress for the autumn and winter. Designs that go far below the knee or that are cut much longer at the back than they are at the front are a perfect choice.


"Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress on their days off that is the most intriguing."
Alexander Wang


If you invest in a shirt dress, you will benefit from owning a piece of clothing that can be styled in many different ways for a long time to come. A versatile eye-catcher, this It-piece is a multifunctional basic that never looks boring. Wear a shirt dress, and without any effort at all, you have a complete outfit. Choosing a pretty summer dress could not be any less complicated. Shirt dresses will accompany us throughout the summer of 2020. When the temperatures drop, they can easily be worn underneath a turtleneck jumper or a long coat.