Authentic with elegance

With this look, you prove an authentic style that relies on very special favourite pieces: The velour leather jacket is one of the collection’s highlights; it reflects the authenticity and softness of the season. Small paisley details, trousers with stretch content and accessories such as a belt and elegant lace-ups are extras that make this look so perfect yet also super relaxed.

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  • This soft velour leather blouson is super comfortable and light to wear
  • Small paisley details in shades of blue add that certain something to the look
  • The trousers are made from a super light stretch cotton fabric in a light beige that emphasises the authentic summer feeling
  • Wide leather belts such as this chartreuse coloured version add a sophisticated masculine touch to the look
  • Chartreuse lace-ups look elegant but also always have a casual character

The Outfit

  • A stylish combination for your perfect look

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